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  1. Kenworths 4 bag prior to the AG100 was a late 50s design and wasn't all that good it had very little travel and was problem on other than smooth surfaces. I didn't know Pete air was a factory option till a friend of mine who collects extended hood A models with v8 Cats found one with factory Pete air. Apparently it wasn't very common (maybe expensive). I was an O/O with Metzger and sons in Silver Lake In. for years as many of you know they are big KW fans and they liked the torsion bar and 4 spring much better than the early AG100. Most of the KW's I remember with the KW 4 bag were from Canada.
  2. Actually Peterbilt air ride was a factory option on Kenworths in the 70's. Yes the 4 bag Pete rode much better than the AG100. The torsion bar rode decent if well maintained (daily greasing) but had a high center of gravity. The ride problem with AG100 was too small of air lines to the bags. Air just couldn't flow fast enough for a smooth ride. By the late 90's that was corrected with bigger lines. The Pete air ride also required less maintenance as the AG100 had bushings that need frequent replacement. Even today Pete air ride is a factory option on KW's the AG 380 is Pete flex air and the AG400L is Pete low leaf
  3. September was what I heard. Bear in mind these are most likely manufactured in China.
  4. The biggest reason for the tilt was to leave ample leg room for the driver. Many trucks were built this way including White 9000's, Ford Louisvilles.Dodges etc. Even the Ford LTL 9000 with it"s long hood was built this way (Italeri's kit is inaccurate). Some cabovers even had tilted engines. In Mack's case they took a different approach and offset the whole cab which also improved visibility as well. By the way the engine in the pictured Dodge is a Cummins.
  5. Certainly not the original AMT artist LOL. I built the original issue of that kit and many since it's a pretty well done kit. It has an unusual early (alpine green not silver) non turbo 8v92 and the rare Astro air suspension.
  6. The chrome strips on the top edges of the hood are missing too. And where's that right horn going?
  7. Actually those handles on the real truck are square as all GMC's of that time. Warping was mostly the hood on reissues from the Ertl/AMT years not the original AMT releases.
  8. All these things would be great but like I say there is just not enough of us for it to be financially feasable for a mass produced kit. As far as the Moebius Ford f series being successful they appeal to a much broader market than large commercial trucks do. So are best bet is still resin and 3d from the small cottage companies.
  9. Sadly model building in general is not a popular hobby with the younger generations like it was when AMT and Ertl were cranking new kits like clockwork. Unfortunately there just isn't enough interest in it anymore for a return on investment that model companies would have to make. So the odds of new kits aren't very good. All the traditional hobbies like model building, model trains,rc aircraft slot cars etc are now playing to a limited audience these days. Brick and mortar LHS'S are dropping like flies everywhere not just because of internet competition but because of lack of interest in traditional hobbies. My LHS is closing tomorrow forever after 58 years and 2 generations so we have to be thankful for Round 2 and cottage business like resin and 3 d printing because in these changing times that's all we got. All the suggestions for new kits are great but not likely to happen. Thanks to Moebius for an effort to produce new kits but that was a limited success.
  10. Good pics but most of them were not nh 250's. Most were big cams etc.
  11. I don't get the fascination with this thing. I appreciate the work involved but it's just flat ugly.
  12. No problem luberfiners were pretty much the norm till the mid 80s or so in the US.
  13. Actually the general and bison didn't come out till 1977 and AMT's kits were released in 1978. Outside of the original release they tend to have warpage issues. Round 2 most likely addressed this. The kit is nice overall and has a nice non turbo early 8v92 (365 hp). Now if we can just get the Coke edition of the starship Enterprise.
  14. As I recall the k 123 kit has a luberfiner under the battery box that would be the oil filter. The nta came in 370,400 and 420 versions maybe searching for the other versions would yield some results.
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