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  1. Mahyday added a post in a topic A Diorama by Iris Mcilvanie, a country store   

    Nice work!
  2. Mahyday added a post in a topic If you want reference pictures, get them while you can.   

    A couple a years ago I started taking pictures of old buildings, especially former gas stations in our town & surrounding areas. I took some pics of an old garage just off our square that had a kiosk with pumps out front back in it's day. The next weekend I went by & they were knocking it down to expand a parking lot for a new market they built in an old furniture store building.

  3. Mahyday added a post in a topic Clark Gas Station Project   

    Tom- The old Clark station I used to deliver beer to was ran by an old crusty guy that worked for Clark since day one. He showed me a couple of old globes he had & pictures of an old station he ran when it was downtown, long before my time. I figured the globes were pretty old & he said they weren't. I guess the picture confirms that.
    I took a few pics today of the other two remaining Clark stations we have left in town. Don't know if they are of any help to you though.

  4. Mahyday added a post in a topic gatorboard   

    I used some Gatorfoam recently on a non-modeling art project. Neat stuff, but very expensive compared to foamcore. It claims to be wood infused & durable for outside use, but I can't vouch for that. I do know it's alot stiffer & stronger than foamcore though.
  5. Mahyday added a post in a topic Clark Gas Station Project   

    There are a couple more of these old Clark station buildings left in town. If you want any more pics, let me know or shoot me an email.

  6. Mahyday added a post in a topic Clark Gas Station Project   

    Great work! Saw this project a while back and decided to sign up for this forum. Here's a pic of an old Clark station in my neck of the woods.