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  1. Mascot added a post in a topic First Build (Need some tips)   

    Well you certainly pleased me this was exactly what I was looking for, thanks again.
  2. Mascot added a post in a topic First Build (Need some tips)   

    Thank you, that was very detailed and informative, I'll be sure to post pictures in the workbench thread when I get started.

    mr cheap: I'm glad he provided it though, I had no idea where to start so it was very helpful.
  3. Mascot added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    First Build (Need some tips)
    I just purchased a pretty simple pre-painted die cast model the other day. I put it together and it required no gluing so it was pretty easy. I'm now wanting to get something a little more difficult and detailed. I'll probably be building a 1:18 (or possibly 1:24), I just need to know exactly what I'm going to need for this, and if anyone has some good tips for a beginner. All help is appreciated!
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