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  1. Cooper-Jarrett colors ?

    Matchbox is incorrect CJ trucks were black and orange.
  2. Leaf springs identification?

    Correct. The Western stabilaire was also an option on the Dodge Bighorn however only the prototype was built with it. The prototype bighorn is in the process of a ground up restoration by a bighorn collector in Georgia.
  3. Kenworth conventional experts

    You are the correct one sir. Also note on the blue extended cowl the old KW 4 bag air ride.
  4. Kenworth W980?

    Come to think of it sort of resembles some current Aussie KW's.
  5. Kenworth W980?

    They clearly used the 680/880 style cab. It's just too costly to build the w9 on a different platform from everything else for a limited sales model. I'm as ole skool as they come but I wouldn't trade my current 579 Pete for my old 359.
  6. Kenworth W980?

    Just bear in mind the w900l was a replacement for the w900a extended hood after Kenworth had no extended hood model for a few years and wasn't fully accepted either. Twenty five years from now will hear the same old complaints when they replace the 980.
  7. COE ID???

    Yep 9670 set back boat loads of them in the US at one time. This one appears to have a tractor at one time. Most of them were exported to middle east and South America when they were wore out.
  8. 1/25 AMT Wilson Livestock Trailer

    The original box art was the same only blue.
  9. GMC Astro Help Needed

    When making new mounts bear in mind out of the box the the cab sits far to high something like 3/16 ".
  10. There were also 2 piece hard plastic ones I believe same as the 2 piece Firestones in 1/25th kits.
  11. Freightliner COE Questions

    Tim is also a big part of the facebook page "model truck disscusion group"
  12. They also ride much better and are more stable in slick conditions like snow.
  13. Diamond Reo Tanker

    Sweet! reminds me of the many DR's here in the midwest back then.
  14. AMT Kenworth K123 Rear Suspension

    Pete and KW also share the Pete Low leaf aka the KW ag400L. Pete air ride was actually a factory option on KW's back in the 70s paticularlly before the 8 bag came out. KW also had a 4 bag before the 8 bag that dated back to the 50s. You can recognize it by the air bags tilted at an angle. Yes the Pete air rode much better than the early ag100's. Somewhere in the 90's Kw redone the ag 100 with bigger air lines and faster valveing which made it much better. The ag 200 and ag 400 also ride better than the old ag 100. As far as the original question goes The front drive axle should be level with ground and the rear drive will be determined by the middle drive shaft length usually level or just slightly nose up.
  15. Italieri Clasic Western Star

    Actually it could be as new as 99. That style was built as late as 1999 (maybe later) and was renamed the heritage series in 96 when the costellation style was released. As far as the big cam Cummins goes like everybody said Italeri just used the FLC kit with the WS cab. But that style of WS could very well have had that engine. Not to mention a glider kit could be powered by anything. Ws trucks like Petes and KWs didn't change styles for years at a time.