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  1. 1fine89 added a post in a topic Mako Shark II   

    Cool, I actually saw one of these in person years ago, along with a vette limo supposedly the first of its kind

  2. 1fine89 added a post in a topic 60s hotrod "sour apple"   

    wow you have a steady hand, nice pinstriping!
    Really nice model, I'm a fan
  3. 1fine89 added a post in a topic '85 GMC Van .. Fotki update 7/8/17   

    I remember seeing this a while ago in "work in progress section" Looks great and nice detail!

  4. 1fine89 added a post in a topic Mullet Monte   

    I bet that baby roared!!

    Updated bigger pictures!
  5. 1fine89 added a post in a topic Mullet Monte   

    Haha yes thats exactly what im talking about-I was also that guy driving around with my friends in my 89 mustang vert, reving it just because I loved the noise!

    Yea I will try and fix the small pictures today. not sure what happened with it.

    I do have fuzzy dice waiting for the interior. Geez I forgot about the garter belt, that almost would seem more fitting. haha
  6. 1fine89 added a post in a topic TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP   

    Alright so I finally started a build for this. You can find it here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login

    The build is called Mullet Monte!

    Thanks again for all the help
  7. 1fine89 added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Mullet Monte
    The Idea behind this build was to create an 80's street machine. You know, that boastful, arrogant, tire squealing jerk who would cruise up and down your local main strip listening to AC/DC and twisted sister honking and yelling at all the young girls on the sidewalk. Yea that car!

    A little background about the build. It started as an aerocoupe and after mucking up the paint on that body I decided to switch the body to flatback monte. It has fought me the whole way. First black paint job was sub-par so Into the brake fluid it went. Second attempt was black again with Tamiya black TS-14. After the mist coats were applied I sprayed the first heavy coat. Bam, Milky haze. No worries, some good advice from the good people at MCM and I was able to save it. Another heavy coat and everything came together.

    This build has been a lot of first for me. Many parts were scratch build and I really have taken my time with it. I promised myself no new kits until I see this one through. I will not let a black paint job defeat me

    On with the Pictures

    Beginning stages of the scratch made cowl hood

    Black paint job

    Custom fuel tank, fuel filter


    454, wired, custom headers, dipstick, ect. Interior primed


    Rear view-exactly what I was going for with the gas tank.

    I still have lots to do-Have a couple small paint flaws to work out, 3200-12000 and a good ole buff should take care of that. Interior will receive flocking, roll bar, and racing details.

    Thanks for looking, comments always welcome!



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  8. 1fine89 added a post in a topic TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP   

    Excellent! I just boutght a set of micro fibre cloths to try out on this yesterday. Can't wait to get this all done. It has been a tough one for me. You model car members are amazing, thank you all for the great advice on this one
  9. 1fine89 added a post in a topic TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP   

    Would you suggest just wet sanding the panel that has the defect or the whole thing?
  10. 1fine89 added a post in a topic TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP   

    Wow I took everyone's advice by waiting, wet lightly sanding then shooting another med to heavy coat.
    WOW it turned out amazing! the paint is glass smooth. In fact I have never shot such a smooth paint job ever.

    Now the only problem is a piece of lint I picked up during the painting process. Any advice for that? I'm nervous about ruining the shine I have created.

    Thanks again and as promised before I will post up once the paint has cured a bit.

    Cheers, m!ke
  11. 1fine89 added a post in a topic TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP   

    Sweetness, thanks for the advice.

    im about half way through lightly sanded it and will add another wet coat when the weather gets better.

    Good to hear not all hope is lost.

  12. 1fine89 added a post in a topic TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP   

    tack cloth - thats great advice.

    This paint job is personal now. The amount of trouble i have had with it im going to battle it until I get it perfect!

    I will try your method rather than washing it with soap eveytime. It will also save time!

  13. 1fine89 added a post in a topic TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP   

    I live in Vancouver BC, It didn't feel humid today?
    I will take your advice. I think I will get some finer sand paper to smooth it out.

    Yea, with it being a black paint job I was trying to make the prep work and body perfect. I wash with soap and rinse thoroughly.
  14. 1fine89 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    TS-14 tamiya black paint haze - HELP
    Ok heres a little back story,

    I have a monte carlo that I have been working on for some while. I have had to strip it and repaint it twice because I wasn't happy with the paint.

    I have finally gotten it to where it needs to be. Here have been my steps

    wash body with soap and water
    wet sanding with

    wash body with soap and water
    Primer coats
    wet sand with

    wash body with soap and water
    Three light mist coats with taymia black
    wet sand with

    wash body with soap and water
    first wet coat

    Tonight I put on the first wet coat and I noticed some hazing/rainbowing in the paint.
    I'm kinda freaking out because I don't want to start over again with this body.

    I have allowed days of drying time in between each step and have taken my time.
    I want this black to be perfect

    Any help on this subject would really help me out

    Cheers, Mike

    I can post pictures if it will help
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  15. 1fine89 added a post in a topic 1986 Monte LS   

    Sweetness-your build looks great! I really like the blue.

    I'm currently building one of these as well, just shot the first couple coats of black!