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  1. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Clearly Scale thread   

    AWESOME STUFF.  What material are you using for your rubber tires?  I would really like to know what you chose.  I have had the best luck with the Polytek PT flex 70.  Easy to dye black and cures quickly.  I typically use SMOOTH - ON products but their similar material takes 16 hours to cure.  My luck with it has been hit and miss.  Sometimes after waiting hours it's surface might still be sticky.
  2. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Fenders for new Revell 29 A roadster- caster interest?
    Craig, Don't give up on trying the resin casting.  The link will take you to some of my posts on our local model forum.  Two part molds are not hard to make at all.  I make two part molds for flat items too.  It just takes some patience.  If you have the skill to create a part from scratch then the mold making and casting can be just as enjoyable.....well there are frustrations to overcome like anything else.  I have two advantages I believe.  One is living in a low humidity area, the other is being able to go to a store in Tempe that sells all the SMOOTH - ON products I need fresh off the shelf and all the free expert advice I need to get a project going.  It also takes some equipment to get it done right and keep resin products sustained.  Even here resin can still draw in moisture.  I need to put it in a vacuum chamber and have the vacuum pump remove it.  Curing resin can reach 140 degrees as it creates a thermal heat to cure.  If there is moisture in the resin it will become frothy and make crappy parts.  You can learn to make some really awesome stuff!  I will soon be teaching a guy that is a professional model builder and also does body work on real cars.  High dollar collector race cars mostly.
  3. Greg Wann added a post in a topic New items available from Fireball Modelworks   

    You are absolutely amazing to be able to offer these items.
  4. Greg Wann added a post in a topic `68 Olds 442
    There is a resin model car search at the top of this list.  Try it
  5. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 73-77 Pontiacs: LeMans/GTO, Grand Am, Can Am   

    Very nice work, I like them.
  6. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Shocking news!   

    WOW!!  That's a really cool model.  I'm going to look for one of those.
  7. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Firebird 25th anniversary   

  8. Greg Wann added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet   

    TASK 8 is not rubber like.  You can boil the parts in water.  Specs say it will handle around 260 degrees.  More than enough to take the heat in interior car parts for a real car.
  9. Greg Wann added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet   

    After thinking about my last I had better not pat myself on the back too quickly!  I sure don't want tires in this kit to turn to liquid.  I will do more homework for this myself.  This might be why some kits from other companies have parts problems years down the road.  Nobody pays attention to product specifications.Greg
  10. Greg Wann added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet   

      You are welcome, Kevin.  Your castings of this kit will look awesome with white tires made from this product.  The specs for this product is very good too.  It is weird how a material like this will eventually become a liquid again.  The only other suggestion I can make to you is to switch resin to the TASK 8.  You can boil your parts in water with little adverse effects on them.  Good luck my fellow casting friend! 
      I made a mold of Mike Schnur's Fox body and tried venting it sort of your way and they come out amazingly nice.  Flash is the thinnest it has ever been.  I am very happy!
    Greg Wann  (pronounced like I "won" something)
  11. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 13 yr old new here   

    Welcome , Jericho
      There is a lot of great info and great people on this forum.  It is good to see some young man building models instead of wasting his life playing video games.  Perhaps the resin casting bug will bite you like it did me!
  12. Greg Wann added a post in a topic SMP 1911 Chevrolet
    Hey Kevin, Try this for your tires for this project.  It is white in color but will be a pain to mix.   I picked up some samples today from my Tempe Reynolds advanced material store.  I asked about your tires and he showed me this.
  13. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 66 Nova SS (Pop's Toy)   

    You are your own worst critic. This car is very cool. I especially like the vinyl top and the wheels. Great job, Jim.
  14. Greg Wann added a post in a topic This day in history: The first Dymaxion Car Produced   

    It's cool and weird. Looks like a model project to me.
  15. Greg Wann added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    200 more or less.