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  1. Hopefully they shortin the front axle .
  2. Good clean build mate , i like these little dodges .
  3. A mate of mine gave me a couple of usb sticks with a couple of shows and yep it;s great . A bit said that bruces truck being parted out .
  4. Nice work mate . Does the real truck sit so high on the chassis or has AMT buggered this too .
  5. Would like to get one ,BUT NOT PAYIN $50 for it .
  6. Mate that is outstanding . Just leave it the way she is , lots of work there .
  7. Very sharp looking . Good job mate.
  8. Hey randy thanks for the story of the crash . For some reason i always thought the truck was a B model mack ?
  9. Oh she's a real mess , LOL.
  10. Brought this in a box of built truck kits .
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