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  1. Man that is sweet, love it.
  2. What I wouldn't do for that convertible! Will be keeping an eye on these two
  3. Looks pretty good to me mate. Welcome back to the hobby
  4. Good to see you back at this one Jason, more great work! That 4-link is shaping up nicely indeed.
  5. Ordered from them on several occasions and never had a bad experience with them.
  6. Lotta work in that, but it sure shows in the end. More of your brilliant thinking shown through that jig, fantastic Thanks Shawn, I learned a few things there. And as always, it's a pleasure to see your great work.
  7. Put simply, if someone really wants something, they can and will get it.
  8. Ah-hah! I see now, very clever Shawn I was wondering how the two chasis pieces would hold together, I hadn't noticed that step in the interior tub. I would never have thought of that. It's a credit to you, even just possesing the ability to think ahead like that when you're building these parts, it just amazes me. Keep up the great work mate.
  9. Those Blue Dragons are in the Revell '67 Charger kit too. Or, were at least- I'm not sure about the current release.
  10. Kinda surprised to not see any of Aoshima's tyres in here yet. I found a few pics on my computer, so I thought I'd post 'em up. Here's one of their 18" tyres, I was very pleased with the sharpness of the details. Here's their 19" tyre also. A little flash on some tyres, but the crisp detail more than makes up for that in my opinion. I have a few more photos lying around here somewhere too, I'll post those up when I find them.
  11. Makes sense, being the Silver Bullet Awesome car, I'll be keeping an eye on your build.
  12. I'd consider those guys in the photo pretty brave. This however, is closer to insanity. http://youtu.be/M1pTZRH_AtY
  13. Thanks again fellas! You are all too kind Thanks for the input mate Here's a quick photochop I did; about 2" here Even that looks a little short really. I think I'll still chop it, but as you suggest, very mildly. About 1" should do it I hope.
  14. So kool Guy, I love it
  15. Wow this looks amazing! I have one of these going too, although mine still has the roof Very well built sir, I like it very much.
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