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  1. Looks good so far, I'd go with the Caddy caps as well, but I tend to like the '50s style more than the late big alloy wheel look. If you go for the taildragger look, take a bit more out of the rear pillars compared to the front pillars, but should look good whatever way you do it. Cheers Matt
  2. To be honest, this is bloody awsome, you got me at the first valve cover you made! Once I get a small mill and lathe, and am able to do half of what you have done, I'll be happy. Great work!!!! Matt
  3. Thanks for the comments, I will try and get back to this one as well soon!
  4. That looks great! I have a couple of '49s and a '50 convertible......it has given me a couple of ideas (not stealing, just acouple of ideas).
  5. Thanks for the comments, I will try to keep the posts going a bit more often. Cheers
  6. Thanks for the comments.....will try to get a couple of my builds finished and keep posting. Cheers
  7. Will see how much time I can spend on modeling now! :)

  8. Maybe I should finish one first, but here is another one I have started.. Cheers Matt
  9. Haven't been on for a while or done any building, but this is where I got up to a while ago........everyday life has gotten in the way!
  10. Hi Randy, yes I will be doing the rear fenders, just unsure on whether I will do the fronts as well and have long running boards or just leave the front with no guards. Have a medicine bottle the right diameter for the rear guards. Matt
  11. I know it's not Saturday at the moment (Monday here), but this is a start...pics soon! I've got a few that I have started as well as the volksrod, '32 lo-boy (see I've learn't ), '32 woody ute, and several others. No pics yet, but will post some when I do get my bench built....I'm using the dining table at the moment, so we all know what that means....unpack, pack up over and over! You guys are building some nice kits and have some great benches, hopefully mine turn out well.
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