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  1. VinciAuto added a post in a topic Interior Detailing - Flocking How To (dial up warning!!!)   

    Great tip, Going to favorite this page lol
  2. VinciAuto added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Will this 1 can be enough?
    Will one can of Testors Lacquer Spray be sufficient for a good paint job for a single car?

    Example, I have plans to do a Revell 1/24 Ferrari 360 modena spider in Italian yellow, Will one can do the 3-5 coats?

    Same with the primer and clear?

    I ask because i used dupli-color but i heard model spray paint is really good like testors and tamiya.
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  3. VinciAuto added a post in a topic Wash them!!!!   

    Though, i knew the basics of cleaning/sanding the body Art helped me a lot.