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  1. Buick Brothers

    Very nice. I like them both! I do like a great Buick.
  2. Is Wet/Dry sandpaper available larger than 9x11?

    https://www.createforless.com/Sulky-KK-2000-Temporary-Spray-Adhesive-3.6-fl-oz/pid32313.aspx?utm_source=bingProdAds&utm_medium=cse&CAWELAID=530001980000062706&catargetid=530001980000165791&cadevice=c There is a product called KK2000. It is a temporary spray adhesive. It is a alcohol based product that cleans up quickly. It is used for quilting and found in some fabric shops like Joanns. Do a search for locating this item near you. It is not cheap either. This product might be useful to temporarily hold model parts together. Ebay is a good place to find it.
  3. The Supersonic has landed.

    That is really nice. It would make a nice resin cast master.
  4. My first model car

    Hi Shawn, Great job. That is very cool. My only suggestion is to be able to make the tires appear to be flat. I really hope someone here knows how to do that. That is a detail part I could resin cast if I had a good master part.
  5. Perfect modelling day.

    http://suncityaz.org/alphabetical-listing-clubs/ You should all just move to Sun City, AZ. The weather is always reasonable. OK, the summers are too hot for my liking. There are amazing cool things to do here. I'm certain you would all like the metal working and woodworking shops. There are lots of nice vintage cars around my neighborhood too. You would think that you all died and were in heaven. There are some ranch properties around me for sale. Come on out and give it a visit. You should not ever be bored here. There are a couple of great model car clubs too and model car build sessions on some Saturdays are a great event too. The Cactus Car Club puts on the Desert Scale Classic model show and contest and gets magazine coverage as well. I am known around here as the Master Caster.
  6. Nice work, Dwayne. With the door panels now separate the interior will be easier to cast. The other advantage is that the builder will have an easier time doing the detail work on them. The finer detail on the part can be a real killer on any mold. A grille or a dash or a wheel can have intricate detail. If the silicone detail comes out of the mold that could be trapped in detail a new mold will need to be made. Resin can get up to 160 degrees as it is curing. That can be really hot for a mold with thin walls that separate shapes that will form the parts. I made some molds for a guy and is already having silicone pulling out and resin sticking to the mold. The mold is already ruined. I made some copies and sent them and the mold to him to try for himself. I use SMOOTH - ON Mold Star 30 and Mann 200 mold release. I am good at what I do. Once I have the project in hand I will take it to Mike Schnur. He and I will create bucks so the vacuum form windows can be created and added to the kit. Mike is very good at little details and knows names of body panels I have never heard of.
  7. Casting a resin wing

    http://smcbofphx.proboards.com/ 2 piece. The above link is to a forum I have been posting projects on for many years. Scroll to the bottom to the resin casting thread. Not much happens on this forum anymore but it gets nearly 100 visits in each 24 hour period. The only thing I can think that is of any interest is my casting work. Page six are my earliest posts. Greg
  8. Convert Monogram 70 GSX to 71 GS

    The Green convertible above has the optional N-25 factory custom bumper where the square exhaust tips protrude through it. While they looked really cool, they had a tendency to melt tail light housings. The MCG photo etch set will really make this build POP! It's nice that the emblems can be painted with the red paint as the real car is. My first car was 72 GS. http://smcbofphx.proboards.com/thread/750/1970-buick-gsx-marker-lights http://smcbofphx.proboards.com/thread/1235/70-gsx-tail-light Here is a link to our local forum where I created some marker lights and a clear tail light. You could get grain of wheat bulbs and light them up. They also really make the car look detailed, unfortunately the photos are a bit grainy. I also created the tail light lenses in clear so that the little back up lamp area be left unpainted. Send me a PM if you have any interest in my detail parts. Another detail that seems often overlooked when someone builds this kit is the top outer edge of the front fenders. This sharp edge needs to be sanded down to a curved shape and gets more soft as it gets to the headlights, just sayin'. Here is a photo of my favorite GS convertible. The only one ever built with a Cadillac color. I call it the big Purple Mopar Muncher! If I was rich and had the 200K the seller was asking, I might have sprang for it. It is a 455 Stage 1 four speed car too.
  9. 76 Buick Century Project

    Great job so far. I do like Buicks!
  10. new from arizona

    Hi Glen. Good to see you here. Hope you are actually learning to do some resin casting on your own.
  11. Wheels

    I might have a mold that makes those.
  12. Myers Manx "Toad" model kit

    Yes, I think that would be the one.
  13. Myers Manx "Toad" model kit

    Looking for a Myers Manx TOAD model kit. Rocky says these are rare but he had one when he was a kid.
  14. Hey Johnathon, Bringing some finished parts to a meeting might be a great incentive. I have not been involved in the clubs much lately, I am certain I have been missing a lot of fun. Dwayne and I have talked on the phone a few times about this project. He has allowed me the honor of working with him on this one and I am hoping for more in the future. A price has not been set yet. I am in hopes that Mike Schnur will lend his expert hands with creating a vacuum form window glass set. Once I have the project in hand I plan to post photos on our local forums as usual. Doing this and still working a forty hour week keeps me tired. Paul asked about a station wagon version. Perhaps Mike will think about that one.
  15. WOW, Dwayne, Those door mirrors and hood ornament look really good. This whole project is very nice. You have put lots of effort into this master. It will be nice to get it into the mold making process too.