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  1. I'm planing on building a 917 chassis out of brass, in 1/6 or 1/8 scale, haven't decided yet, if you got any ideas I'd love to hear them. but before i spend a bunch of money on a few dozen feet of brass I've started a "mini" version, wheelbase was shrunk to 80mm, Plan is hopefully I'll learn something building it before i tackle the big one. So I'm not spending much time squaring anything up or being really specific, quick and dirty, so far I've only put like 3 hours in, enough ramblings here's some pics... some pics...
  2. thanks so much iderek Sorry for the long wait and unfortunately I have little to show, I don't know why but for some reason I have just given up on this, and not just this car, but all modeling in general. This was my first year in High school and the is homework hitting me hard. Kinda just slowly gave up and moved on to other hobby's that take less time. I feel kinda weird posting just to say bye, but I hate it when I go around looking at old threads then they just die out without any notice, so I figured I'd try not to be another one of those. I do have one pic, nothing that amazing, its just that I finished it a few weeks ago and just got around to taking a picture (its the bottom of the Intake) Sorry for ending the thread with suckish new's, but hopefully I'll pick this back up in the summer
  3. Hi..... almost done with this, all i got do is get all the spacing right on the front and rear tires, and find a air cleaner I decided to leave off the big air filter boxes, and moved the electronics to the frame, figure out the a lot of the stuff on the the stock tamiya piece was just fuses and I already had these in the line so I just had to do the coil... also finished the hand controls and here's the top of the tank, kinda made it look like a work in progress.... And here's the stance I'm aiming for.... Thanks for looking!! your comments would rock...........
  4. also found some cool pictures thought you guy's might like to see some of um' This is the car I'm gonna build, its a different Vin than I originally posted, decided to change cars. Thanks eveyone for looking!!, comments would be epic and criticism is nice too.....
  5. and I got some of the heads done, it's all rb motion .31" bolt and nuts, and matching pe washers. as i said i was having problems whit the tran's, still working on the paint striping going kinda slow but i did work on the back, looks even cooler in real life....
  6. also got some stuff on the engine block, the cylinders in real life are all separate, cause it's air cooled... so using a pe saw i cut them all apart... some stuff on the front too.....
  7. thanks for your comments guys, racer27x don't worry about critisim, I crave it man, trying to get this the best i can, about the tran's, ended up striping it, next update I'll get it finished but for now here's a bit. also sorry about the lack of updates. been busy school started back up, for some reason I thought i was smart this year and I went and sinned up for a AP class, now all my modeling time is homework time I worked more on the fan, build some stuff to go on top that tamiya hadn't even noted... Then this black rubber thing was cut out from some rubber sheet. all detailed out....
  8. bit more now... Also I said I was done on the tran's mods, supposed I was wrong here's another, I originally left this off cause I was afraid that It wouldn't fit in the car after the work, but leaving it stock kinda bothered me... Thanks for looking!!!! and your opinions are greatly appreciated!!!
  9. thanks guys, bryan m my brothers got a 1/6 scale flathead and I've been thinking about the same thing, just it would suck to drill through all the diecast and dr. yes It's supposed to be fiber glass, not sure if its totaly perfect and your guy's opions about it would rock! I have made a bit of progress, in the last post the tran's was done so I started paint, looking on some fourms fourm it seames micoballons where the best, but I couldn't find any so I tried tamiya texture paint, had to have it shipped all the way from hong kong! first looks don't look to good...... but I kept going and got it kinda finished: What ya think? it doesn't look to good to me,but your opinions would be great!! before I go and try to strip it.....
  10. thanks guys, sorry only pictures today, been busy school is almost back and I haven't started any of the summer homework.... Thanks for looking.....
  11. just my 2 cents but I think it's pretty cool, I'm glad they're getting rid of the huge rear glass, that just never looked right to me!, and if it does look like a Ferrari who cares, think of how many cars have been copying the Aston Martin's recently
  12. wow that a lot of resin... Good luck It looks like its gonna be pretty spectacular!
  13. and lastly I've been working on the spark plugs, Porsche has got some funny spark plug assembly, that I tried to replicate. first I punch out bunch a plastic circles with a dull punch so the edges would be frayed (the white parts) then the turned parts above go on top to create some sort of spark pug boot then I airbrushed all the circles some flat black then dry brushed them with brown to look like creaked leather, then the turned parts where painted semi gloss black.... and as you can tell from above I painted the lower valve covers, It seems that these are right next to the exhaust on the 1!1 car so the paint burbles a lot, tried doing this by spraying the paint from a few inch. back.... Well thanks for looking, and your honest comment would be nice...................
  14. next off was the side of the engine block to be honestly I have no idea what they are, but anyways there added... still need to sand this side then add the welds but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to sand it easily?
  15. bit more... on to the wheels! scale motors sports have made it pretty well know that the speedline rims in the back are inaccurate, but they are kinda wrong, the 5 spoke speed lines are used with rain tires, and from what I can tell this car did drive a few races in the rain... Unfortunately, the kit comes with slicks, I've heard that there maybe some rc parts that will work but I'm still looking, any ways I got the chrome striped of, then painted them black with a slight texture to look like powder coating, pay no attention to the tires they should be going.... the back of the rim got all detailed out to, I sal in some reference pic's marking on the back so I copied them out to some stencils didn't see the red over spray in real life, working on fixing it now..... Here's a closer shot, they seemed to be pretty faded in 1!1 so I sprayed pretty light.... also worked on the front bbs, drilled out all the holes after striping the chrome... not that noticeable from the front, but pretty obvious in the back....
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