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  1. There was a styrene version but it was 1/32 scale(1992 issue) and had stickers instead of waterslide decals. I have one packed away in the stash somewhere. It might be possible to scan the stickers and upscale to 1:25 then print on decal paper.
  2. I ran across this vehicle I have never seen before and thought I would share. https://www.thedrive.com/sheetmetal/12603/the-forgotten-steinwinter-supercargo-is-unlike-anything-on-the-road-today The article gives some history and a few pics of it.
  3. What truck cab is this and was it ever kitted in plastic? Does someone make one in resin? I want it to pair with the auto transport trailer. All help is appreciated in advance.
  4. You did a fine job with that, Steven. It'll look very realistic painted and installed.
  5. It measures 1/4" outer diameter so it's larger than you'd want. Lots of other good ideas of how to make them here though.
  6. I guess I should have posted a pic. Here's the one's I'm talking about. Stretched out it's about 4".
  7. Steven, there are party straws that have extra long flexible elbows that should work for that. Go to Amazon and search Colorful Extra Long Flexible Bendy Party Disposabl Drinking Straws, 100 Pieces Paint 'em flat black and you'll be good to go. Hope this helps.
  8. Great looking build. I've got one in the stash waiting to be built.
  9. Years ago if I had vinyl or rubber tires that didn't want to look seated on the rims, I cut a small piece of paper towel and rolled it up like a cigarette and stuffed it around the inside of the tire to fill it out to my liking. Just a thought.
  10. Incredible job on both. Love the engine bay of the truck.
  11. Thanks Anthony. I wasn't sure but it made sense being from a truck driving school. Thank you.
  12. From the upstate of South Carolina, wishing you all good luck that none of you are hurt or lose anything to the fire. Maybe the smoke eaters can knock it down pretty quick.
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