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  1. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell's "Hot Rod Hydro" - What's New and Different with this reissue?   

    This one is REVELL, the other AMT!!
  2. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell new releases update, 7/22/2015   

    got yelled at so much about this comment I Left MCU Yahoo group,
    But Have to say it here too.
    As Nice as that 57 Ranchero Resin is, it is Incorrect for a Factory offering
    There were 2 versions, but neither had the Custon/standard Ranch wagon trim
    as the resin has.
    The Base level had NO side trim at all.
    The upper level offering has the Custom 300 trim
    Many owners of this version added the Del Rio side trim to it 
    so there were some with Full Del Rio trim.
     And, it is not unlikely that owners  of Base level Rancheros might have
    added the Custom/standard Ranch wagon/Courier side trim
    to their car.
  3. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Any reviews of AMT 1965 Pontiac 2+2?   

    I believe another error in the 2+2 was that they did not remove the BONNEVILLE
    letters from the tail light panel.

    I have the Ertl Blueprinter announcing the 2+2, and they stated it was based on an original
    Kit/promo of the Catalina,and Would have the same chassis as the Grand Prix

    They have since re-issued the Bonnevile.
    Did they correctly restore it??
  4. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Who you gonna call?   

    Bad news on second link, iwatchstuff
    "This domain is blocked due to content filtering"
  5. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Who you gonna call?   

    Sadly, connection issues leave me with camera Icons with an 'X' in the middle
    Clicking on that darkens the page and brings a pop-up with count-down spiral,
    But after 20 MINUTES I still have NO Change!!
    is there a direct link to pics?

    I have Pulled the plug and rebooted 6 times, with NO change
    Both Firefox & Maxthon browsers yield same result!!!!!
  6. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    LOST Count!!!!
    Several Hundred I know that
  7. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Blasts from '60s Past - Nordberg's models (new pic 7/7)   

    Those Hollow MPC tires were in the K&K Insurance Charger Daytona for rear tires.
    I had 3 of that kit so remember that detail.
    Fronts were Street G70 Goodyears!!!
    ALL 4 should have been Identical!!!
    I believe on other of the 70's MPC nascar kits had those tires, as die the Indy cars of that time
    STP Turbine Wedge & Olsenite Eagle (Again I have 1 each, uyer's Choise STP Wedge & Original Olsenite)
    so can check
    I think these were also the Hollow Baloney Tires offered as a mail in order on some Instruction sheets from then too
    There are 2 sizes the Wides on the Bug, and naorrower ones that MPC/AMT used on there 80's Annual Chevy pickups
    (Kits Not Promos)
  8. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic BOSS NOVA WAGON   

    Yes. Model King had it run a few years ago
    just before RC2 dumped Kits & Diecast and Round2 took over
  9. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Tamiya Toyota AA Type   

    Since Plastruct makes most of their Structural shapes out of ABS,
    their Bondene should work on those parts in this kit.

    Many of the sheet & strip shapes are now offered in Styrene too, but most of the Molded fittings
    ie pipe elbows, etc are still only offered in ABS..

    I too wonder why the Mix of material in the kit
  10. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Post your wagons and 4-door sedans   

    I have 3 of that Ford wagon
    Wish I could get a Kit!!!

    I LOVE that 67 GTO based Tempest/LeMans wagon
    I want to do that too
    And a 66 (And 64!!)
    Did you just use the GTO front clip on the Malibu wagon body??
    Easier than what I did with my 65!!!!!!

  11. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Model Ideas, Wagon / Four Door edition.   

    I am trying to remember when "Quincy" was on
    That could be an option on a Stock build of the Ford Wagon
    AND would fit in the Police/Emergency vehicle builders on the Truckster kit idea

    Although Most of the wagons he drove were AMC, there were a couple Fords there too
    (Or I THINK there were)
    Rotator Dome would have to be clear, or Both a Clear red & Clear Amber one would have to be included
    as those Morgue wagons had either at times!! (Depending on episode/season)
  12. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic BARE METAL FOIL   

    I tried ordering once directly
    But shipping was MORE than one sheet regardless of order.
    Even ordering only One sheet, shipping was More than that 1 sheet

    I think even ordering 4 sheets shipping made the total price DOUBLE
    the cost of the BMF alone!
    I can't afford that

    Anyone know how to reduce the shipping cost??
    There was No option the time I tried
  13. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Chevy Stepside Pickups. Bed compatibility?   

    I have a few of both Long & short stepside 67/72 Chevy/GMC kits
    Wish they hadn't butchered the shortbox GMC into the
    Cheyenne Fleetside longbox back in 95.
    Doubt we will see that one back out ever again.

    Not sure what happened to all the variants of the Longbox kit!!

    Maybe this era Chevy/GMC will be Moebius' next pickup
  14. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT 1966 Buick Wildcat   

    Yes, fathers 'Cat was a 65.And NO it did Not have the twin-pod
    type dash.
    I remember it had the round Buick medallion in the center of the grill that only MT's 65
    My brother & I both got 66 Annuals of the 'Cat kit at a Hardware store on Chincoteague
    Island, and were refering to dad's as either. We were corrected a few times that it was a 65.
    I do remember it was Demo at what was then Powel Buick in Salisbury (Md.)

    I am trying to find pictures of the car, but those are OLD to say the least and likely moved many times
    from one storage closet to another without rhyme or reason, so....................................
  15. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Ford has made 3-D printable files available   

    I need to link this to PaperModelers forums
    Might be a few new paper models soon!!
    Not sure how much though due to prices here
    I did see a Free one, but.........................
    I can't get it
    Not sure if I want it though
    Not sure it has Stock parts!!