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  1. 43 minutes ago, Fat Brian said:

    This is pretty cool, is he doing the interior pan too?

    We have a trunk insert too, if this is what you are referring to.  The kit has a body, hood, trunk insert, spoiler with a tiny brake lite and a vacuum formed window set the Mike also makes.   He is very good at vacuum forming windows, etc.  there is also a strip of clear plastic for the side windows.

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  2. I am in looking for a resin kit of this car.  I recently had my retirement toy delivered.  This is me sitting in it.  Some time ago there was a 1:24 scale resin kit made but no longer available.   I did find the maker.  He is somewhere in Europe.  He said he had not made them for some time and was not planning to do a new run.


    I think I have posted about this car and finally now own one.  Only seven have been built.  This one is number four.  It was originally built in 1997 for Ron Tonkin, a Ferrari and Maserati dealer.  I am now the fourth owner.  It only has 4000 miles on it.  There are lots of great reference photos on Darryls website.  I got to meet Darryl.  He came here to Sun City to visit his sister in law.  He liked my resin casting work.



  3.  I made a post today that I should not have.  It is a very old thread and the pictures no longer work.  I thought I was going to be able to delete it, but this is not possible any longer.  I had to ask Dave to remove my post in hopes that it would just time travel back where it lay dormant.  I can delete a post on Facebook  but not here.

  4. Why don't we put models together with something like this optically clear silicone?  Only a tiny amount should do.  It may or may not damage paint if you attempt to take something apart once cured.  I bought this at Walmart for about 7 bucks.

    The wife and I drove to Indiana and spent nearly three months working on a couple of rentals.  I bought a DAP brand clear that needed a gun.  When I used it it was clear like glass.  I said to myself, self!  This would be great stuff for model building!!


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