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  1. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Next up from Moebius ?   

    Polar Lights would more likely do the Impala as AMT did the Modern Tool coupe kit.
    and they are technically one company now.
    But, I don't think it will be anytime soon.
    The last New tooling Automotive kit they did was the  TV Batmobile
    3 versions all based on the same parts!!!
    I would TRY to buy one if they did it, But would PRAY for a Fill Stock build as I never watched stupidnational!!
    CHARMED yes, that NO!!!
  2. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    Of course, I Meant G70!!
    They Have been in recent re-issues. At least the yellow/White 72 Chevy Fleetside (probably all since too)
    and the 76 Caprice to name 2.
    I was VERY surprised to see the F70 Speedway's in the 70 Bonneville!!
    Believe I will use taller tires on that!
    Either Power Cushions from Monogram/Revell 64-66 Impalas, Lindberg 61's,
    or even Original MPC versions I have a FEW
    G70's would work too.
    Rev/Mono should have tooled up G70 size tires for their 68/9 Chargers.
    Their F70 Speedways look TOO small on those cars!
    Same here on the 67.
    Only problem I have with After Market is Price!!!! (OK if UNDER $5.oo a set of4,
    but anything over......................
    And IF they accept any payment method other than pay-the-bay or credit
    (WHEN I can save up)
  3. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Johan 31 Caddy   

    I built the towncar WAY BACK in Early 70's!!
    looked good for a few days, then sat in the back window of our 70 Impala
    on a trip from Pittsburgh, Pa all the way to Bryson City, NC!!
    Needless to say, It Deformed badly!!!!!
    I have all 3 unbuilt now, and a Parts lot Cabriolet.
    I also want to do an Indy Pace car, But not sure I want to get 2 more kits
    (bash 2 I have) to make one
    Also, Where do you get a correct V12????
    I too remember Okey taking over Jo-Han and announcing the re-issue of these and the Mercedes
    but their never gettign done.
    So, Any idea if the tooling was Scrapped the same as most of the rest??
    I do wish they still had that Large Loving Cup trophy!!!!!
    But Neither of the ones I have owned EVER had one!!!!!
  4. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Some more Round2 surprizes!   

    This is the version of the MPC 67 Charger I built Way Back When too
    Still have it, but Stripped and under resto
    I even looked at using the 68/9 Road Runner/GTX chassis under her
    I Would LOVE to see Original Annual parts returned (Stock Hubcaps--[Not every one likes Mag-like or Ralley Rims!!
    --Plus, how many MoPar's would you see on the same lot with them??] Stock engine parts, etc)
    I would Rather have the G72 Custom Wide-Tread's than those Small F60's for the Front!!!
    I believe that is what came in the kit then!!!
  5. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT Slammers? Anyone build these   

    I have a few myself
    I know I have Original's of the Fury & Concord
    (Had 2 Concord and sold 1 that turned out to be missing wheels/tires)
    I have 2 Peanuts version (Not sure which) and 4 Looney Toons.
    I know 1 IS the Ram-Blur!. (Bugs Bunny!!)
    Only Built Licensed is the Caprice Road Block "Police" Road Runner!!!!
    I think other 2 are Porky Pick Street Heat/Concord
    and Speedy Gonzalas Prowler like coupe
  6. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Trophies i modelkits   

    Only a few of LAter issue Prestiege kits had that Trophy tree included
    the Original 4 or so had the base/pen holder
    I think the 63 Vette convertible had the Drag Strip parts part
    However ALL of the  "Customizing" series had them
    They were tooled for those kits
    the 4 kits of that seres were 49 Ford Club Coupe, & 50 Convertible
    as well as the 66 Thunderbird & Wildcat
    Some regular issues kits may also have included the Chrome trophy tree too.
    But, I am not sure which ones
  7. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic 1/25 AMT '64 Chevy Impala SS   

    I have a few. 2 Street Rods issues undergoing resto.
    I might get the newest re-issue as I cut one down to a Convertible
    and need a Boot cover.
    But, I just was given a built Original Convertible so may use it on that one
    YES she has the headlight lens/light transfer bar.
    But Not the rest of those parts!!Wires,  Battery box, Contacts, switch, tail light transfer bar.
    I do hope to find those parts some time.
    And Yes, I wish they Could re-issue the convertible!!
  8. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell's "Hot Rod Hydro" - What's New and Different with this reissue?   

    This one is REVELL, the other AMT!!
  9. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell new releases update, 7/22/2015   

    got yelled at so much about this comment I Left MCU Yahoo group,
    But Have to say it here too.
    As Nice as that 57 Ranchero Resin is, it is Incorrect for a Factory offering
    There were 2 versions, but neither had the Custon/standard Ranch wagon trim
    as the resin has.
    The Base level had NO side trim at all.
    The upper level offering has the Custom 300 trim
    Many owners of this version added the Del Rio side trim to it 
    so there were some with Full Del Rio trim.
     And, it is not unlikely that owners  of Base level Rancheros might have
    added the Custom/standard Ranch wagon/Courier side trim
    to their car.
  10. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Any reviews of AMT 1965 Pontiac 2+2?   

    I believe another error in the 2+2 was that they did not remove the BONNEVILLE
    letters from the tail light panel.

    I have the Ertl Blueprinter announcing the 2+2, and they stated it was based on an original
    Kit/promo of the Catalina,and Would have the same chassis as the Grand Prix

    They have since re-issued the Bonnevile.
    Did they correctly restore it??
  11. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Who you gonna call?   

    Bad news on second link, iwatchstuff
    "This domain is blocked due to content filtering"
  12. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Who you gonna call?   

    Sadly, connection issues leave me with camera Icons with an 'X' in the middle
    Clicking on that darkens the page and brings a pop-up with count-down spiral,
    But after 20 MINUTES I still have NO Change!!
    is there a direct link to pics?

    I have Pulled the plug and rebooted 6 times, with NO change
    Both Firefox & Maxthon browsers yield same result!!!!!
  13. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic How many kits do you have in your stash?   

    LOST Count!!!!
    Several Hundred I know that
  14. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Blasts from '60s Past - Nordberg's models (new pic 7/7)   

    Those Hollow MPC tires were in the K&K Insurance Charger Daytona for rear tires.
    I had 3 of that kit so remember that detail.
    Fronts were Street G70 Goodyears!!!
    ALL 4 should have been Identical!!!
    I believe on other of the 70's MPC nascar kits had those tires, as die the Indy cars of that time
    STP Turbine Wedge & Olsenite Eagle (Again I have 1 each, uyer's Choise STP Wedge & Original Olsenite)
    so can check
    I think these were also the Hollow Baloney Tires offered as a mail in order on some Instruction sheets from then too
    There are 2 sizes the Wides on the Bug, and naorrower ones that MPC/AMT used on there 80's Annual Chevy pickups
    (Kits Not Promos)
  15. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic BOSS NOVA WAGON   

    Yes. Model King had it run a few years ago
    just before RC2 dumped Kits & Diecast and Round2 took over