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  1. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Modelhaus Dodge D200 Crew Cab '64 kit   

    Hi all,
      I have poor luck posting photos on this board.  The file is most always too large.  You can follow this link over to a cab I am in process of creating a mold for.  Rocky was able to get a master cab that was made by Tom Coolidge.  We do have his blessing to recreate these.  Nothing in writing though.  The cab was pretty rough.  And Rocky used a chain saw, a big file, a really big hammer to adjust it.  He then fine tuned it with some sanding and paint to get to the point of what you see here.  Rocky and I invite you to come over and register to win resin stuff.  Maybe give away a couple times a month, maybe more often.  Rocky has big visions for our venture.  I would like it to be a full time job however I do work a 40 hour week.  !0 hour days is just too much for me.
  2. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Question About A Resin Casting Brand   

    Yes, decent equipment is needed for success.  I sent you a PM Don.
  3. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Domino pictures   

    I like Marilyn  I really liked Mae West and Greer Garson too.
  4. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Front wheel drive   

    I have Rocky working on some engine  molds for a 68 AMT Toronado.
  5. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 1970 Buick Skylark   

    The top edge of the front fenders need some sanding to be correct.  I don't know why they are so sharply creased.  This was the first and most obvious error having been done in a model kit.
  6. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 1970 Buick Skylark   

    I applied mine with clear acrylic paint one at a time.  Work with them over a light colored thin foam pad.  If you drop one they will be easy to find and won"t bounce.
  7. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Testor ModelMaster paint bottle lids   

    You could do as I do with bottle caps on my resin bottles.  Get some good silicone grease and apply a coat to the threads.  Since it is silicone, it is inert to the paint.  I use Dow Corning III.  You can find silicone grease in a Ace Hardware store in the plumbing stuff.
  8. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 1970 Buick Skylark   

    If you can afford the Model Car Garage photo etch set it is very nice.  It will allow you to paint the red paint color in all of the badges and will make your build a killer project.  The interior will really pop too.  I built one as a convertible.  The PE looks great in it.  I think I used a Modelhaus 442 boot.  It is not a accurate convertible but who cares, it's a model.  I will soon have the 69 Vista Cruiser from Ron Lambert.  Hopefully and eventually there will be a Sport Wagon version.
    I kept a photo of a 70 GS stage 1 convertible.  It was special ordered with a 70 cadillac color like the Mopar Plumb Crazy.  It had a white top and white interior.  I think the photo might be on the forum where I post resin casting projects.  I will see if I can post a link to it.  It is a beautiful car I think they were asking like 180K for it
    Here ya go.  A photo of my first car and two beautiful convertibles to wish for.
  9. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Question About A Resin Casting Brand   

    I try to use Smooth on products.  When I need something I just drive there and buy product fresh off the shelf.  I use their Task 8.  Once cured it will become chemical proof and will withstand a great amount of heat.  It won't melt in your mouth or your car.  I don't really know a lot about paint but I think some can get hot and damage some resin products.
    I only wish that Smooth on had a product like the Polytek Flex series for making tires.  I have used the 60 and 70 for tire making but it is quite expensive, but it cures pretty quickly.  It also does not like the silicone that I use either.  Compatability issues can be costly too.  I only wish that some products were packaged in smaller containers
  10. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Domino pictures   

    I sure wish I knew.  It is called pointalism, an art related to science  There was a not so famous guy from another country that used it to create art and study how the brain perceives dots that create pictures.  Now that I have the recipe to make one I just need to get some dominoes.  My bored retired father in law might like something different to do. 
  11. Greg Wann added a topic in Auto Art   

    Domino pictures
    I thought this might be of interest to some.  I work at Arizona State University.  In the Physical Science F building there is one of these in the foyer.  It has always caught my eye.  I found some instructions on making one.  Wouldn't it be cool for some bored computer geek to figure out how to create them in the form of autos.  They may already exist.
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  12. Greg Wann added a post in a topic DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 13 - Photos from contest   

    I see a photo of Rocky and I.  Glad you got my best side!
  13. Greg Wann added a post in a topic does anyone have contact info for gregg wann?   

    Thank you, Wayne.  I can also be reached by way of  holygrailresins@gmail.com   This should allow Rocky and I to be on the same page when there are questions for us.  This is the name that I gave to a new venture.
    Thank you,
  14. Greg Wann added a post in a topic So I'm sitting on a stack of 63 Country Squies and 64 Colony Parks   

    Last weekend the Cactus Car Model Club had their 13th Desert Scale Classic model show and contest.  Vendors were present also.  One such vendor named Bob Zetterman and his wife Polly were there with their usual bins of Modelhaus parts.  Bob is a promo collector and rebuilder.  Bob was a Bit sore of the Modelhaus closing and he told me a few stories of how he and Polly actually helped Don and Carol start their business by providing original promo parts and model kits.  Bob and Polly are the unknown soldiers so to speak in the model car and resin history.  Bob and Don live in different states and told me how he allowed Don and Carol the use of their home while off to some other destination.  Upon Bob's return was a note from Don to a list of kits and parts he took back with him to make molds from.  And that is how Don and Carol started.  Bob also recently helped Don deliver a $16,000.00 order.  Both of their SUV's were completely full of a summers worth of work.  Bob did get his original parts back and more.
  15. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 1963 Pontiac Bonneville, New, Outdoor Shots.   

    That is very nice.  I do have a mold that will make a decent resin body.