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  1. mastercaster1@cox.net i also have a fb page Holy Grail Resin model parts
  2. We have a trunk insert too, if this is what you are referring to. The kit has a body, hood, trunk insert, spoiler with a tiny brake lite and a vacuum formed window set the Mike also makes. He is very good at vacuum forming windows, etc. there is also a strip of clear plastic for the side windows.
  3. I got Mikes new master today. Mike put the front clip on this one. The delicate detail in the grill was a problem. Mike blanked it off. It should be easy to sand it open.
  4. I am in looking for a resin kit of this car. I recently had my retirement toy delivered. This is me sitting in it. Some time ago there was a 1:24 scale resin kit made but no longer available. I did find the maker. He is somewhere in Europe. He said he had not made them for some time and was not planning to do a new run. Barchetta3500.com I think I have posted about this car and finally now own one. Only seven have been built. This one is number four. It was originally built in 1997 for Ron Tonkin, a Ferrari and Maserati dealer. I am now the fourth owner. It only has 4000 miles on it. There are lots of great reference photos on Darryls website. I got to meet Darryl. He came here to Sun City to visit his sister in law. He liked my resin casting work.
  5. Thank you, Dave. Good to know you are still alive and kicking.
  6. Yes, I am aware. Will it be the true GT with the proper fender badge like this. I saw pics and it was not there. Hopefully their attempt won't disappoint. My timing does suck.
  7. This body was loaned to me. It is not perfect but not terrible. The pillar on the driver's side is pushed out slightly and since it is rare and I dared not try to fix this. There is a nice hood, the gt grille and the exhaust tips and rear valance.
  8. I don't have it. Making interior tubs and chassis really suck for me. I am better at making tires which seems like a difficult process for some.
  9. Yes, they are. These are all the parts I have. I did borrow a set of the taillights. I just have not made a mold of the copies to make them yet.
  10. Resin 66 Buick body, hood, front/rear bumper.
  11. I made a post today that I should not have. It is a very old thread and the pictures no longer work. I thought I was going to be able to delete it, but this is not possible any longer. I had to ask Dave to remove my post in hopes that it would just time travel back where it lay dormant. I can delete a post on Facebook but not here.
  12. Hi all, I am attempting to bring this old article to the forefront. It has been a few years. Mike is nearing completion on a new master for the Htachback version also.
  13. Those are good points. I use clear silicone for doing my resin casting work. It can be dificult to remove. Thought it might work for model building.
  14. I have a mold that makes this set from a 69 Hurst Olds. The parts in the Camino look pretty boring but the parts in the surf woody look casting worthy.
  15. I have this sealed El Camino kit. Is this the correct kit?
  16. Why don't we put models together with something like this optically clear silicone? Only a tiny amount should do. It may or may not damage paint if you attempt to take something apart once cured. I bought this at Walmart for about 7 bucks. The wife and I drove to Indiana and spent nearly three months working on a couple of rentals. I bought a DAP brand clear that needed a gun. When I used it it was clear like glass. I said to myself, self! This would be great stuff for model building!!
  17. Greg Wann

    Help in shop

    Any body live in or near Sun City Arizona and the Phoenix area? I could use some help.
  18. Mike and I are both delited to see his fine mastering work and my nice casting get used for beautiful builds like yours. You might want to collect our hatch version also.
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