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  1. Hi guys! The Alfa Romeo brass build is now a video series! I’d love to have you subscribe to the channel too! Thanks! Doug
  2. Actually, Gerald DID see this model! We corresponded several years ago and I shared photos of this project and he shared his amazing Alfa builds with me. His skills were far beyond mine, but thank you for including my name in the same sentence with his! Gerald Wingrove was a once-in-a-generation talent and I feel honored to have had contact with him! Have any of you subscribed to the channel? I would love to have you onboard! Thanks so much for your support! Doug
  3. Hi guys- Sorry it has been so long since the last post. I am working to finish the Alfa and recording it in a new video series. Please drop by!
  4. Fine detail work...I am really enjoying this. Thanks for posting!
  5. Hi guys- Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. Since the last post, I have decided to rework the fuel tank. I made an assumption that the tank was internal and the aero tail was cowling. While perusing many auto sites, a photo showing the proper tank construction popped up. The original tank (incorrect): Here is a reproduction tank being built like the original: The internal baffles can be seen. They reduce fuel sloshing. Here is another image showing the assembly: So...my initial tank assembly goes into the scrap bin! I have reworked several assemblies so far; the cockpit floor, chassis cowling, to name just a few. Here is the chassis underside...several of the chassis members have since been updated to be more accurate. I mentioned earlier that the car will be fully wired before the body goes on. It seems that the only wiring diagram that exists is in low resolution black and white. I traced the circuits and created this color diagram. Some more research on the original instrumention revealed that most of the 1/8 graphics available are incorrect. I decided to create these Jaeger instrument graphics from scratch in Illustrator. Sadly, much of the detail will be lost when reduced to 1/8 scale. Again, I will toss out the previous versions!
  6. The weathering looks awesome! I love the stock Delorean, but I must admit-if I owned one, I would be tempted to convert it to a Time Machine! It is one of the most iconic movie cars of all time! About the cost- golfing buddies spend $2k a year on greens fees and have nothing to show for it! Stay the course!
  7. This is a beautiful work! You under estimate your abilities....fine job!
  8. The Project So Far... This project started as a Pocher Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Kit in 2011, but has grown into a mostly scratch build in brass. I thought I’d post a few images of the build for the fine Modelers on this forum. Very few of the Pocher parts remain; the engine block halves are the original Pocher parts, but most other engine assemblies have been cast in white metal or built from scratch. The terrific Pocher wire wheels are being used as well as many metal fasteners. This car is an amalgam of my favorite features from several of the surviving examples. The cockpit panel is aluminum with machine turning details from a Dremel and small brush. The firewall is brass featuring a vintage Autovac unit, cast extra spark plugs, and wiring busses. The scratch built brass radiator with plumbing. Most engine parts are cast or scratch built. A brass alternator with wiring. The manifolds are cast from white metal. Supercharger details... The start of a brass chassis... Suspension assemblies are mostly scratch builds... The brass cockpit floor with scale hardware. Leaf spring assembly... The Pocher body is used as a body buck for fitting components. Brass steering wheel... The chassis is assembled. I will next add wiring assemblies a construct a metal body.
  9. Pocher 1/8 Alfa Romeo 8C Monza-Super Detailing! My project for 2011 has been super-detailing the awesome 1932 Alfa Romeo 8C by Vittorio Jano. It began with a Pocher kit, but many of the parts have been scratch-built in brass, including the chassis and many engine parts. I am building the Muletto version of the car, which was piloted by Rudolf Carraciola of Germany for the Alfa Team. A former racer for Mercedes Benz, Carraciola jumped to the Alfa Romeo team when the Mercedes Racing Team folded. Carraciola won the 1932 German Grand Prix in this car, beating the other two Alfa drivers- Tazio Nuvolari and Baconin Borzacchini. The race was a major success for Alfa Romeo, with team cars finishing in the top three places.
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