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  1. Greg Wann added a post in a topic How to remove decals without damaging the paint   

    Try using the polish you would use on a paint job.  If it removes orange peel or whatever to polish, it will remove a decal too.
  2. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Fireball AFB Max Wedge Carbs   

    Absolutely gorgeous detail.  Are these resin copies out of a silicone mold, or are they 3D printed? 
  3. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Help with PE sheet   

    Isn't there a paper that shows what the parts are named?
  4. Greg Wann added a post in a topic resin casters
    This link will be helpful.
  5. Greg Wann added a post in a topic White decals/Alps printer options?   

    true, it does cost more when you buy a laminating machine.  It is a must have item though.I would suggest you call or email them.  It seems that some laminators work better than others as some laser printers perform better than others do. 
  6. Greg Wann added a post in a topic White decals/Alps printer options?
    You could purchase one of these kits.  There are a lot of steps.  You can create your own artwork too and even make temporary tattoos.  You can apply the image to decal paper and create your own waterslide decals.  You can make white, gold  and silver images among other colors.  They also sell a kit where you could create your own photo etch parts too  The kits are reasonable and if you don't like it they will give you your money back.
  7. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Lookin for the best parts
    Hi Joshua,
      Here is a nice reference list to use for shopping our hobby.
  8. Greg Wann added a post in a topic need resin help?
    This is what I use for clay.  I think this might be re packaged KLEAN KLAY, but uncertain.  I think you might find this to be the best deal for mail ordering.  It is $4.75 a pound.  I bought about twenty pounds a few years ago for half this amount.  Real KLEAN KLAY can be very expensive.  The clay you need, needs to be Sulphur free otherwise the silicone that touches it will not cure.  I highly suggest the Alumilite price.  Even with postage the price will be a real deal.  Hobby Lobbies do carry some of their products too.  My first casting experience was with a Alumilite kit but I quickly moved on.  Now I just Drive to Tempe, AZ and buy anything I need fresh right off the shelf.  If I have problems I just ask them.  If you are wanting to attempt to make rubbery like tires I would suggest you try POLYTEK PT FLEX series, this product cures really quickly.  Unfortunately SMOOTH - ON has nothing like the FLEX SERIES, this product is very expensive too.  Just get some black dye and color the material.  You can also paint the inside of a mold too.  Let the paint fully dry, pour in resin to cure and then pull out a painted part.  You can even be a really crappy painter too, it won't matter.
  9. Greg Wann added a post in a topic 67 Eleanor transkit available?   

    You are very welcome.  It is nice to know that you find my work satisfactory.  Yes, I do think I sent you a experimental clear body, glad you like it as well.  I have a guy helping me with a master 39 Ghost Pontiac from the Worlds Fair.  Don't tell anybody though, it's a secret.  Because I have a job too, I am not always the fastest at getting items made and sent out though.  I prefer not to accept payment until your item is ready to be mailed.  I don't want to be "THAT GUY"!  I know for most of you that you work hard for a paycheck and money is tight.  I think I keep my pricing in a Acceptable amount too.  I have seen some resin kits that I would be ashamed of selling.  An item that does not turn out well usually gets put in the box for free.  You can either fix it and enjoy it or use it for paint sampling, it is better than being in my trash.  I do send bodies out that have tiny bubbles on the lower edges but most of you expect this and know how to easily deal with it.  It is pretty common.
    Thank you,
    Greg Wann
  10. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Now what do I do with it ?   

    Does your wife work in an office and have her own desk? Or a desk at home?  Perhaps you could turn it into a business card holder ( card CADDY) or some kind of useful desk decoration for her or yourself.  She will like it that you returned her caring gesture for you by making it a unique item.  Maybe a cool place to park a computer mouse or post it notes.  I'm sure you will think of something nice.
  11. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Is it true???   

    These have been done in resin but I don't know how well they were done.  The top link will take you to a nice resin kit search site.
  12. Greg Wann added a post in a topic Why no kit plating chrome?
    Home Depot sells this kit cheaper than the companies online price.  I ordered one but have not tried it yet.
  13. Greg Wann added a post in a topic "Fast forward look" Mopar mirrors.   

    Thanks for posting the pics here.  If someone had some nice mirrors to send me I could update my molds to a newer silicone material.  This would include truck mirrors too.  These were difficult to clay up for the mold as they are small parts.  I followed the parts original mold line and would do that again.  That is why they are cast differently per style.  If any one is interested a provision of say four good sets would be sent to you.  I would do other scales too.  I do some custom work for a hand full of clients.  Modelhaus stayed in the 1:25 scale of automotive subjects.  I would do most any scale and subject.  If only I had a much bigger work area and some helping hands.  The work is not hard.  Resin casting is only difficult when some aspect of the process fails, most like anything else.
    I added a photo of the molds that makes the mirrors.  You can move it to this thread if you like.
  14. Greg Wann added a post in a topic "Fast forward look" Mopar mirrors.   

    Hi Tommy,
      I would prefer an email.  I see I added a D in my address in my above post.  My email is:
    I kind of like madstercaster, maybe I will change it.
  15. Greg Wann added a post in a topic "Fast forward look" Mopar mirrors.
    I was again unable to upload a photo, here is a link to some photos.  The mirrors were loaned to me for the molds some time ago.  I mostly made them for a client in Mesa but I have sold a few sets.   The mirrors of course are delicate and are very fiddly for me to handle.  There is still flash on some.  It is too thick to remove.  They are junk to me.  Be sure to check out the new 63 Bonneville body mold.  My best work yet.