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  1. Years ago if I had vinyl or rubber tires that didn't want to look seated on the rims, I cut a small piece of paper towel and rolled it up like a cigarette and stuffed it around the inside of the tire to fill it out to my liking. Just a thought.
  2. Incredible job on both. Love the engine bay of the truck.
  3. Thanks Anthony. I wasn't sure but it made sense being from a truck driving school. Thank you.
  4. From the upstate of South Carolina, wishing you all good luck that none of you are hurt or lose anything to the fire. Maybe the smoke eaters can knock it down pretty quick.
  5. OK, thanks for the replies and info.
  6. sleeper for? I saw this and it piqued my curiosity. Seeing it is from a truck driving school, would it be where new candidates were signed up or is it used for another purpose? I've never seen one before and thought maybe one of you guys know for sure.
  7. Ironman63

    1980 Olds

    The Monogram kits are easy as far as fit issues. Like you, I hope Salvinos can make it as well because what they are cranking out are desirable to fans of NASCAR from the 70's and up. And a lot of their kits can be used to make cars for several drivers with aftermarket decals. I don't know what they have announced but if the licensing isn't ridiculously expensive, they should consider producing kits of other popular drivers of the late '70s & early 80's since a change of decals opens up to a wider fanbase. And with time, maybe they figure out the fit issues.
  8. Ironman63

    1980 Olds

    Great looking build. The decals really stand out even on the tires. It's disappointing to hear the Salvino Jr. kits are hard to work with. I have plans to build 2 Chevys and 2 Olds(3 for Earnhardt Sr. & Neil Bonnett's Armor All) later on.
  9. I have the Tom & Jerry and Woody Woodpecker Monte Carlos in my stash(the two on the top left). I plan to get the Huckleberry Hound one as well(top right). I'm a huge Woody Woodpecker fan and would love to build Rick Mast's version but I'll have to settle for diecast since no one makes the decals that I can find. Wow, nice collection Steve. I didn't realize there were that many different schemes of the Cartoon Network cars.
  10. I'm not sure if this will work but the side windows and the front end look to me to be close enough for a starting point. Go to eBay and search "Revell 2007 Jeff Gordon Monte Carlo model kit". I know Danica's is an Impala but it looks pretty close. Try Southern Motorsports Hobbies for the decals. http://stores.smhracing.com/88-go-daddy-com-2010-danica-patrick/ Hope this helps.
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