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  1. Matchbox did a diecast one in 1999 a '46 model in 1/24 scale. real nice. I got a green one.
  2. Dick Landys 68 Charger

    not the best of Charger kits but it DOES have the correct tunnel rear window..
  3. Dick Landys 68 Charger

  4. Dick Landys 68 Charger

    '68 thru '70 chargers are some of the best looking mopars ever. owned a '70 white one with gold lace on the sides an hood back in the late 80s. (sigh) nuttin' special 318 automatic black interior sure wish I woulda kept it..
  5. Dick Landys 68 Charger

    the biggest difference is the '68 has round side marker lights and the '69 has rectangle side lights. the hood may be different but that is to change.
  6. Isn't it time....

    just saying...perhaps the word Silly might be better...
  7. try marktwainhobby in st.charles mo. (hobby1.com) $26.99 + shipping hope this helps.
  8. round2 models you tube for Dec. 2017

    Thank you !! just about to have a panic attack . LOL some interesting stuff there.appreciate the help...
  9. what no you tube announcement for 12-17 ? really look forward to them
  10. USPS question

    thanks for the replys the reason I asked is because I bought a paperback from California & I live in central MO. it took 7 days to get here wasn't really in a hurry just thought 7 days was a bit long
  11. What Irked You Today?

    all the tv commercials with talking owls !!!
  12. USPS question

    I have a question about the USPS what is the difference between regular USPS mail & media mail ? why is "media mail " so slow ?.thanks in advance for any help on this.
  13. I live in a small city about 45 miles west of st.louis MO. and one of the city works cars here is an '86 ford tempo 2 door I see it around town most every day it's actually in pretty good shape.
  14. 1/24 Revell Ford GT wheels question

    IMHO the only one you gotta please is your self..if you like the way it looks that's all that matters..
  15. I'm old enough to remember when JoHan was a player & in a lot of ways the were second to no one.