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  1. Greg Wann added a post in a topic SMH Resins 1977 Buick Century/Regal   

    You will want to check out this link.  There is a lot of great information here once you start reading.  I have a buddy doing the master for the 75, I think.  There are decal sets for this car but nobody has made a master.  The body might be done but interior items need finished so I can make the molds.
    Here is a link to a Fred Cady decal set.
  2. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    No........ sorry to say, it got away.  
  3. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    So....I decided to up my bid to 75 bucks but I still did not win it, I am a bit sad about it.  I could not watch it end because I had to drive home from work.  I was thinking about how I could get the most out of my investment if I only used that one little part.  Making lots and lots of those little road runner heads from the grille.  Of course they would sell well for model car builds.  And I thought maybe they would be cool to glue to small earth magnets.  You can buy them off of Ebay cheap.  They are round and thin and very strong for something in your car or on your fridge, etc, etc.  You could cast them clear for a "pilot on" switch light for some electronic equipment and then backlight them.  If you are a tailor or seamstress you could cast them over the heads of straight pins for fun.
  4. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Any Good Resincasters Here?   

    HHHMMMMM.  Different photo, different link.
  5. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    Here is the one I was bidding on but got outbid quickly.
    Here is a link to the parts Mike was advising you about.
    Here is one for $300.00 if you can afford it.  
  6. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Any Good Resincasters Here?   

    That is so funny!  There are a lot of great resin casters here.  I am one such person.  I would do it for you.  I might have a mold for a 66 hood but don't know if it is AMT or MPC.
    <a href="http://imgbox.com/j5vRSTCi" target="_blank"><img src="https://3-t.imgbox.com/j5vRSTCi.jpg" alt="image host"/></a>
    Here are a couple of links to my new IMG account.  As usual there does not seem to be any instructions.  They think I'm just supposed to know what I am doing.  Yes, I am a grumpy Greg!  My Cox email accounts have been reformatted and I don't like it much.  So...The mold is for a 65, MPC I think.  I can make a BB  or SB hood.  It looks like there are supposed to be pins for the BB hood but I don't have them.  I have a mold for the wheels and three spoke spinners too.  These were loaned to me by a guy I do some custom work for.
  7. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    Hey George, would you happen to have one of these little guys laying around in your parts boxes?
  8. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    I got outbid.  That little birdy flew the coop!  I have too many other projects and distractions anyway.  It is a really cool part though.
  9. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    Now knowing the seller sold the grille, I placed a bid on a mostly complete car from a seller in Ohio.  If you find the listing for it please don't bid against me.  The starting bid is 30 bucks.  The seller says if it costs less than 22 for postage that money will be refunded.  There might even be other parts on the car worth casting.  I'm certain I will be informed.  I think this is a reasonable investment for a hard to find detail part, it's a cool part too.  I have been told by others that Mopar people are crazy, and I don't mean it in a bad way.  Mopar people will buy anything brand related and might be more hardcore than Chevy people.  I could probably get rich selling Mopar toilet paper!  I wonder why auto parts stores don't sell such an item.  Marketing and brand names is a amazing and important field to know about.  I am waiting to get a copy of a book titled FRICTION that has to do with this subject.  I'm hoping to read it while I am resting from a upcoming kidney surgery.  I heard about the book listening to Glen Becks radio show.  There is a lot to learn listening to talk radio. Doug, I do ship to Canada and anywhere else I can.
  10. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    I think this could be replicated somewhat easily without removing the part from the car.  It's a cool little part though.  I for fun would like to have the horn from a roadrunner.  I suppose I could just hook it up to a battery and beep it once in awhile.
  11. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Mystery Buckey Seat - Anyone Have One?   

    I have a mold somewhere that makes a Mopar seat that looks somewhat like this.  I could send you a couple.  I will have to find the mold.
  12. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 3 point knockoffs needed   

    Have any idea of a scale in mind?
  13. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 1988 - 1991 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Scratchbuild   

    I am sorry to hear of your mothers illness.  My Mom is 92 and bedridden.  We will all just to have to be patient for your finished project.  I will soon be a patient.  My right kidney has a tumor on it.  My new plumber/surgeon girl is going to do robotic surgery on it.  Hopefully it goes well.  I will be off work for four to six weeks from my strenuous plumbing job at ASU but hopefully I will get more casting work done while at home recuperating.
  14. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Looking for certain Photo etch scripts   

    You might Contact Tim Bongard here.  He is in Mesa, AZ
  15. Greg Wann added a post in a topic WW2 Helmet Air Filter Covers?