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  1. Welcome back John! Cool model - I especially like your paint work. Beautiful.
  2. That is stunning. Your detailing skills are amazing!
  3. Burnout

    1970 cuda

    Sharp model! Nice touch with the red stripe on the grill.
  4. Man, that is really nice! I don't even know where to start. Nice work all around.
  5. Very nice looking model. And shiny too! Foil work looks especially nice.
  6. Revell '66 Chevelle wagon converted to a 2-door.
  7. Both versions look sharp but I too, prefer the later. It looks more badass.
  8. That is really beautiful. The paint & wood are perfect. Weekends must be longer on the East side. I can't even decide what color to paint an engine block in so little time.
  9. Very cool and original. I like it!
  10. I think that looks pretty cool and kudos to you for taking the time and effort to expand your painting skills! I'm sure you learned a lot, good and bad, and are probably looking forward to your next project.
  11. As usual, beautiful work Yuri! Both your model and photography really stand out. What was your impression of the AMT kit? Did it go together well? Thanks, K
  12. Nice work all around! The interior shot is especially nice.
  13. Congrats on a fantastic job! Looks great. I suspect that kit is a real challenge.
  14. I purchased and used the Ultra-bright version about three years ago. Did an AMT '62 Catalina with it. I never noticed any issues with the adhesive and it didn't seem any thicker. However, when I was finished, I didn't like the results. The "brightness" of the Ultra-bright chrome seemed out of scale if that makes any sense. I have since completely redone the Cat's body (paint & foil) but sorry, no pics yet.
  15. Really nice work replicating a very interesting ride! I know that kit can't be easy but you pulled it off.
  16. Stunning! Again, beautiful paint work. Setting the bar pretty high...
  17. That's the nicest example of that kit that I have seen yet. Really nice all around. The paint work and color combo are perfect. Now I have to go look at your other posts...
  18. Nice looking model. No matter how much free time, that is very impressive for just ten days!
  19. That's very impressive. It all looks great!
  20. That's cool! Nice photography too.
  21. Burnout

    '71 GTX

    That's really nice. Scoop, emblem and all - it looks really good.
  22. Nice lookin model Crazy! Your interior is especially nice. That's one of my favorite kits too. Nice to see them back on the shelves at my LHS.
  23. That's a beautiful model. Your paint job looks great and I agree the others, it looks great in black. In fact, there's a guy around here that drive one that looks very much like your model with the only difference the wheels. I also think that is a great kit (scale problems and all?). I've built one and now I want to try it again!
  24. Another nice ride for your collection. Nice work all around.
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