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  1. Greg L. added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Tidewater Automotive Modelers Society model show 10/24/15 Norfolk Va
    The Tidewater Automotive Modelers Society will host their 23rd annual model car show and swap meet
    on Oct. 24,2015 at the VFW hall on 5728 Bartee st. Norfolk, Va.
    The theme this year is 'parts box models'.
  for more info, fliers, photos, forms etc.

      facebook event page

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  2. Greg L. added a post in a topic Revell Q1 2015 releases   

    I heard the '80s F 150 'Ranger' will be the regular short bed and not the step side. I have not seen new photos of it yet. I think it only came out once in the '80s.

    (it's the stepside that is being reissued, I just saw the catalog page)
  3. Greg L. added a post in a topic MENG F350 DUALLYS   

    Matchbox made a diecast 1/24 dually similar to the Meng Ford trucks, maybe the year before Ford changed the headlights.
    I have one with Campbell soups logos. (they also made a tow truck version, without the wheel lift set up)
    The cab and bed are riveted together, not easy to take apart. It comes with chrome dually rims with triangle holes in them.
  4. Greg L. added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    TAMS contest/swap meet Norfolk, Va Oct. 25,2014
    The Tidewater Automotive Modelers Society will host their 22nd annual model car show/swap meet
    October 25, 2014 at the VFW hall on 5728 Bartee st. Norfolk, Va. for more info.

    The theme this year is 1964-1/2 Ford Mustangs.
    There will be 30 other classes and an ongoing raffle.

    7am-9am vendor set up
    9am-1pm contest entries accepted
    9am-3pm swap meet and continuous raffle
    1pm-3pm contest judging

    adult entries $10 unlimited entries
    teen entries(13-18) $3 unlimited entries
    junior entries 13 and under free
    walk-ins by donation

    for more info, Jerry
    There will be a Toys for Tots drive during the show too.

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  5. Greg L. added a post in a topic AMT '40 Ford Sedan Delivery - Gene Winfield   

    The 3 Stooges version has the chrome one bar spinner and little moon hubcaps, it comes with with stock Ford Deluxe hubcaps too.
    The episode with the 'hook line and sinker' logos is called 'Cookoo Cavailers' It was made in 1940. I found it on youtube today.
    In that episode those decals/letters are on a 1928-29 model A panel truck, with a row boat on the roof. I wonder where the 1:1 vehicle is today. I would have to do some more 'research' of old episodes to figure out what the other decals might go to.

    The kit also comes with 4 printed Firestone white wall tires.
  6. Greg L. added a post in a topic Esci Ford Transit- Paris Dakar & Hertz versions   

    I found one of these van kits at last years NNL east. Maybe I will have it done for this years show, for their van theme.
    I tried to research the van that was actually in the Paris-Dakar race. I could not find much but I did find a photo of one similar.
    The vans were heavily modified for that race, including a 4x4 set up.
    Im not sure about the rims in the kit, it seems like they need lug nut detail.
    Still a neat kit. All of the Esci kits I am familiar with have nice tires with lots of detail on them.

    Also it has left and right hand drive options.
  7. Greg L. added a post in a topic Monogram 1:25 '93 Chevy S-10 Pickup   

    Hi, I built an '80s long bed version from this kit. I used a 4 cyl engine from a Nissan truck kit and the round gauges from a Cyclone kit. I made window cranks too, since the kit had power window switches. I also removed the abs module from the inner fender etc.. I think the rims I used were from the Amt '96? blazer custom rims and tires. I weathered it slightly and added try transfer letters to the doors. I also opened the gas filler door and added some detail to it, just like the 1:1 movie vehicle. (before the chase scene with the semi truck)
    here is a pic of it, from my profile on this site, other detail pics of it are also in my 'gallery' in my profile.

    I used a Perrys resin '80s S-10 grille and at least 2 S-10 kits to lengthen the bed etc, for the Terminator 2 chase scene version.

    I had a 1;1 '91 extra cab and also have a resin extra cab from Perrys, both probably are not made any more, they were some of his first castings and it took a long time to get them.
  8. Greg L. added a post in a topic AMT '40 Ford Sedan Delivery - Gene Winfield   

    In the Three Stooges episode where they had a job selling fish, "Hook, Line and Sinker" the vehicle was actually a '30s Model A panel truck. Its a long planned project and now I think I could use the decals. I was planning on using the Minicraft '31 model A for it.
    I wonder if Revell would reissue the '37 Ford panel truck with the "Elite Tree Surgeons", another stalled project...

    I dont think there are any screen shots on that box art showing the model A on the '40 Ford box.
  9. Greg L. added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    Photos from the TAMS show Norfolk Va 10/27/12
    Hi, here is a link to my photos from the Tidewater Automotive Modelers Society's recent show.!/media/set/?set=a.512432242100419.123626.100000009426743&type=3 for more info.!/media/set/?set=a.512432242100419.123626.100000009426743&type=3!/media/set/?set=a.512432242100419.123626.100000009426743&type=3
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  10. Greg L. added a post in a topic International Transtar CO-4070-A?   

    Thanks for the info.
  11. Greg L. added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    International Transtar CO-4070-A?
    Hi, has the International Transtar CO-4070-A ever been reissued. It was first in the series by Ertl and it has round headlights (without the square trim) The decals have a 1977 date on them, I guess that is when it came out.

    I got one at a local club meeting, somone was selling their old stuff.
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  12. Greg L. added a post in a topic History of Monogram's Ford Pickups 1980-1991   

    Thanks Chris for the kit history articles.
    I have been looking for the '80s styleside I think it is # 2257 (non step side short bed) for several years and still have not found a complete kit. Even at the NNL east with all the kits for sale I could not find one.
    I found the cab and bed in a parts box at a model show and now have enough parts to build one. I plan on using the frame etc from the AMT '93 F-150s.
  13. Greg L. added a post in a topic K-Mart has lost another customer.   

    I bought a can of compressed air (for cleaning cameras etc.) at a Target a while back and had to show my licence to be scanned for their records. (Im 37 too.) I never noticed the bar code on the back of my licence.
    I am suprised someone found model paint in a Roses. The local one has none, except for the big cans of store brand paint.
  14. Greg L. added a post in a topic Tidewater Automotive Modelers show October 22nd   

    Hi, here is a link to my pics from the show.

    Jerry took pics for the magazine too.
  15. Greg L. added a post in a topic Let's see your Chevy S10!   

    Hi all, here is a pic of an '80s S-10 that I built similar to the one that was in Terminator 2.
    Also a pic of my 1:1 '91 S-10 that is another model project.