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  1. Excellent looking build Tim...….Paint looks like candy.
  2. This build is based on the repop of the Iaconio Pro Stock kit. I've upgraded a few things like the wheels, more modern hood scoop, new rear wing, shifter and so on. Its painted in Testors flaming orange and cleared with MM clear. I used an assortment of decals including the Gary Burgin name and others which have been in my decal collection for at least 15 years. They fit this build nicely. I added some photo etch parts through out and a couple of resin items and I made the window net as well. I did this build as a fast bracket style car which would be a hoot to drive. Thanks!
  3. Up to your old tricks again Tyrone......Nice work as usual!
  4. That's a beast alright......Good job.
  5. Lookin' good Wayne. Are the wheels1/24 or 1/25?
  6. Thanks again to all for the great comments and compliments!
  7. Larry you have a super clean and highly detailed building style...….Everything is perfect! I'm glad to see a nice sheen on the seats as real vinyl interiors have a gloss to them. Excellent work and clear pics are always a plus!
  8. Thanks to all again for the great comments. Here is the dio base that I will use when I show or display this model.
  9. I built the garage dio in 2007 and have been adding bits and pieces to it ever since. It has won Peoples Choice and Club Pick awards to name a couple. Glad you like it.
  10. Thanks to all for the great comments! I'll have a few more pics with the diorama base specifically for this model soon.
  11. Bo Lidden drives this junker looking Grumpy's Toy and went to Number 1 in Top Sportsman......yeah right....LOL! I'll say this one is done and it has a slick chassis and interior, brand new looking big inch engine and a really nice set of wheels and so on......the body is a different story though....rough and tumble and ready to rumble. If it happened to be a real car I'd say it would be a beast.
  12. Thanks for the comments guys......More pics soon.
  13. Graphics are great Wayne....anxious to see your detail work.
  14. Very clean and nicely detailed with great photography as well.
  15. I've come along way in just a couple of weeks with this build. I spent the better part of today with this graphic/paint scheme from primer and base coats to a light clear (mid coat) so that the decals can be applied to the flat white base coat without silvering. Still many thing to do including clear and polishing to gain a brilliant shine for this rust wrap inspired scheme. More later...….
  16. Thanks fellas.....A little more late night work done. I've removed all emblems, marker lights, door handles and smoothed the body. I got the hood to fit better and made a plug for the scoop . I scratched out a rear wing and enlarged the rear wheel openings. Paint and graphics are coming soon.
  17. Quite a bit accomplished over the weekend such as adding the shifter, delay box, shock adjustor, nitrous bottle, fire bottle, fuel cell, assorted wiring and plumbing and so on. I added some clear also to the various sub assemblies. I will move on now to work on the graphics and some other small assemblies. Thanks.
  18. You're on point as usual with this graphic scheme Wayne. Sort of reminds me of the Clanton car from a few years back called Big Money.
  19. Thanks Larry....I do have something in mind but I'm not letting the cat out of the bag just yet...
  20. I don't know if its modern or not but especially on dual carbed engines it takes less space than carbs that are end to end.
  21. The wheels and tires are from my spare parts box. The rear wheels were Drag Lites and I punched out the center and added the center from a Convo Pro. The front wheels are reversed torq thrust type wheels with a trim ring added. The headers are parts box items from a past kit that I built. The collecters were very small and short so I added a piece of tube plastic to each header to make them larger.
  22. Thanks fellas.....A small update. I painted the chassis pan and roll cage in a high gloss black. I installed the engine, rear end assembly and dropped in the seat. There is still plenty to do with four more bars to be installed on the front truss bars, radiator, fuel cell, all the interior components and so on. So stay tuned....more to come.
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