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  1. Well i haven't touched a model in months but i got a girl friend if you wanna call her that who thinks its cute so why not start again. Some may remember me but i figured i should just go ahead and pozt in here. Thanks, Nick
  2. Thanks for the tip I saw somthing like that on a wip I looked at before I started it.
  3. I was in love with gun metal so I was looking for somthing custom also and I might try somthing special for the wheels like that! And I might just come up (that is if they clear snow haha).
  4. Started progress on the block/transmission parts or part for this kit. I've never been a fan of the crapy chrome from revell so I think semi gloss black will go nice with the green. Any thoughts?? Should be more tomorrow night.
  5. Well that's no fun haha but saves time and the kit to use on another project and nice call b4 I drilled holes haha!!
  6. Picked her up for 10 bucks at micheals with a 40 percent coupon. I personally love this car. Looking to go with a race/street look. Going to paint her in tamiya ts-35 (park green). Some box opening picks bellow.
  7. Iracing. Best sim out there.
  8. What ever you think will look good i wanna hear lol.
  9. I have not seen a single formula 1 car on these forums so to the best of my knowledge this is a first. The jordan 191 to me is one of the best looking cars ever raced period. Here are some pictures of the unwrapped kit.
  10. PSEG (new jerseys main power company) still reporting a couple thousand out.
  11. I know asa teenager that tonight is a big night to go out. Any plans people???
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