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      The Report function of the forum works well. If you see someone acting up, acting out, or just being an okole, use the Report function. It works! I have it set up so it not only sends me an email, but that email is then marked with a flag, and get's put to the top of my email list. I will try to access/look at the report/topic as soon as possible, but remember, I'm on a six hour time delay, and other mods not only have a life, but a real job as well.  k den


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  1. brw added a post in a topic Revell customer service vs. Round 2's   

    I like Revell's customer service too. I also need a part for Round 2 model it looks like hassle to me and you may have to pay for shipping.
  2. brw added a post in a topic Question about the grill(s) in the Lindberg 64 Dodge 330   

    The Dodge kits with single head lights have 426 hemi's and the duel head light kits have wedge engines.
  3. brw added a post in a topic 37 Ford Coupe   

    Ray, your build is awesome!. Iwas wondering how you made the rear fenders fit the body? It seems there was a slight gap back there. Bruce
  4. brw added a post in a topic Wanted to share   

    I have watched the #52 car run in the ASA series. Butch Miller the driver was one good short tracker!
  5. brw added a post in a topic '69 Charger   

    That's nice. Where did you get red line tires?
  6. brw added a post in a topic My First Nascar build Bobby Isaac   

    Chuck, stance looks good to me. Bruce
  7. brw added a post in a topic VW500S   

  8. brw added a post in a topic need some help....   

    Go to Randy Ayres Nascar modeling website is members are very helpfull.