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  1. Yes, He and I have been emailing. I thought it was a very nice article. I only wish I were able to provide more of what he wanted. The CV kits are $110.00. He purchased one early on for $95.00 so that was the price in the article. A percentage of each one sold does go to it's creator for personal reasons, I doubt many other casters would do this with a project. Dwayne got ripped off by another person. I also include postage with sales to the lower 48, provide packing materials, resin /silicone materials, electricity, equipment, trip to the Post Office, etc. So, I 'm not exactly getting rich selling these kits so we needed to charge a bit more. They are a good quality value. Flash in openings pops right out. I make great looking tires. I am amazed the grille mold has held up so well. We are working to make molds that will make multiple copies. Marty has been helping me and Glen has too. Marty is slowly working on a site called Holy Grail Resin Emporium. Marty prefers to make parts and Glen has been working hard with organizing and putting up shelves and does clay up of parts. Clay up is timely and boring but is very important to a molds performance. I have mailed to other countries with USPS, usually around $40.00 to $50.00 USD. This is the cheapest way. Once it leaves the USA there is no tracking and I have to fill out a customs form, of course. There is something somewhat new called desktop injection molding but I would need to be able to 3d print the molds. It's roughly 4 grand to get started. Greg
  2. Creating original promo model parts into resin copies is how Modelhaus and others have started. Funny how everybody is crying in there glue that they are no longer in business and there stuff goes for crazy money now. There is a guy named Bob Zetterman who tells how he helped Don and Carol by giving them parts to practice with and get the business started. Bob is an active Promo collector and rebuilder.
  3. He nor I have any intention of producing copies to sell. Just wanting roofs and other parts for his other custom designs. The body is the only part he got in a box of other unwanted model parts and bodies.
  4. Honestly, I don't know the bodies origins, My helper does not either. He wants copies so he can use the roof lines and other areas of this body for some other custom builds he is designing. He is one of our crazy car builders in our local club.
  5. One of the guys that is helping me in the shop has this 58 Chevy wagon ready for the mold making process.
  6. I started the subject over in the aftermarket /resin truck section. CAB MARKER LIGHTS
  7. I have not read any of the above suggestions. You might mark the lines on the inside with a black fine tip marker and then you might hold it up to a bright light and see them from the top. You could drill a tiny hole in a spot and saw it with thread. This is the way one of our club members cuts bodies open. Not certain what kind of thread, but I have seen it work.
  8. We have been working to create new molds for parts to this kit. I clayed up a six pack of these little boogers, they are the hood ornaments. This is the first set I have made. Due to them getting lost or broken easily I have been adding a six pack with each hood. I might have whipped the problems with clear resin too, it is a real pita. Everybody that wants one or two or more will get them, it is just taking a good bit of time. Greg
  9. I agree about IH trucks. I have some diecast subjects that just might get turned into resin kits. I grew up on a farm. The farm truck when I was a little kid was a 56 pickup. It had 4 wheel drive with lockout hubs. It had two gear shift levers on the floor and 3 on the tree with a straight 6 engine, it was red. Dad traded it for a red 70 Chevy 3/4 ton truck with 4 wheel drive.
  10. Marty brought one by and we made this resin copy. I used some gold powder in the mold to make it look like this. Marty has been intending to make a mold that makes more at a time. They do look nice like this.
  11. Jesse has PM'd me and I am working on his parts, I just needed a fire lit under my ass. YES, I have admittedly put him off. Fortunately, I am getting some guys in the model club to help in the shop with making parts etc. I have let myself get in over my head with projects to do. I am certainly not perfect.
  12. https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/ Here is a library of instruction sheets and box art. Some may not know this exists.
  13. Jim Still wanted the project done. I made him some copies. I was successful, it's just bigger. I have a big pressure pot. Here are a some pics. Richard approved.
  14. "no good deed goes unpunished"

  15. Thank you, Gary. A little polishing and some BMF or the chrome pen and your rig will look very nice. Not certain if there are different styles and sizes available to copy. I could do red or other colors too.
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