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  1. Hey, Chris-- In looking at the pics with the open chute packs, that materiel looks very much what umbrella material would look like, scaled down. HTH. Al
  2. Try this drink.

    Hey, Miles- Hate to burst your bubble, but Moxie is not the oldest. Moxie came along in 1876, ten years after Vernor's Ginger Ale. Al
  3. It was brought to my attention

    Scott- I called Shep Shepperd out on his Whiskey Ridge Resin & decals FB page, and he came up with three different stories to how he came to have the Fairmonts- first, he stated he bought twenty (not fifty as he first claimed here) of the bodies from a caster in Australia but couldn't think of the guys name, the he stated he bought them from a caster in Georgia, then changed that story to he bought them (again, 20 of them) in a collection from 'somebody'. At that point, his FB partner-in-crime Mike Coleman, who co-owns the FB page, chimed in with a long diatribe about the fact "they" don't cast anything but only sell resin cast by others. What followed from the two of them was the standard "hey, anybody could have made the master, what have YOU cast," and then a few choice homophobic and body-orifice comments. At that point, MC booted me from his page, so I don't know what transpired afterward. I did receive quite a few pm's supporting my comments, including from two other resin casters whose products WR was selling as their own. FWIW, I don't think they will be around for long as comments on other FB and modeling sites seem to be 95% against their practices. They publicly acknowledge that they don't care where their stuff comes from, and plan to continue selling to "their 2000 customers" and to hell with everyone else. The idscussion carried over to the FB Scale Resin page, but ended up getting deleted.
  4. Hey, AC- By any chance, does the "A" in AC stand for Alf?
  5. Wanted Billy the kid 74 duster

    Hi, Alan- Nice model. Did you use the decals that were designed for the Demon? Could explain why they didn't fit- different year and different body style. Al
  6. 1/4 mile replicas

    Chuck- Are you going to reopen your decal business? There are several I want to get. Al
  7. Mopar Missile Goodies

    Hey, Roger- Where did you find the MM sign? I picked one up at a flea market about twenty years ago, never saw one again ANYWHERE until I saw your post! Al
  8. Chris- I wanted to give you fair warning: if you bring this to one of our contests, you will be disqualified and not allowed to enter. We only allow scale models in our shows, not the real thing!! Fantastic work! Al
  9. R&R Resin still pulling bodies?

    An FYI for everyone- I spoke with Ray today at the Mid-Michigan Model Makers contest & show, and to use his word, he "DOES NOT HAVE CANCER ! and he is feeling very well". Also, his lovely wife Ruth is also in good health, with marked improvement in some eye issues she had been dealing with. He is still pouring & casting bodies, and may soon announce new outlet for his products. SO, stop the rumors and focus on the positive in life! Al
  10. Hey, Scott- Great work so far on the chassis; one question, on the front frame rails/fender tin, are you going to make a relief opening for the tie rod ends? Just curious.... Keep up the great work! Al
  11. correct color for California Flash 68 Dart?

    Anyone have a link for Gofor Decals?
  12. American Chopper Canceled

    Well, I'm waiting for that new show coming out- Amish Mafia! No kidding, it really is coming.... what a world!
  13. Revell 2013 Car Kit Releases

    The news of these upcoming releases are the most catastrophic news to date! This news will be the ruin of me... divorce... bankruptcy..... homelessness.... because I'll have to buy SO MANY of these new kits!!!
  14. Coming along nicely, Scott, looking forward to seeing this finished. Al
  15. Advice on which kit to choose for grade 5 students

    I also teach 5th grade, and have done model-building in my classes, as well as do make-n-take's at our local club contest/show. FWIW, try to go with the snap kits from Revell's program, as they will work best (read that as successful completion and high self esteem for students) for your class. Good luck, and have fun with it! Al
  16. If you are interested in a Fairmont PS body, or any of the other great resin and PE items being made available, contact Scott at http://www.futurattraction.com/ . He is just getting caught up on a LONG list of folks who wanted this (I was on the list since June 2006!) so you may need to wait a bit, but DEFINITELY WORTH IT! Al
  17. That Fairmont is a nice piece; I got mine last week, and am making plans for mine. Going to be an unexpected version- goig to do the red Lee Hunter Fairmont with the yellow lightning stripe. I figure there'll be a lot of Glidden and Dyno cars built, so...