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  1. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Models for kids ?   

    Hopefully they will eventually re-issue all of those 1/32 Semi kits
    We Did get the Mack R with Tank trailer last year(2 yrs ago)
    and just recently the Freightliner Conventional & Box/Refer van
    Now this year we are getting the KW Aerodyne Conventional
    So Hopefully.......
  2. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic How About Some Stalled Projects?   

    Same here
    A LOT
    and I have shown them too
    63 Galaxies Sport Roof & convertible from a Sports roof
    starts when they were First re-issued in the Prestiege series!!
    The 65 Pontiac GTO Tempest LeMans Safari, and on and on and on..............
  3. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic 370hp station wagon. 1 out of 8 made.   

    She is A Beaut!!
    Too bad the old 'copcars' link is dead!!!
    And YES it would be great to be able to build a replica!!!!!
  4. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic need a car carrier trailer   

    This one was Just re-issued last year, or the year before!!!
    They Must have gotten to news this kit is in BIG demand!!!!!
    I still want a couple to go with the Original I still have not finished
    I need to re4place Almost ALL ot the tires on that one!!
  5. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Whats new for 2016?   

    I found a little info on the AMT ALF Aero Chief Snorkle kit
    The Clear Red & Amber parts have been brought back!
    No more chrome lenses
    I want a few of them now!!
    and hope the Pumper & Ladder Chief kits get the Retro-Deluxe treatment too
  6. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Trans Am Racing Series Kits   

    Yes Rodger Penske
    Same as wning 2 $ 22 now
    He only ran select events befor getting Rusty Wallace as Driver
    in 70-72 seasons he entered Mark in mostly the Riverside races
    Do you remember when they had THREE races there at Riverside??!!!!!!
    That Matador is a 72 isn't it??
    I though the Javelin was run in 71, or the First few events Mark drove
  7. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Trans Am Racing Series Kits   

    AMT offered the JoHan George Folmer Javelin/AMX kit too
    back in the EARLY 70's
    I have 3 of them
    They were sold through Coca-Cola ads, and in stores
    They were Mark Donahue's Penski car!!!
    They could be either Trans Am or Nascar
    as Mark did drive in a FEW 71 & 72 Nascar events For Pernski
    The Jav/AMX was used until the redesigned Matador came out in 73.
    After Mark's Death, Bobby Allison joined Penski's Nascar team
  8. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT T 380 QUARTER MASTERS FIREBIRD AND SPEEDBOAT KIT   

    I would love to see that one back too
    BC issue is Going HIGH in $$$
  9. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Questions for the builders out there   

    I did the Paint method of Vinyl roof on a 70 Eldorado.
    seams were done with ,01x.02 evergreen strip
    just get them Straight. as long as they are close to where they are on the actual car
    That was Easy on the Edlo, as it only has 1 down the center
    Use a Color of Flat paint Close to what the final roof color will be
    My Eldo has a White roof, so used flat white paint.
    And Here CHEAP Store brand enamel is best!!
    No need to pay high dollar for a Name brand!!!
    The Texture paint may also work, but Try to find one close to roof color
    and see if you can get a Clearanced one!!
    My Wally's has 3 different colors now clearanced!
    Might grab one of each
  10. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Corvette Kit   

    I have an original Box art MPC 56-57 Vette.
    Bought in Late 60's-early 70's.
    It has the metal coils, not plastic
  11. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic DESPERATE HELP NEEDED FOR PRESENT   

    Good Luck on that!!!
    ALL I can say is check with Local Antique Car Clubs, then that evil auctionbay site
  12. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic L-700 RR   

    Interesting idea, but Bonneville Slat Flats would be about the Only place it could run
    with the width of the front axle track, and how close the fenders & skirts are, you can Only turn it by Tow truck!!!!
    or replace all that fiberglass/carbon fiber at EVERY pitstop!!!!!!!!
    For aerodynamic reasons the front tires should Not stuck out past the fenders!!!
    But, it will also force WIDE turns due to limiting how tight a radius they fronts can steer!did not do so well here.
    They still do it all over Europe, Asia & even Assie!!
    I even have a couple PC game demos of Semi truck racing
    Too bad semi cab racing 
  13. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic Blazing Bison tractor pull reissue??   

    Blazing Bison was the Tractor's Name
    Meister Brau was only its Sponser!!!!
    Curious as to what decals version will be offered
    I do remember that when this kit came out, the actual tractor had gone to 5 Engines!!
    2 were at 90 Degree angle to the three in-line
    1 off each side!!!!
    I believe between the second & third in-line engines
  14. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic MPC 1975 Corvette Kit   

    when did they delete the coil spring working suspension??
    I built the 74 Annual With that feature!!
  15. Edsel-Dan added a post in a topic AMT Ecto 1A to be re-released?   

    Actually, The tail lights are Chrome in the P-L kit as they are part of the rear bumper!!
    I also have both kits!!
    I Cut the 4 Bullitts off the rear bumper on my P-L kit!!!
    I was Not able to do that for the larger lenses surrounding the backup lights!!
    The AMT kit has ONLY the Step Bumper as that was how the car was Modified for the second Movie!
    Ecto-1 in the first movie had a Standard rear Bumper
    the 1A of the second movie had the Step Bumper
    Here is my Photobucket album for Ecto-1 & 1A
    Both are the AMT kit!!
    the 1A is completed, the 1 is stalled.
    I still need to the correct Stock Cadillac Hubcaps for her, and to tint the windows.
    I do not think the scribed line in the window piece is for Standard Ambualnce tinting
    Both Movies show a Clear Band in the side & tailgate (rear door) windows
    with Upper & lower section tinted gray/dark 
    This is Easily seen in the interior shots while enroute to a call
    Harold Ramis & Bill Murry looking at where they are going in the WILD ride/Turn!!!
    Here Polar-Lights has the windshield & front doors in clear,
    while the rest are in VERY Dark gray/black (BARELY transluscent
    let alone transparent!!!
    So AMT kit is the Best to start with for that alone!!!
    Both kits have errors. AMT gave us Chrome Reverse rimes with Baby Moons.
    ONLY the Baby Moons were Chrome in the Movie the rims were White!
    Both give us Incorrect Spotlight mounts and omit the side Mirror from the Spotlight
    P-L kit does Not have the Standard Caddy side Mirror, or AM radio antenna!!
    YES there were TWO side Mirrors on Ecto-1!!\And the Short Antenna on the right fender!!
    Also Ecto-1 had Two Larger Whip antennas. the one on the right front CLOSE to the AM radio antenna
    and a Second on the left rear
    Both clip to the roof rack/carrier at or near the top front cross bar
    The ladder in the P-L kit is too heavy, and Bent while the car has a Straight ladder!!
    I watched those movie scenes Over and Over on BOTH movies
    (OLD VHS tapes, I recorded off HBO/Max/Showtime/???)
    AMT's Message board decals are VERY incorrect
    The original Box art showed the actual car.
    I counted the Dots, and made my own from Blank Revell Goodyear Blimp sighs!!
    Scaled down on a Photocopier way back when!!
    I had to splice them to get the correct length!!
    (did that before reducing them!)
    That Photo-etch set would have been Nice back them!!!
    Looking at the decals I need to check the second movie again
    I remember seeing "WE PROMISE" not We're Ready
    before "TO BELIEVE YOU"
    We Promise is on the front fender!!!!!
    I know I am likely repeating info I gave back then, but.....
    Better to repeat, than forget!!!!