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  1. Monogram 1934 Duesenberg Town Car

    It turned out great. The deal about having metal axles is not a bad idea. I may try to make them if I can figure out a way.
  2. Monogram 1934 Duesenberg Town Car

    Dave, great looking build. I like the choice of colors.
  3. Monogram 1934 Duesenberg Town Car

    Sorry I haven't answered until now, but I have been in the hospital since noon on Sunday with no access. I got out this morning and they say I'm going to live. Man, was my wife disappointed. LOL Eric, thanks for the tip about the wheel mounts. I've always tried to have as much info before diving into something I've never built before.
  4. Monogram 1934 Duesenberg Town Car

    I don't have the patience to scratchbuild all that Duesey would need!! LOL
  5. Monogram 1934 Duesenberg Town Car

    OK, thanks Casey. That's what I needed to know.
  6. I'm interested in building one of these, but from some of the pictures of the kit look like the roof is molded onto the body. If anyone has the kit or has built one, how hard is it to paint the interior a different color from the body? It looks like it might be difficult to mask and spray. Thanks for any input.
  7. Found this on Pinterest

    I got this in an email from Pinterest and it is a strange duck to say the least. https://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2016/02/01/building-the-never-was-ford-model-a-cabin-speedster-with-a-little-help-from-an-unlikely-donor-car/
  8. "Paint Chip" 'Cuda

    I saw this and thought it was cool. http://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/a31809/the-story-behind-plymouths-paint-chip-barracuda/
  9. Cargo net?

    What about the line that Model RRs use for power lines? http://www.berkshirejunction.com/ezline.html You could make your own with hooks made from paper clips.
  10. Very Sad News from ModelHaus Today

    Sorry for your loss.
  11. Surely Fujimi or Aoshima will do one of these...?

    I like it! I would definitely buy 2 or 3 even though I mainly model Nascar, Big Rigs and American muscle cars. Be a nice change of pace. It's a great looking ride.
  12. This site doesn't sell paint but it is a good place to find paint codes and colors by year: http://www.paintref.com I just click the "Paint Chips" tab at the top left then select the manufacturer and then the year.
  13. Anyone know if there is a 71 Charger that has bucket seats and the center console? I'm building a Super Bee and the 1:1 for my inspiration has bucket seats and the console. If there is not one, I guess I will scratchbuild one. I have already reworked the bench seat into bucket seats so if must be done, so shall it be. lol Thanks for any help, Mark
  14. Chrome Spray Paint Comparison

    On the Spaz Stix site, it says that the mirror chrome is "specially formulated for Lexan". What primer would you need to use this on styrene or is it incompatible with styrene? Thanks.
  15. Blue or Gold?

    My choice is gold as well.