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  1. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic Squadron Putty ?   

    I agree Squadron in both colors are great for scratches,and minor filling of tiny holes but I found Tamiya  GRAY to be the best for this and the best non catalyzed putty I've used.
    I know Tamiya makes another putty in white but never tried it.
    I agree also that the Testors isn't too great but I've gotten it to work on a few occasions when I ran out of the Tamiya.I would squeeze it out of the tube and give is a quick stirring with a razor blade,or exacto blade before applying it since it  tends to seperate in the tube (and it dries VERY fast too).
    I've found also that using thick CA glue ,or even melting sprue works better in many cases over using putty.
    I guess what I should say is use whatever  works best for YOU.If you like Squadron and it works for you,hey stick with it. =)
  2. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic 55 Chevy Two Lane Blacktop   

    the 2LB Chevy is a 55 150 I believe.But don't let that discourage from building as close to the 2LB Chevy as you can.I'm building the American Graffiti Bob Falfa's 55 Chevy (which is actually the same car as the 2LB ) out of the AMT 55 Street Machine which is not the same 55 but close enough for me. Build on and can't wait to see how it turns out.
  3. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic AMT Toyota Supra (F&F) targa roof   

    I discovered the orange Supra has the targa top.So does another F&F Supra I believe it's gold one.The Veilside Supra doesn't have the targo top,.
  4. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic AMT Toyota Supra (F&F) targa roof   

    which Supra is the targa top in?The Veilside Supra?Or Brian's orange Supra?
  5. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic '74 Vega Bruce Larson USA-1_FYI Reissue Update   

    I was thinking of somehow combining the parts from the MPC Firefighter Pro Stock Mustang I have and the Twister Vega chassis to somehow make it better.The Firefighter chassis has no tubs either so i'll have to figure something out.
  6. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic My Chrysler A 318 poly head engine 3d printed at home   

    wow!Impressive.If you ever decide to also do some slant sixes,sign me up.
  7. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic Chevy caprice wagon.   

    Aww That's heart breaking  and it was looking great too .This happened to me also when I was doing my Acura.If you do it right away,a dip in purple power degreaser for a day or so should take that paint right off and back down to plastic.
    Don't worry It happens to many of us.Even those of us that have been doing it for years.That's why I keep a tub of purple power degreser on stand by "just in case"
  8. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic Tokyo Drift Mustang "Skyline" engine   

    cool thanks.I do look from time to time at the other wanted posts to see if I have something someone can use,
  9. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic Tokyo Drift Mustang "Skyline" engine   

    cool!Do you want anything for them?Swap?Anything you are looking for in exchange?thanks
  10. Dusted1972 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Tokyo Drift Mustang "Skyline" engine
    anyone have the Nissan engine and parts from the AMT  F&F Tokyo Drift Mustang?Thought I'd check here first thinking maybe someone decided to build it stock.

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  11. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic 73-75 Duster resin parts   

    yes,it was Modelhaus I believe closed down
  12. Dusted1972 added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    73-75 Duster resin parts
    Needing a hood for a MPC 74 Duster and could have sworn there was someone that casted these parts like the grilles,hoods,and tail lights.
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  13. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic Junk Yard Rescue 2: Revell Acura Integra Type R from "Rice" to "Nice"   

    thanks everyone .
    I almost gave up on this one and put it away because it was frustrating me .Glad I didn't
  14. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic Junk Yard Rescue 2: Revell Acura Integra Type R from "Rice" to "Nice"   

    Done.Or as done as it's going to be for now!
    After a couple of years of not building,I feel very rusty and had a hard time keeping my hands steady when doing detail work.Hopefully the next one comes out better because things went wrong with this but I was able to fix them the best I could.It's not perfect but I'm satisfied with it.I'm not sure about the wheels and how far they stick out so I may shorten them later and they a bit straightening out.The decals being no good was a bummer but it looks ok without them.And I don't feel like bugging Revell for a new set right now.I used a different air intake pipe since I wasn't too crazy about the stock one.I may build a stock looking airbox later and use a different muffler.I didn't like the clear tail lights so I masked them,and the spot where the reverse lights are and sprayed the inside with Testors Transparent Candy Red.The headlights were a bit of a nightmare but got them the best I could. I didn't have the stock front valance so I used the custom one.One thing I hate about white paint is how easy dust and stuff shows as you can probably see in the pics. (even though I wiped the model off I still ended up with dust,lol)

  15. Dusted1972 added a post in a topic Junk Yard Rescue 2: Revell Acura Integra Type R from "Rice" to "Nice"   

    Well,the decals were junk.They completely disintegrated .