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  1. if the monster that u want to build is not on the list shoot me a pm and we can work something out
  2. MOD 4/mini stock rules drive shaft must be paited white any four-cylinde rear wheel car No Turbo Bodies - must stock only and remain in the original location on the frame. no cutting, chopping, shortening or lowering. Ornaments - all exterior chrome strips, mirrors, lights, and trim must be removed. Upholstery - all interior upholstery must be removed grilles-must be removed and replaced with screen. Grille must retain original configuration Light openings - must be covered Radiator - Any stock OEM or aftermarket radiator, Fender wells - Inner wells may be removed on all cars more rules can be found here if ur car dose not pass all these rules ur car will be dq for this build timeline jun30th-nov30th pm me or post on here if u want to join the top 10 car builders will get a pm hope to see some cars started soon
  3. hope to see some monsters started soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. i need to know what car u r doing by may 31
  5. ok the end date will be july 31 if u would like to do a car that is not on the list just pm me and we will work something out
  6. the list of cars for this build are just a few there will be diffrent cars for the next two builds and substitute are ok as long as the car looks like the car on the show
  7. the Rules When complete, the monster must appear to be stock. you are only allowed to spend $ 50 to build your monster you only have till july 31 to complete your monster the list of cars 2003 CADILLAC ESCALADE ESV TAILGATER - 1973 CHEVROLET CORVETTE MUD BOGGER- 1997 FORD F-150 CUSTOM TRUCK NUT-SHAKER- 1964 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL CUSTOM OPEN ROAD RACER- 1996 LINCOLN TOWNCAR CUSTOM FIRE TRUCK LIMO- 1998 FORD CROWN VICTORIA CUSTOM DOUGHNUT SHOP/COP CAR- 1990 FORD MUSTANG CUSTOM SWITCHBLADE- 1974 CHEVROLET CAMARO CUSTOM DIRT TRACK CAMARO- 1970 FORD RANCHERO CUSTOM LOW BULL RIDER- 1988 CHEVROLET BLAZER PIKE'S PEAK HILL CLIMBER- 1994 FORD EXPLORER CUSTOM WHITE TRASH TRUCK- 2003 TOYOTA CELICA CUSTOM JET CAR- 2005 DODGE MAGNUM CUSTOM TRAIN CAR- 1981 CADILLAC FLEETWOOD CUSTOM QUARTER MILE CADILLAC- pm me with which car you would like to do this will be 1 of 3 builds the top 5 cars willl move on to the next build hope to see some cars started soon !
  8. can some one plzz tell me where to buy the stuff to cast and make my own parts ?
  9. can some one plzzz help me with some websites for model race car parts i have used the parts box but there not that many race car parts so any web sites u use plzz post them
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