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  1. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Pictures of what Round2 had on display at the NNL East 2013   

    That is what we are Hoping, But why I speculate that
    the re-issue has not yet happened
    Possibly the Phone booth, and other accessory tooling from the TTT issue were not found
    We are getting a Different Wheelstander from the kit, but..............
  2. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    I like many listed here.
    Dodge Vans, Chargers, Challengers, Monacos, etc
    Cougars, Cyclones, Chevelles
    Base level Tempest/Le Mans, Wagons, 4dr Sedans/hardtops
    As for a "Hollywood" product.
    How about a 72 Dodge D100/300 Commercial Chassis with Utilty Box
    and LA County Fore Department markings??
    THAT one would be HIGH Demand!!!!!
    It could come out as a Standard Pickup too!!!!!
    Too bad the other Piece(s) were such One Topic Build/use
    Though they Could do what AMT did with their American LaFrance kit tooling
    and make 3 different builds possible.
    Would a Crown Firecoach or Ward LaFrance be that good a seller though??
  3. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    My area store had those Pistols back from the Warehouse "Fire" sale
    from Lindberg!!
    I think 3 or 4 different ones.
    When I get cash week after next, I HOPE they have an SSR, and the Maverick Dodge
    besides the few 97 Crown-Vic's I did not find back during the Fire sale!!
    SSR was an Indy Pace car, so I need one
  4. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic The most dificult 1/24 or 25th auto model to build?   

    I built one of those Turbine's Back when 
    and SEVERAL of the 'Tri-Five' Chevys.
    Only problem I had on either of them was with the tie-rod on the Turbine 
    It so Thin it was EXTREMELY Fragile and broke repeatedly
    after assembly!!
  5. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT A-Team Van   

    Rear door windows were closed off at the same time the side panels were altered
    I have a few of those issues
    "Sunchaser" being one I have 3-4 of.
    NO rear door windows, sides cast solid.
    And Yes A-Team is the same.
    The 2 kits I have With the Windows in the rear doors, and the option of windows
    or closed side panels are the original run of the Rescue, and the Penski Team set.
    I am restoring the Rescue, but need a couple bench seats to make a Passenger van build out of her
    I used the window inserts, so..........
  6. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    I am not worried about Price if I can't get the the regional one near me til next month
    The P{rice is NOT a "Sale" price
    but Ollie's actual price!!
    If anything, after a few weeks, prices may Drop!!!!
    A few years ago when they had the Lindberg "Warehouse Fire" buyout
    Most were listed at $7.99
    Including all the former Pyro 1/32 classics
    Some time later (5-8 Months maybe) I got more of the 97 Crown Vic Police kits at $4.99!!!!!!
    Still want the Tennessee, North Carolina & Georgia as those never got to my store
    some others were also marked down, but NOT the 1/32 pieces
    Even the Weird-Oh's came down
    I think those went down to 3.99 or even 2.99!!!!!
    Just wish May 1 was next week!!!!!!!!
  7. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT '71 Thunderbird   

    I have the M-K 71
    and Built a Motor City's Stocker 70 for a Car Club Friend
    I altered that one into a 4dr. (Re-scribed door lines & addititonal door handles only I did not lift the rear of the roof)
    Due to painting them Body color, I did cut Both front & Rear pans off the chassis
    And will do so again with the M-K 71 I have
    More so for ease of painting them than fit issues
  8. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic With the MPC Reissues , I Wonder If ...   

    Not sure if the nascar charger used the same body as the annuals or not
    I thought we (Me & Brother) had the White Backer 11 "Dodge By Petty" at the
    Same time as the 73 & 74 Annuals were being offered
    I still have it and a few of the Petty versions too as well as the 73 Annual from then
    Plus, we did get that Street Machine in the ??late 70's-Mid 80's??
    Did the body have the street parts? (Script, side markers, etc)
    Also, though Not perfect, we did get the 'Factory' 74 GTX/Road Runner re-issueed
    And they did offer the 72 Annual Complete some years ago
    I have an Unbuilt still waiting for attention
    And YES I would Love to see the Annual back as last seen in 74.
    Complete with Wagon option
    My 73 needs the woody decals and Grill replaced!!!!!!
    So the 74 would be perfect
  9. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Pictures of what Round2 had on display at the NNL East 2013   

    I wonder if the Accessories are why the TTT issue has yet to be released.
    I bought one Way back in 79-80 that I built Stock
    I have the ladder rack from the :Bell System" version in it, but
    not painted or glued in
    I also have the Phone booth close by
    I want the Touch Tone issue back for the Phone Booth!!!!!
  10. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT A-Team Van   

    I have 2 of the A-Team issue
    1 I bought New and have started, the second a Yardsale Glue-Bomb find.
    Never did see the re-issue,, would have loved to knowing the chrome tree was again plated as in
    I have had a few of the Chevy van kits myself
    First was the Original of the Fire Rescue version
    I also have 2 of the Penski Race team set
    That issue also had the Window van option, though I don't believe it had the passenger bench seats
    I just looked at my unbuilt though Incomplete kit 
    It happens to be missing the Van Body!!!!!!
    Even with the original kit's Opening Hood, you could Not see the engine!!!
    You need to either leave the interior engine cover loose/Off
    or fine a way to make it removable!!
    (but getting inside the van to pop it off!!!!)
  11. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revenge is Mine!   

    I go in with the attitude, that IF I am Meant to have something, I will find it at a Price I can Afford!!
    Case in point
    Bought the "California Fire Truck" Aurora ALF 900 Pumper
    New way back when.
    Wanted more, but............
    Found them on that "Evil Auction bay site, but....
    Needless to say
    VERY High $$$$$
    then, Gues what
    I win not one, but over s couple years SIX Original Red issue kits
    Some started, Half have EXTRA parts--two cabs, two sets of tires & rims, etc.
    Now, NONE of these cost over $35.oo SHIPPED!!!
    Then I get the White California issue this past Oct-Nov.
    Also Under 35.oo shipped
    TWO COMPLETE Pump Bodies and decal sheets!!!
    sides & over rear wheel compartment boxes assembled, but still !!!!
    This past week I have seen MANY wanted kits/rebuilders in my budget level, but...
    Sadly that budget has been Dropped!!
    Motor Max diecast list there at 12.++
    Find them in Wally's and they are 10.oo!!!!
    Dropped the watch for the 66 Chevy since I got one at my local W-M!!!
    Car needed a Lot of work (still needs more, but..........)
    Jury Duty last month made having front brakes done Manditory!!!!
    Saved over 100.oo on the job, but still was almost 300.oo!!
    Patience is the Key
    Watch, If meant to be, you Will find the item of interest at a Good price
  12. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Those who love rebuild old model kits   

    I do this too.
    Just got a 61 Sunliner Promo in Red to go with my 62 & 63.
    ALL needed work, ALL CHEAP
    62 & 63 needed windshield frame repaired
    Easy work, just a couple pins through each A post into the header bar
    61 was only $10.oo, but needs more
    Full windshield frame replacement, and some deep scuffs in the body
    Not too hard thanks to both RC@ & Round2 re-issuing the Styline Town-Vic hardtop!!
    I have at least 2 BC Styline box art re-issues. 1 was started, primed & hood cut out
    I can take all I need from that one Including the windshield frame!!!!!
    Interesting that the Retor-Deluxe from Round2 had New box art and a Standard size box!!
    This is also how I got my 60 Impala Convert, 60 & 63 F-100 Pickups, 61 Bonneville Convert
    60 El Camino, 
  13. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell Boss Mustang funny car.   

    I built the Jungle Jim kit back then
    Had 2 but 1 had a frame side snap into a few pieces and get melted in a bottle of Testor's Liquid cemet
    No Idea where any of the parts are for them now!!!!
    The J-J kit is the only one I ghad!!
    Too bad about the use of the 69-70 Grande being butchered!!!!
    Would Love to find one today, but prices......................
  14. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Big Lots ever get models like Ollie's does?   

    Same here
    Last they had was at the time of the Silhouette kit
    in original Box art reprint.
    I did not get any. They had at least 10, but by the time I had cash, all were gone!!
    Olie's has them most of the time, but 
    outside of no cash for any right now
    Car needs work to be trustworthy to drive the distance!!
  15. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic '60 DeSoto promo   

    I gpt a Straight decent 61 Bonneville convertible promo
    it had been painted Blue & red
    I dropped it in the strip tank, "Wesley's Bleeche Whyte"
    Sadly, she Softened, twisted, And even shrunk!!
    Boot cover is not 1/32 or 1/43,
    The body rubberized mostly on the right side
    I have since found a Kit convert, and that one stripped fine.
    I just need more parts for her than I did for the Promo!!!