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  1. First time using the clear orange working on a charger now and trying the clear green from tamiya. hope it turns out. Im also gonna try and add lights to it any suggestions on how to do it
  2. Thanks. Its my first contest
  3. Oops i forgot about them thanks
  4. The orange is tamiya orange x-6 base coat with tamiya clear orange x-26 over it
  5. Just finished this up yesterday. For a model contest next month. Started the build in january. Let me know what you think.
  6. love the build was wandering what you molded into the van and how you did it. ive been trying to figure out how to do this myself.any help would be appreciated
  7. Was gonna put the decal on and when I cut them out to do it they were not gonna show up cause the purple is to dark. Im trying to get ahold of a buddy of mine to cut them out in vinyl in something that will show up better. Blus my wife didnt like them
  8. Just finished heres the final outlook
  9. Thanks im buildng this for my wife she seen it and told me she wanted it so i did. My work schedule now dont give me much time.
  10. Well ive been working on this for model for a few months now and i just laid the paint to the body going with mopar histoy and did plum crazy purple. Took some pics of it finally. With my new job i dont get much time to model anymore.
  11. Yea i do have an ollies very close by and i am going back to get a bunch more so i can have parts for other projects
  12. Yea i do have alot of police cars i am thinking about going to my local police station and getting a bunch of photos to do one up. As for decals i might just paint it on or cut them out in vinyl. Also going to try to do one with a working light bar if possible. My model collection is only going to get bigger.
  13. Heres what i have on my work bench. Not sure which one to do first i have my super bee started. These are what i got for christmas plus some stuff to start a dio.
  14. The handles fell off didnt get a chance to put them back on. As for the bmf i used it once years ago and it didnt work out right. The color was based on a photo of one that i found with all trim painted. I thought about redoing it
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