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  1. Thank you everyone, I appreciate all the comments. I have also quit or well "put on pause" this hobby several times. I do always come back to it in some form. The thought of extra cash was nice, as I do need some tools for the woodworking hobby, but with shipping and other costs I agree. I wouldn't get what I would want. I think it will be best to keep my most favorite kits. And my tools. Ill sell the rest and pack it all away. I did always plan to keep a few for my youngest. But hes only 2. So I have years before he's ready. My two oldest 14 and 9 initially showed interest then moved to other hobbies. Sports and computers.. So the attempt was made at least. Ive received a few PMs as to what I have. Once I get it separated and figured out I can met anyone know who is interested. PM me if you wish. and when I do I will send over a list. Thanks again!
  2. Yea, so far my plan wold be to post a ton of photos on CL and attempt to sell as a whole. CL doesn't always work out they way you like though, and I just dont feel like having the garage a mess for weeks while it all sells haha
  3. Ill try to keep this short and not get to emotional about it. For the record, this IS NOT a for sale post. I understand the rules. Just need some advice so I am reaching out to a community that I have been following for what feels like forever. I've been trying to enjoy this hobby for the last 15 - 20 years of my life but always seem to have to put it on pause. My first place was renting a room so as soon as the rest of the house smelled the paint it was game over. Then I upgraded to my own studio but I was working 2 jobs 14 hours a day 7 days a week. No time. Then work had me moving from apartment to apartment, so I could never get set up to really build. Always get half way into a kit.. then have to pack all my stuff. Now, older I have a garage, in a house. All the space I need. But I have kids, a wife.. and very little time for hobbies. I've been thinking this over for months and I have decided to keep my woodworking hobby, as I hope that in the near future that could lead to a side business or at least a job I enjoy. So I am deciding on how to sell all of my model car stuff. Tools, kits, spray booth, paint.. you know the whole deal. I mean I could try posting the whole lot on CL, or I could sell each kit individually on Ebay. I would probably make more that way but shipping and time.. its a lot of work. I have maybe 60 - 80 unbuilt kits.. too many decals, resin and plastic accessories to list. What would you all do? Photo every part and sell it on ebay separately, post the whole lot in one add on CL? I do wish I could use the forums as an outlet, but rules are rules. I guess if anything, if any of you all are local to the SF Bay Area, send me a PM you can take a look at what I have and maybe you'd be interested. I will be keeping a few select kits. Basic tools. When the kid is older maybe he'll be into it. I just cant store it all plus we are moving out of Ca in a few years so the less we take with us, the easier it will be. I already have a garage full of woodworking tools to bring with us! Thanks, James
  4. Was not happy with the quality of this build. Starting over! I really can do better, after reading through lots of threads here I think I have more knowledge on proper technique. I just was not happy with the paint. I also did not plan ahead with regards to the wheels and couldn't get them to fit and I already painted and glued everything together.
  5. 2 piece wheels are for the supra kit and the P1's will eventually be for the Civic
  6. Looking good Scott. I have no weather issues to worry about, but work and the honey do list has kept me from build time.
  7. Maybe not. Just need to fix hood, and I forgot to add the side mirrors before painting. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=87768&hl= I need to touch up my painting on the engine.
  8. Great build! I think I need to change wheels now haha I have the same ones from eighty1 lol I have been avoiding finishing my kit as I painted the car and wasnt very happy looks good man!
  9. Of course Scott! I'm just lucky to have so much free time right now.
  10. Very nice! My times that I have to work come and go.. some weeks ill have a few hours each week, or an hour or so a day.. other weeks I wont get any time at all. My wifes grandmother is transitioning into assisted living so she spends a few nights a week visiting so it gives me time alone at our place. Ill take all the time I can get
  11. Uhh blurry pic too lazy to retake. Oh well just a bit more painting completed.
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