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  1. Såg den här i facebookgruppen, ser häftig ut!
  2. Yeah I was thinking either that or fixing it to something flat like glass and heat gently with a hair dryer.
  3. Dug this one out of the stack. Finally found a color I looked. Dupli/Motip ColorWorks Copper. Very metallic, almost looks grainy in pictures. Clear still to be applied. Chassis needs to be unwarped.
  4. Hey, I'm just back from the future to tell you this build is amazing.
  5. If you compare this car to the Veyron, god this is a pretty car. Great work!
  6. I'd say, if you're buying everything for the first time, spend some money on a good compressor, and save some money on the airbrush, a good compressor for me is more crucial than a good airbrush. At least for starters. Also it's better and more fun for the wallet to buy a new airbrush later on, than a new compressor.
  7. That was quick! Looks great. Maybe a bit clean, I've never seen white rims that are actually white post- or pre-rally.
  8. I wish you luck with the decals, but if I managed to build the Corolla, you'll make this with no problems. Dash looks great,and I agree, racing dashes are sooooo coooool.
  9. The Mrs choise, I have to obey. "Fits the interior decoration, that way you can keep them in the living room". Women, cute creatures. I sometimes wonder how they function.
  10. Shot the engine/tranny and the doors with the accent color. This petrol/turquoise will be used in the interior, chassis, wheels and engine. Body will be mostly primer grey. Next up finishing the powerplant. Washes, carb, wiring etc. C&C welcome.
  11. That paint isn't glass smooth,it actually makes glass jealous. Fantastic build.
  12. Got the paint for the wheels/chassis/engine/interior details.
  13. Headlights looks better. I thought they were removable. I understand that alclad would be scary.
  14. Great looking bike. The rothmans always are tho. Cut the fairing off on the other side, display all those intestines.
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