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  1. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Headlight lenses   

    WOW!  Those do look nice.
  2. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Headlight lenses   

    We are working on a mold that will make several different lenses.  We will offer them in clear or a light blue tint.
  3. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Resin casting Questions   

    Hi Pete,
      Here is a link to some of my casting projects.  I have been posting here for several years.  This should be helpful in your quest.  In order for you to successfully learn to do casting work, proper equipment is important.  Most silicone manufacturers will state that no vacuum may be needed to make good bubble free molds but not real parameters are given.  Like how deep is the mold going to be?  For me a body mold can be 3 inches or more deep.  I use Smooth On Mold Star 30 for mold making.  I buy gallon kits.  They sell a product called SLO JO.  This is a thinner that will cause the silicone to take longer to cure.  You also do not want to work in a room over 78 degrees.  The silicone will start gelling very quickly.  You do have the option of refrigerating the silicone for a few minutes before mixing and pouring.  Vacuuming will become important for your resin also.  It will accumulate moisture quickly.  If you are making parts and they look like foamy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH it is loaded with moisture.  Resin gets very hot when curing so the added moisture will cause a lot of problems.  Vacuuming the resin bottles is the first thing I do when I begin for the day.  I am in process of moving to a 2 acre property with a 800 SF shop on it.  I found a company sells chrome plating equipment.  I am interested in doing this too.  A lot of old names in resin parts is closing due to age and or passing away.  Rocky and I will attempt to fill a void that is now needed.
  4. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Colour Tinting Two Part Resin   

    Fortunately for me I can just drive here and buy product fresh off the shelf.
  5. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Colour Tinting Two Part Resin   

    Hi David,
      You can go to this board link where I have been posting projects for several years now.  Mostly model car subjects but other goofy stuff too.  You should do your chassis in a 2 part mold too.
  6. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Colour Tinting Two Part Resin   

    I have purchased these dyes.  They offer some glo in the dark colors.

    I made this badge using Smooth- On 325 Clear resin.  It has the Monster color blue glo in it.  This is the color of it with the lights out.  I think you can use a laquer paint too I ialso use dyes from smooth on.  You might try micheals for casting kits and dyes.  They might carry the Alumilite line.

    Here are some faucet handles I made.  I mixed the gold and maroon dyes from primary colors.  I made the resin gold first and then just quickly swirled in the maroon.  If you are using a cheap white resin like their 300 series you could swirl in some red and blue dye and create a red, white and blue themed item.  You might try experimenting with nail polish.  There are some really cool colors and cheap at a dollar store.  You can refrigerate the resin before mixing.  This will buy you a couple more minutes of working time.  I use Task 8 resin for most parts.  It will take a lot of heat.  Great for making parts for real cars too.  Pressure casting is the best.  Having a vacuum pump and vacuum chamber are important items to have too, to be successful.
  7. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Ok Mustang afficianados I need info   

    Hi Doc,
      As far as resin goes, you can do a search here.
  8. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Variable length rubber band   

    Great idea.
  9. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Chrome platers and resin - revisited   

    I do some custom casting for a buddy.  He sends my parts to the little motor car company.  I'm in process of purchasing a home with a 800 square foot shop on  two acres of land in Sun city, AZ.   My wife was there yesterday with a electrician to do a bid on some screwy electrical work done by another owner.  The neighborhood wives stopped and of course were curious about us.  Apparently my new rich neighbors and I will be car buddies.  They drink coffee every morning together, can't wait for that.  Anyway, If I could afford the equipment and learned how I would be interested in doing the vacuum metalizing for my resin kits.  Same goes for injection molding the tires like Modelhaus.
  10. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Old Name but looks like a new player in resin   

    I think he builds promo style so there would not be a engine, just a engine plate with exhaust.
  11. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Master Modeler?????   

    I have become very good at resin casting.  My nickname is Mastercaster.  I'm also really good at putting worms on fish hooks too.
  12. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 1973 "El Vega"   

    WOW!  That's really cool.
  13. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 70 mustang   

    That is really nice, Michelle.  The first photo you posted makes it look like the headlights are on.
  14. Greg Wann added a topic in General   

    pen pal lathes
    Hi All, my son in law started making pens out of resin.  He mentioned that he could buy a lathe for $200.00.  He is a link to several models that are available.  You just might find your dream machine here that is of quality and affordable.  I don't know anything about lathes. Don't shoot the messenger if they don't apply to your needs.
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  15. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Cheap Chinese lathe.   

    I too agree with just going ahead and buy the lathe and accessories that you really want.  Learn how to use the machine and become successful.  You will be much happier down the road.  Perhaps there is a place around you that is like the Tech Shop that is in Chandler here in the valley.  It is a really cool place to learn to use all kinds of shop tools.  Gangplank might be another place of interest if you live in the Chandler area.