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  1. I run an ad blocker on my desktop but not on my tablet. I have MCM whitelisted on the desktop. I visit the site Railpictures. com and to be able to see the pictures, you must whitelist it. Believe me, the ads here are invisible compared to the other site.
  2. Bill, sorry to hear about your aunt. I don't know if I would have the intestinal fortitude to climb back on a plane after as close a call as this seems to be. I think I'd buy a bus like John Madden did. Alan Kulwicki was flying to Bristol also when his plane crashed and all on board were lost in 1993.
  3. I just ran across this: https://www.foxnews.com/auto/dale-earnhardt-jr-tennessee-plane-crash-nascar I hope all the best for everyone involved.
  4. With the Bristol race coming up this weekend, two battles at the end of the 1995 and 1999 Bristol races came to mind. I am still a huge Dale Earnhardt Sr. fan even though he's been gone for over 18 years. Terry Labonte was also a fave because he was a top-notch driver and it didn't hurt that he drove a Chevy(bowtie all the way, altho I have some other makes in the stash). Here are links to a couple of videos of them racing each other at Bristol. Enjoy! https://m.nascar.com/video/franchise/this-moment-in-nascar-history/this-moment-in-nascar-history-earnhardt-rattles-labontes-cage/ https://m.nascar.com/video/franchise/all-access/labonte-i-wanted-to-t-bone-earnhardt-at-bristol-in-1999/ After what happened at the end of the 1999 race, the celebration was considerably muted for me because of the way Sr. had to win. Not cool, although he was still my driver.
  5. Another clean build with lots of detail. Well done.
  6. Well done as always. By all the Terry Labonte builds you do, I think you might have been a fan of his.
  7. Great looking build. Lots of small details makes it catch your eye.
  8. Thanks for the links, Russell. They were very informative.
  9. After seeing the blue one, I prefer the one with the headlights above the fenders. To be honest, I didn't know Hudson even made a pickup until I saw the red one. There is a thread on the board discussing making a 3D printed grille for it. There is a good picture of a stock Terraplane in the first post. I would love to build one but I'm afraid it's too rare to be made in styrene.
  10. Ran across and thought I'd share: 1937 Hudson Terraplane Custom Pickup And I don't even like red!!
  11. OK thanks for the help from both of you. I have the Daytona winner kit but I wasn't sure because there is a small lip at the bottom that runs part of the way then opens up for the jack pin and another lip behind the pin. Now that I know what I need I'll find one on the 'bay. Thanks again.
  12. Bang up job, dude. Looks great. I'm with Coyote. I miss NASCAR the way it used to be.
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