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  1. I have a resin body I would trade for 70 ford Torino parts
  2. I have a set if you can find someone to copy them and get them back to me.
  3. Roger I have the following parts I can't find any breathers for them but make an offer of some thing ford
  4. Yes I need two glass from the 60 or 61 Ranchero kit have lots to trade.
  5. the web site says every thing is out of stock but e mail him he only casts when you order
  6. I think RMR resin makes a 67 Ranchero
  7. I have a built kit I would let go make me an offer it mite be missing a few parts
  8. I think RMR resin is doing this truck I know Ray parsons did one and Ron got all his Masters e mail him and ask rmrmodels@gmail.com
  9. all very nice really ,like the 58 Buick
  10. Thanks guys it has been a good year. I forgot these three
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