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  1. Yes, it is still available and we plan to make it available for a long time to come. I have quite a few to make to fill orders.
  2. Copying the VW Bus emblem

    Nice, try filling the mold again. this time squeegee off the excess, it will make a better part, less cleanup.
  3. Through Dwayne or I . I have a lot of catching up to do. I am in need of making a new chassis mold. It is really holding up progress. I can't get a good one to come out. Also I am back to work at my job so I don't get to spend all day there making parts. I do have another guy in training to help me out, that should help some. He is a professional model builder and he lives close to me too. I am also working on other projects as well.
  4. The Shaft?

    I am planning to offer them. I'm not really liking my first mold attempt though. I am thinking about another way to make a mold. I think $18.00 for the number of them you get is not too bad of a deal.
  5. The Shaft?

    I clayed up the parts.
  6. I just gave up..

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Microblading-Tattoo-Supply-Cotton-Swabs-Pointed-Q-Tip-Makeup-Cosmetic-Applicator/112353315580?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I bought some of these from the bay. They have long handles and are slimmer.
  7. I just gave up..

    And around that area in a CVS or Walgreens you might find some nice, really pointy double ended Q-tips in a round container. I use them to remove smeared clay in scripts and other detail when claying up parts for mold making.
  8. Convertible Up-Tops?

    I have some up tops from some vintage kits. Camaro, Firebird, one that might fit a Chevelle. I have some I could cast from original issue Buick kits too. Maybe a up tops pack might be a good idea to create. I have been buying original mint unbuilt kits for a few years now. I also have some people around me that would loan me original parts to make molds from too.
  9. 3D printing

    http://www.fireballmodels.info/ Contact Joseph and ask him. He offers a printing service. He designed and sent me six master tires for the 88 to 91 Ford Crown Victoria resin kit. Here are some rubbery resin copies. I use Polytek PT Flex 70 with some black dye added.
  10. Boy, is this guy going to take a bath soon!

    This is a rare kit, I do like it. It would be a investment for me. I'm sure if it were resin, it would be a desirable subject. I would like one of these mint Myers Manx Tow'd kits too.
  11. The Shaft?

    I removed this some time ago from a Franklin mint 1:24 scale Mercedes 300 SLR race car. Just for fun, I could try to make a mold. It does not look too complicated. These might be a bit too big for a 1:25 scale car but great for a car or a truck build
  12. Pontiac Resin Bonanza!

    http://ponchoperfection.com/ If Pontiacs are your love machine, you will be interested in this link.
  13. Two chrome platers left - which do you prefer?

    https://svc.org/ Here is a link to The Society of Vacuum Coaters. I found a helpful guy who gave me this professors information. Since I work there, meeting this guy in his laboratory might be very easy. Kevin Hilgers Arizona State University Phoenix, AZ, Phone: 480-727-7142 E-mail: kevin.hilgers@asu.edu http://www.semicore.com/sputtering-systems The SC450 is $120,000.00
  14. Airbrush compressor

    https://www.californiaairtools.com/ You could purchase one from this company. They are quiet too. If you want it to be more quiet throw a blanket over it or put it in a box. You just want to put it in a cool room and drain the tank on a regular basis. You also might want to consider a dehumidifier in your paint /model room too if you live in a high humidity area. I put one in my resin casting shop. I was surprised that even though I live in Aridzona, the tank was full in 24 hours. There are air compressors made specifically for medical and dental offices that are super quiet like a scroll rotary compressor. You might find a deal on something like this. https://eatoncompressor.com/product/7-5hp-quiet-air-compressor-single-phase-80-gallon-vertical/#technical-specifications I bought one of these used for my resin casting shop. It only runs once a day that I am aware of. It has a optional baffle that makes it run pretty quiet for it's size.
  15. Airbrush compressor

    I vote yes. But get the extended warranty. Mine did not pulse and I thought it worked great. Think about air brushing nail polish. There are some very cool colors. If you have a beauty supply shop near you like a Sally Beauty, they sell small containers of nail polish thinner. This way you don't have to store large amounts of any kind of thinners. Nail polish dries pretty fast too. Buy a bottle of Bare Metal Foil Plastic polish to rub out your cured paint job too. It is cheap and works great on paint but is made to remove scuffs and scratches on clear model glass. Also dollar stores sell nail polish but the color selection might not be extensive but a cheap way to practice. Also buy a decent double action air brush and learn how to use it if you have not bought one already.