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  1. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Acrylic runs when cleared?   

    I got this tip from when I was painting radio control bodies, a lot of people on those forums highly recommend it, some said it works better than the createx thinner.
  2. VooDooCC added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Acrylic runs when cleared?
    This isn't mine, but a question for my father in law, so I'm not sure the specifics.

    This is on a ship, but the problems are paint related.
    He tried using a spray can, but it didn't come out right, so he wiped that down and airbrushed some black. Not sure if it was model master or createx, as he has both, thinned with future. put down some masking then tried brushing testors acryl clear (a tip he got from somewhere) to help seal from paint bleading. Every stroke of the clear made the paint active again and start to smear and even run a little. My guess was that the black wasn't dry before applying the clear. He said he let it dry for 2 days, so I'm wondering what your thoughts are.

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  3. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Hummer Post-Apocalypse Hot Rod   

    I'm taking a guess here, but it looks a lot like the cat from the revell kenworth w900 and revell pete 259, not sure if it's in others as well.
  4. VooDooCC added a post in a topic how many camaros, corvettes and t-birds do we have to look at?   

    You would hate the car show we have in this town every year. They close off about 6 blocks of main street and more than 2 of those are lined with vette's on both sides plus intermixed in all the others. The camaro's are about right for the ratio though. I think I've seen one Barracuda in the last 3 years.
  5. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Kenworth W900 "Lightning Express" by Revell   

    Still waiting on a good time to paint it, I finally have the time, but I share the paint booth with another person in the house, so time is limited.
    I haven't yet test fit the tires to see if they'll be an issue, hopefully they work fine.
  6. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Meijer's has models again.   

    I checked, and they Meijer in town has them, ranging from 10.99 to 16.99 (I believe those were the prices) but yes it's a Christmas only thing
  7. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Airbrush setups/bits and pieces.   

    I think I may have to pick up some of the blue tack, what department would I find that in?
  8. VooDooCC added a post in a topic The SPHYNXSTER   

    I did this one real quick, couldn't find a good pyramid for it though, so the car's not quite to scale, and at an odd angle.

  9. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Kenworth W900 "Lightning Express" by Revell   

    Thanks, that helps a lot. I didn't get any painting done today and the wife's birthday is tomorrow so I really shouldn't ignore her to spend time with it. Or should I?
  10. VooDooCC added a post in a topic my son's observation   

    I'm hoping after dropping enough hints my wife will get me at least one I can replicate for Christmas. Trouble is, of my car history, I only know of 2 that were actually made as models. 87 Pontiac Grand Prix, 95 Chevy Corsica, 88 Cutlass Cierra, 96 Honda Civic dx coupe, 97 Honda Civic ex coupe, 00 Celica GT-S, 00 Subaru Forester, 00 Celica GT-S, 09 Kia Sorento.
    Yes, I owned the same Celica twice..the transmission, clutch, pressure plate, and #3 cylinder all went out at the same time 11 days after buying it. Convinced the dealer to buy it back since that's all the longer I had it for. The forester then only lasted me 5 months and I was getting a bad valve tick. Got a survey from toyota about the work done on the Celica, so I traded the Forester back in on the Celica. Had it close to 2 years and the rear main seal transmission and clutch were all having problems again.
    Sorry for the mini history lesson on my car life.
  11. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Kenworth W900 "Lightning Express" by Revell   

    I picked up the clear embossing powder today from joann fabrics, it was only $6 plus tax since they run sales all the time. I also picked up some plastic spoons to try it on before screwing up the model. I hope to at least do some test samples tomorrow, but not guaranteeing anything. This build is taking a lot longer than I expected from getting distracted so much.

    Rick, do you have any pics of yours? I'm really struggling to figure out what color to do the interior.
  12. VooDooCC added a post in a topic Airbrush setups/bits and pieces.   

    I'm sure others have better methods, but for small parts I typically just lay out some blue painters tape, sticky side up, tack down the ends of it in some cardboard to hold it in place and call it good.
  13. VooDooCC added a post in a topic What do you think of this Cobra, cool or.....?   

    I kind of like it, first glance was ugly, but it grew on me quickly. Provided this is a kit and not destroying history.
  14. VooDooCC added a post in a topic What type and brand of glue do you use   

    Dave, very good call on it being worth the headaches. I just assumed other solvents would cause them too.
  15. VooDooCC added a post in a topic What type and brand of glue do you use   

    I use the MEK almost exclusively so far, but the headaches can be brutal. Would the Tenax or Ambroid be better about fumes? Also, can I use those in a touch n flow?

    Back to topic: I never got the knack down for the tube stuff, have used the testors pink label a little and am going to order some tamiya extra thin to try it out.