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  1. I was heating the mold until Jeff of Time Machine Resin had me call him to give me some help. The resin heats up on it's own. The only reason that the manufacturer wants you to do this is to burn up your mold faster and buy more silicone. Polishing your master is a must too. The best polish I have found is no longer made. Bare Metal Foil Plastic polish was made for clear parts and works extremely well. I bought up all I could find! It works great on paint too! I talked to the Inventor of BMF a few years ago when I called about the product being no longer offered.
  2. Hi Danny, Are you still trying the clear? Try mixing it 1to 1 by volume instead of by weight. I do resin casting. I made the parts that John Teresi has been building. I have been getting better at using the clear resin. I recently discovered that the clear resin I bought from Alumilite and Aeromarine products are the same brand. Alumilite says to mix it by weight and Aeromarine says to mix it by volume. I am a bit confused by this mixed information. I have better luck mixing it by volume. I pour out of smaller containers that are lab grade bottles. Make certain it is mixed very well. Make a good two part mold. Pressure cast it and do not open for at least three days. Making the bubble tops for the Cosma Ray that John built is easy to do now that I have learned not to touch it for awhile. I have a forum that I post a lot of my resin work on. Email me if you still need help. Greg
  3. If you are still looking for this please PM me, I can help you out. Greg
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