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  1. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic WoooooHoooo! How About a '66 SUBURBAN !?!?!!!   

    Actually, Don't be surprised that the Tow hitch from the 65 is Included!
    Remember, It looks like this is just a Modified re-issue of that kit
    All 3 pickups Are the same kit
    Just different Bed, and details
    Interior is Identical (no updated upholstery) in the 64 & 65's I have!!!!
  2. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT '77 Pacer Wagon - a new loser out of box!   

    I built the Original issue of this wagon.
    I do Not remember any decals other than maybe license plates and stripes
    As I watched M*A*S*H at the time, I would have remembered any
    "Packo's" labels
  3. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic WoooooHoooo! How About a '66 SUBURBAN !?!?!!!   

    I to Love this kit.
    I do Hope to be able to eventually get a few (even One will be great)
    I am thinking it will likely have the 64-66 Pickup chassis, engine, suspension.
    were they the same size as the Shortbox that kit represents??
    ie wheelbase & over all length??
    I know the 67-72 was longer and likely matched the Long Box pickups
    I have seen one built using a Longbox Fleetside
    I know the 72 Blazer is actually shorter in length & wheelbase than the 72 GMC Shortbox kit I have!!
    Are those rear doors just separate pieces or actually hinged??
  4. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Got Mini-Boxes???   

    I have a few
    and would love to get more, but.........
    I will pay postage (IF I CAN) to get as many as possible.---MIGHT be only way I get certain kits)
    I know of ONE 1/25 scale kit box included in a Kit
    Original issues  of AMT's 409 Impala Convertible (The Modern Tool--Modified re-issue of the 409 Bel Air Bubbleback)
    ON the decal sheet!!!'And YES I did it
    Though not how they said to!!
    Did they leave that decal sheet as is on re-issues of that kit??
  5. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    I am not 100% sure on this, but Grafting the front clip of the AMT 60 Pickup to the
    Revell 66 Suburban Should give you a good looking (Correct?) 60 Suburban
    The 60 is the same basic shape & design as the 64-66 series to my eye at least!!
    Got to find the 60 I started way back when first issued!!
    I have an open re-issue showing the Original Annual Long-box.
    (I was Very angry they did that as I wanted the Longbox!!)
  6. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    Suburbans did Not go 4dr till 73!!
    67-72's were 3 door with theSecond door only on the right!!!
    Stretched (Ambulance/Hearse?Special Use) versions Could have additional side doors, But....
    They would NOT end up in Public hands very often!!
  7. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Round2 July 2016 Announcements   

    I posted the link to my Photobucket showing mine from late 60's
    Mine was molded in Red & White.
    I can post that link again if needed
    I still want to know if the String & Vinyl tubing will be included.
  8. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    I don't know about 64-66, but WAS a Lower (Lowest) trim level in 60
    AMT's Modern Tool 60 Shortbox Fleetside is a 'Custom' and Not Apachi
  9. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell 1966-'77 Ford Bronco   

    I do see one Minor typo in there
    The Arm rests for the rear bench seat are called out reversed
    The assembly for the right side is called Left, etc
    It will be easy to correct in building.
    Just look at the angle of the lower mount to see which side it mounts to!!!
    I too HOPE I can get one, (or more) of this kit
  10. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    Same here
    I have had plans for Ambulances seen on Adam-12 & Emergency since the shows were originally On!
    They Crashed one of those Suburbans TWICE on Emergency!!!!
  11. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Lindberg Diamond Duster Wilhem's Wonder King "T"   

    What about the "Mail Truck" or 'Phone Booth'
    The latter at least Would sell
    How many are still waiting for the Touch-Tone Terror Just for the Phone Both out of it???
    I have a Mail Truck but it is Incomplete!
    I wanted but Never got the Phone Both
  12. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic email from Harry, marked URGENT   

    Lucky for Me I DON'T use cell phones!!!!
    Don't want one!
    And Yes, they know NO bounds!!
  13. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT Junior And Craftsman Kits   

    I would LOVE to be able to fill in the missing Desert Race series kits I missed
    Little to NO $$ and the tooling for Most lost makes that Impossible!!
    The 'Bird above looks Nice!!
  14. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic New added to Round 2   

    OK, I can safely say, that the Coronado IS the Boat kit I built way back when!!
    But, does this re-issue have the vinyl tube to run from the exhaust manifolds on the engine to the outlets in the transom??
    Mine Still has those
    Also what about a piece if string to coil and place on the deck or in/near a seat as Rope?
    Again a detail my Old issue had
    Wish I still had that box!!!!
    I do have ONE of the chrome side window frames
    Never could recall what it was from til seeing the pic's of this kit!!!!
  15. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    If they are Out there, they are Hiding
    Also, if there were so many, they would NOT be demanding $40.+++ when they Do show up now!!!
    So yes, it IS time to be re-issued!!
    I have one, but..........