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  1. Steve, I just caught up with your build, I must say builders like you inspire the rest of us. Thank you. Can't wait to see it completed.
  2. Hi Casey, I just got the ladder bars from you. I hurried upstairs and they fit perfect. Just the right length. Thanks again!!
  3. Casey, those look like they will work for this project I'm working on. Is there something your looking for?
  4. Looking for a set of short ladder bars. Late 60's 70's style. Chrome or bare plastic. Car is a Trabant being built as a gasser/show car. Tall front suspension, 392 hemi clutchflite trans etc. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, thought I'd chime in. I was in a car accident a few years ago. I had a fusion done on my lower back. With that said try to sit straight not slumped over, agree with the wallet placement or don't wear it at all when your not going out. I was told to let pain be your guide as to how much you could do. In the garage I raised my workbench to approximately4" from the floor. The bench is 4 1/2' tall. I did this to keep the work in front of me so I would not be stooping over when I am working on something on the bench.
  6. Are you building your car to be a W30 car or a "base" 442. I asked because the W30 cars had red inner fender liners and can be seen in the engine compartment
  7. Don't forget the Buick Rivera was produced as a model too
  8. Thank you for the information. I do not have a printer or know how to resize the saved picture. Any other way?
  9. Not trying to take over your thread, but I like the oil filter decal. How can I get one?
  10. Pat I remembered this kit you started. I'm glad you are going to finish it. You did such good work on it already.
  11. Not sure if you have the kit, but would any parts from the 69 GTX convertible be useful for your conversion?
  12. I really like the Motion Vega you built. What did you use for the hood scoop? Do you have the decals for this car?
  13. Didn't the movie car when finished have a clear hood?
  14. Glad I could help. Other interior colors are available as well. All colors have the correct sheen as well.
  15. I know you painted your interior, but FYI and to anybody else building this kit the correct interior color can be found in a spray can. It can be bought at G body parts.com It is a company that stocks a lot of G body parts. The paint is for redying the interior plastic panels. It is the correct shade of Maple for the interior
  16. What about a wedge cut top? low in the front stock in the back. Those motors are HUGE
  17. Thank you very much for your replies. I am currently trying a different approach tell me what you think. My wife uses hair spray in the bathroom, it leaves a residue on the counter. It has a little texture. Nothing huge but you can feel it. We tried it on a painted surface and painted over it too. You can feel it but it's not really visible like a rough orange peel texture. What do you guys think? I'll try this and your suggestions and compare them. Results to follow. Thanks, John
  18. Just looked at my 60 impala pe set from Model house it has El Camino scripts
  19. I have both the 59 as well as the 60 kits. 59 comes with custom interior decals as well as the 60. Earlier model Impala ( black car on box, bigger than normal box) has the hounds tooth decals in blue and red
  20. Thank you for your reply. How do I use the lacquer crazing method? Any lacquer paint? How do I get the paint to craze? Thanks, John
  21. Wow the way this melds the two different cars/truck defiantly looks factory. Excellent job on the paint too.
  22. I have a Revell 59/60 348 engine. It is quite detailed. Comes with 3 carbs as well power streering
  23. I'm building my Father-law's 60 chevy. It has a padded dash and I'd like to replicate it. I have not found a small enough grain to duplicate this. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  24. Some of the features of the A990 cars are: single exhaust with large muffler behind the rear bumper, factory headers, no passenger wiper arm. Interior should be heater as well as radio delete no rear seat, no arm rests, passenger sun visor missing, coat hooks, dome light, no rear window regulators or crank arms, front seats are Bostrom buckets mounted on aluminum brackets. 4 speeds used the Dana rear axel and auto's used the 8 3/4.
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