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  1. Drag-U-la surfboard

    ...And then Rob Zombie wrote a song about it!
  2. Interesting Website Chevrolet Brothers

    A very cool site with some great info. Like Tom, I'm a bowtie guy too. Thanks for the link.
  3. I usually shop at 2 places online; Hobbylinc.com and Megahobby.com. I try to get stuff at the best price, but there isn't much difference in prices at these. If you can't find what you want at these, try ebay. Hope this helps.
  4. This guy should be ashamed(eBay)

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/MPC-1978-Dodge-D100-Custom-Pickup-NEW/333135539147?hash=item4d906cebcb:g:SzcAAOSwCqZclSe5&redirect=mobile This guy is unreal. Notice the delivery date as well. The kit is due the end of April and can be pre-ordered for less than $30 at several online hobby shops. Some sellers are just unbelievable.
  5. What's wrong with this picture?

    Maybe the plane is doing a fly-by of the tower as Maverick did in Top Gun.
  6. 1970 Chevelle Underside of Hood Color?

    I had a 1969 Chevelle Malibu that was my first car in 1982 and the underside of the hood(and the insulation) as well as the firewall looked flat black. If it was semi-gloss, there wasn't much gloss left. I wish I still had it.
  7. Testors New Color Shift Paint

    I bought 3 different colors from Michael's for 25% off shortly before Christmas. I plan on using it on a Lambo Veneno I have, just haven't decided on which color yet. Thanks for the tip about the undercoat color. The car looks great.
  8. Getting started needing help

    My favorite resource is http://paintref.com/paintref/index.shtml . It will show you the paint chips and interior color choices for the year and make of most any car, especially if it is American and '50s or newer. When you find your color, click the link beside the color in the right-hand side menu and you can find the manufacturer's paint code along with the Ditzler and sometimes DuPont and Martin-Senour codes. Find your interior choices from among the sheets of chips. The interiors don't have a chip but they are listed by make and tell which should be semi-gloss, gloss or matte. After you choose your color, google it and you can see what your choice looks like on a real car. Hope this helps!
  9. Modelhaus Offical Update/SA

    In the Shop Talk section Francis Pivar of New Kensington, PA writes: "Farewell, Modelhaus I think it was a slap in the face to the modeling community when Don and Carol Holthaus walked away from their Modelhaus enterprise, leaving us stranded. Didn't they realize how important their services were to the hobby and all those who supported them over the years? I don't put them down for their wish to retire, but for them to fail to even offer to put the business up for sale is inconscionable. I hate to think of what has happened to all of those irreplaceable molds and masters. Every time I read an article in Scale Auto that mentions a modeler using Modelhaus resin parts or a Modelhaus resin body I do a slow burn!"
  10. Test Shots and Other Parts Oddities

    OK, thanks Casey.
  11. Test Shots and Other Parts Oddities

    Casey, what kit is this? I can tell it's a 4-door but not the make or year. Can you provide a link if this is an auction that has not expired? Thanks
  12. Modelhaus Offical Update/SA

    Yes, I was somewhat offended(and I'm not easily offended) by the wording of the modeler's frustration with Modelhaus' decision to retire in the other model car mag. Everyone has the right to quit or retire at any time. Businesses close all the time(re: Revell USA). Some reorganize or are bought but some, especially small businesses are gone forever. Being here for several years, buying from Modelhaus and knowing the backstory of how the business was to continue and the tragedy that changed that plan, I was aware of what happened. I can't believe for one minute that the editors at SA didn't know and then allowed this to be published without any rebuttal. My subscription was due to be renewed but their handling of this one reader's opinion has caused me to not renew. Just my 2 cents.
  13. Tamiya paint stands...

    That should work. I thought there might not be enough space to get a socket in far enough from the top. That is why I went with a stovebolt so I could use a screwdriver from the top. Try it. You'll be out about a dollar if it doesn't work. I had the stuff in the junk jar to use what I did.
  14. Stanfding or setting?

    I'm with Tom and Steve. I just can't sit and do a decent job.
  15. Tamiya paint stands...

    I drilled mine out enough to fit a stovebolt and a locknut. It won't come apart and it will still turn.