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  1. I happen to have 2 of the Demolition Demon 56 Ford from Aurora. I still have 1 Near complete built (Missing 1 wheel/tire only, and breakdown bar/marker driver took down when car past driveable)!! The kit pictured above is missing a few parts wheels, etc plus, Mine had 4 Flesh colored figures included Driver, Flagman w/checkered flag, Crewman & woman ?Girlfriend/Wife of driver or fan? Also note the box called this a 57 Ford!!!
  2. Actually, These 1/87 Ford C cab kit are VERY OLD and RARE!!! Revell tooled these in the Late 50's!! They did NOT re-issue them that I know Im fact they Sold off All their Model Rail-Road kits some time in the early-Mid 60s Heljan Concor must have Purchased the tooling at some point HOPEFULLY they still have them an dcan be convinced to rei-ssue them again Including the Convert-a-Car MoPar set too!! Revell issued the Car carrier molded in Red, black & white as in the picture of the Built model The Global Van lines kit was molded in Medium & Light Blue and white The Same cab roof as well as the trailer roof were white in the Van It also included some furniture for the 'Move' I have Both kits , 2 of the Car rack Heljan-Concor molded that one in Brown, the van in white The Convert-a-car kit included 7 61-62 Chrysler cars Newport convert, and Imperial Chryslers, Dodge Dart, Polara, & Dart Plymouth were Valiant, and Fury I THINK 2 were wagons I need to did mine out again to check which was which outside of the Newport Convert Revell issued these in Kit & Built, with bodies molded in Bright Glossy colors and CHROME parts The Heljan kit has the bodies gray and all accessory parts black except for the clear windows Anyone close to Heljan-Concor?? Please try to get them to re-issue these OLD Revell kits They are VERY hard to come by now!!!! Atmobil, You got VERY Lucky getting that kit Or maybe they are still readily available over there!!!
  3. Tesytor's offered the SC/Rambler in the HSO series too But I am Not sure witch of those still exist That is why I only listed the 4 originally announced by the NEW IMC as still existing tools. It would be nice if the others you list ARE still viable/available, but.........
  4. Actually, wasn't it Moebius that showed the 59 Dodge & Chrysler Turbine EZ Kit stating they were looking in to running those?? Sure wish they Would!!!The 74 Cutlass & 59 Rambler wagon were also being looked at for re-issue I believe those are the LAST 4 Jo-Han kit tools left intact right??
  5. I had the GTO Molded in Red I THINK I still have the seats, but.... And Brother and I both had the Vette Dyno sets 3 pc track Diecast chassis Used a rubber band to launch
  6. The original run of this was my First 65 El Camino kit It was a ONE/Limited build option kit None of the custom, race, etc parts from the wagon and other issues of the El Camino were included have they copied that, or just the box art & lost parts (hard harts & 6-pack) returned?? Be nice to have all the parts in the box Still want a couple with the full camper included
  7. I have an 'Hombre" issue of this kit I built as a fire chief unit with Suburbanite tires on Stock Hubcaps, and Original 'Between the spring & frame' axle mount location I think either pins were cast at both axle plate locations on the springs, or I drilled and pinned them I found a parts lot 72 Annual with plow, Lights, siren, etc, and wagon roof to build the Fire Chief I had already started to scratch the wagon roof sides, but had not started the top Glad I found the parts kit I Definitely want a few of these now with the Fire/Police parts Back in the box!!! I also have a complete-started Autoscape issue missing the diorama NO rotators, siren, etc in that one!!! I have been stripping paint from the parts off & on since getting it a few years ago
  8. Didn't the Modified reissue '60 have the 13 inch tires But too large of a diameter rim?? The rim fit into the tire, but the bead detail was too large a diameter?? I believe I read that here in the reviews I still want that re-issue!! I have the Styline kit and the Desert Race issue too That one also had the 13 in tires I know as it had thew Stock full Hubcaps!! Still have the instruction sheet!!!!!
  9. That is from the second Keaton Batman movie!!! Both movies used the same Batmobile. AMT/Ertl added the Jet Turbine to the Mobile kit and replaced the Bat Plane with the SnapFsast Missile, & Bat Skiboat kits I got several for only $2.oo each way back when Revell kitted the Kilmer & Clooney Bat kits from the third & fourth films
  10. I don't have to download my pics from there I have them on a Thumb-Drive All I have to do is set up folders like I have there, and fill them then just close out the photosucking account. I never understood the moving of pics to a server like that and Dumping them from your own storage close at hand!! How do you replace lost pics without having the original??????
  11. Well, I have mostly Ignored these kits Until Stock versions come out, I will PASS all I just don't care that much for Custom ONLY kits!! Sad to hear that Revell is passing the Buck as it were!
  12. One problem with the Fleetside bed in this and the 66 kits As molded it is a Stepside bed with Fleetside type fenders added They should have molded the bed in separate parts like the AMT/MPC 67-72 kits!! But Cut corners here I cut my Fantom Cameo Bed apart to make a more accurate Fleetside. Still it Is a Nice kit I want the 2 66 kits, and at least 1 more 65 to build a Stepside out of Mine is getting the Model King Open Road Mini-Motor Home body!!! YES, I had to stretch the chassis!!!!
  13. Built one myself Never had a problem with their Multi-Piece bodies Have 3-4 of the 59 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner Built the first in 74-75 when first re-issued!! Restoring that one Started a Skip's issue, but sold it last year Need to start another like that Opening doors, Steering, Continental kit, FULL Deluxe treatment!!! Just Finding a Color CLOSE to the Sunset Coral Ford painted them in 59!! (Close to the color Rev molded the 2 runs of the Skip's kit in!!) Want the US SSP issue molded in White I have the Rev-Gremany 50th Anniversary kit molded in Green They marked the box Correctly as a Fairlane 500 But Rev-US still calls it a Galaxie Look Closely FAIRLANE 500 Script on BOTH Rear fenders!!!! AMT Annual was a Galaxie!! I would happily have a few more of the Rev 59/60 Vette kit!!!!
  14. The EDSEL Chassis Should work BUT Modern Tool vs Old tool. I have both so can try BUT Digging out both kits to try!!!!
  15. Those Twinsonics look Fantastic And 'X' shape Half Mirrors versus full height forward facing ones!!!!!! No department using them near me had the 'X' Half-height mirrors on them!!!! ONLY Ever saw ON in Cranberry area of Pennsy. WAY BACK when!!!!! Rt 19 BEFORE I-79 was more than Dream, only Partially built, Under Construction!!!!! Mid 70's!!
  16. Hood is the same 4 piece as in the 3 Pickup kits Engine, Chassis, Engine bay, Grill insert, suspension are ALL the same I can see that in the pics above I have 2 of the 64, and a 65!! No 66 yet, but..............
  17. Nice, Hope they decide to re-issue that series soon HOPE they STILL have them!!!!
  18. Be advised too That Lindberg "Indy" kit is NOT Styrene, but TOY plastic!! Think Korris car, Aurora Plastics, etc I know, I had one way back when!!! IF they re-issue it PLEASE do so in Styrene!! I think is it some where around 1/20-1/18 scale
  19. Not 3d Print But I know if a few PAPER printout coffins
  20. Yes, NEVER use a Metallic container!!! Use the CHEAPEST Plastic one you have!!! Buy several at Dollar Tree!!!
  21. If we could get one of the Ambulance/Hearse kit, we could likely get all four Or at least the Stock pair They were they same tooling with different inserts I have built enough of them to see the Ambulance "Full-View" Corner light location holes in the underside of the Hearse roof I still have a built Roarin' Rambulance dragster and stock Ambulance as well as Hippy version & Stock Hearse Definitely wish ANY Jo-Han kit could be re-issued But with Moebius pulling out from the ones they were testing (And the IMC kits announced) we will likely Never see re-issues of them any time soon If Ever!!! Any news on the Curbside kits last announces\d b the New IMC, as well as the Turbine and 59 Dodge that Moebius Was Looking at running??? I would LOVE that 59 Rambler wagon again!! Especially with the SFPD decals that were to be included!!
  22. I believe this is the one I need for our town's 4400 Rescue Got to get as much info on it as I can NOW replacing it AND an Engine with a 'Rescue-Pumper' combination unit
  23. I know the Lindberg kit was a Standard 2dr coupe, and Also done as the Mercury Monarch twin Wasn't Futura's Resin a Fairmount Futura, instead of a standard Fairmount? NO Station wagon version was done from the Futura design It was Called the "Baby T-Bird" Looked like one We had a Red one, and Mother HATED it inline 6 could Not get out of its Own way!!!!
  24. Petty DID drive a Ford Torino in 69 due to MoPar's refusal to let him change from Plymouth to Dodge in order to drive the Daytona MoPar caved in 70 giving him the Superbird to get him back There Were Ford C cab Box vans at Petty Enterprises for a few years after 69 I have soem Pics. As for the L series of the kit No Idea Plus Petty had gone to Enclosed trucks, Not Semis like now, but Straight trucks The City Delivery/Short Haul L & C Ford kits Some Did carry the car Some towed the car on a flat trailer with a Cover over it The Tandem trailer shown in some of these set kits is close I use to go to Dover Downs, so HAVE seen this First hand too!!
  25. Did AMT have one of these? Or is this the MPC Annual?? I built the 82 Pace car, and the front look to Steer on the box art So makes me think MPC tooling
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