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  1. https://www.emicorp.com/item/ME+514E/A514-Zip-Paintable-Food-Grade-Mold-Release/ I'm not certain why as resin casters of model car parts that need gluing, painting and plating why we don't use a product like this. This product seems to be a good match for what we do. The biggest hurdle of the process is making a two part mold. The release is really important to make certain the two different pours (top half and bottom half don't bond together and become one mold trapping the parts inside. Having to do surgery with a exact knife to hopefully cut the mold up with enough care as to not ruin a rare part.
  2. I had not thought about discoloration since I have not actually tried it. I suppose it is ironic that I know how to make nice resin parts but dont know squat about prepping them for painting. I do have some mold release that is paintable and food grade. If casters would use that then all the worries would not exist for prepping parts to paint and build.
  3. It seems bleachwhite is popular but I'm not sure why purple cleaner won't do the job. It is a strong degreaser. I use Zep brand from Home Depot to remove chrome from parts.
  4. You can also get these nice grilles. The headlight detail is very good.
  5. Hi, Send a email to: hgresin@gmail.com and Marty will put you on the list. Covid has caused some problems. We got the 4 door Lemans from Dwayne. It is a nicer kit than this Crown Vic. I have the body mold done., but many more parts to do. Thanks, Greg
  6. I found this book in a stack of folders I had never looked at since moving here and working in the shop.
  7. You should purchase the the kit in another topic here. It is a more complete kit than what I make. I am more interested in doing the four door police cars for Dwayne L.
  8. I have internet in the shop now. I ran a cable in, bought a cheap modem. Got what they refer to as a roommate account. So now I can have a good solid no frills account for forty bucks. hgresin@gmail.com
  9. Hoping soon to get a ALPS printer up and running. Brad Noorgard might be able to create your graphics for you. He is on here so you might ask him.
  10. This is nice and I like it quite a lot. It might be best to refer to it as a custom gT 500. I am personally hoping to not get caught up in the dilemma about the daughter of the guy who made the original gone in 60 seconds movie. She has a lawyer and going after real Eleanor cars and has secured the name Eleanor somehow. I would gladly send prospective customers to this kit. It is much more complete and I have new projects to focus on anyway.
  11. The computer that died was a mac g4 tower. The last three times we turned it on we had to tap the hard drive to make it function . Then it seemed to be stuck and a blinking question mark appeared on the screen. My Buddy Brad Noorgard is a mac guy and used to teach graphic arts at a local college. Now he manages a yogurtini. I was wanting to buy chrome plating equipment but that was wait out of reach. So I bought a couple of these printers. One is on it's way. I bought a 8 direction cnc Sherline setup. And I bought a Pocket Nc desktop 5 axsis mill machine, it is the V2 50 version. Both need computers. I am helping Brad reinvent himself. And add to what we can do for the scale model community. I also bought a Peopoly Phenom Noir 3D resin printer.
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