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  1. Not only do I like the 2 n 1 kits, but, I also like the double kits, where you get 2 vehicles in one box, for example the Tony Nancy dragsters some of those have become parts donors for other builds
  2. http://gearheads.org/galpin-fisker-designed-carbon-fiber-rocket-is-a-725-hp-2015-mustang/#.VMR16v7F-bM
  3. Model Round up is excellent to business with, I have ordered several times from them
  4. Micheals also sells the Recollection Series Opaque markers. They work great and don't need a overcoat once the marker dries
  5. Get some pearl powder or metalflake from an auto paint supplier. Comes in many colors, and they may also be able to assist in your paint schemes. The guy I deal with has always been helpful
  6. I worked in college as a store parking lot security agent, just driving around in a car. If I had seen someone parking like the idiot in the vette. I would have called for a wrecker. That little door ding he was saving his precious vette from, ended up costing him an impound fee, and towing charge. Not to mention that this was before wheel lift tow trucks. A few had more damage from the tow trucks.
  7. I had a 1995 Chrysler Cirrus. The pin that holds the gears to the axles in the transmission, fell out, destroying the transmission, and halting me from a 60 mph freeway trip to a complete stop. The car had exactly 36,030 miles, just 30 miles outside of warranty. They wanted to charge me about $2600 for the repairs. I made several calls and complaints and they paid for the parts, and I was responsible for the labor. There was no recall. Chrysler covered it up, and would only "take care of it" if someone complained. After 5 years has lapsed, and so did my ownership of said vehicle, I received a check refunding my costs. There is now a recall issued for this problem affecting the Cirrus, Stratus and Bravo. Sometimes these things get swept under a rug, until it happens to a majority. Unfortunately this is "common practice" for manufacturers of anything. Not just cars, but can also happen to household appliances. Don't get me started on my refridgerator problem...
  8. They do make Yellow and brown, but you have to have a car year make and model for the colors, I found screaming yellow 2007 Ford Car color, I am sure that they would have Daytona Yellow as well. Corvette also has bright yellows
  9. And tape it to a table and place a heavy object on it to cool after above methods.
  10. These screens are larger in size than that from the head shop.
  11. Pipe Screens from a local "head shop" or tobacco products shop will also work.
  12. At Michaels Craft, they sell a brand of Opaque markers, they are called the recollections series. They have many different tip sizes as well. They also work great for the white tire lettering.
  13. Nail jewels are decorations that are glued onto women's fingernails.
  14. I used nail jewels for my blue dots. Found them at a Sally's beauty supply store while shopping with the wife. I also bought sanding sticks in differant grits.
  15. Home Depot just started carrying the Loctite Super glue
  16. I have a plotter/printer/cutter, so none of this is out of my wheelhouse. Just offering suggestions that are more practical then spending $1000.00
  17. Only if they were printed on clear decal paper, they can be printed on white paper and trimmed, with a circle compass cutter.
  18. You could scan the decals for the wheels and recolor them in software and reprint on decal paper.
  19. The beauty stores can be very helpful for details. Look at Nail Polish for Paint choices, Nail jewels can be Blue Dots for the tail lamps, The nail strips can be used for seat covers, and/or the leopard print for a custom interior look. The Sanding Sticks that come in various grits on either size. I have bought and used many of these items I mentioned.
  20. Depending on what type of glue. If testers tube, you could freeze, dethaw and refreeze, and the glue becomes brittle enough to work parts loose. Super glue debonder works for super glues. I have a badger just like the paasche, but without an airtank, it would give pulses of air. You could add an airtank and that would remedy that.
  21. With only minor mods "tail lights, Front corners, and interior" This Nova could represent 68-72. But was a 1972.
  22. This is some very helpful info, thanks jwrass
  23. My congrats to your daughter, and to you for helping her. It is hard to keep youngsters involved in modeling. Hope she continues to build.
  24. Wasn't it in 1968 when Fords engineers, jumped ship and were working with AMC on the AMX/Javelin program?
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