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  1. Tamiya Fair 2018

    I have been hoping Tamiya (or Fujimi) would decide to doing a full detail Ferrari 330 GTS, one of the most beautiful Ferrari designs. I would look great to next their M-B 300 SL and fit into that group. Since they have done so many Ferraris, I am sure licensing would not be an issue. I keep hoping and think this would a be huge selling kit.
  2. Hi Andrew: I just checked out your EASY Run website and now I understand your concern. Just so you know, I built the engine stand out of appreciation for it and that I follow Graveyard Cars. There is absolutely no intention to market what I created and was meant as a void to building something different. I am however, hopeful you take this as compliment to your equipment and appreciate that someone has gone through great lengths to create the engine stand in scale.
  3. I hope so Lloyd, you never know when someone is serious. If it is a compliment, I'll take it. Thanks
  4. Andrew, I am a little confused and don't know what you are talking about...do you mind elaborating on what patent you are talking about? Are you the owner of Easy Run? I made this representation of the Easy Run stand because I follow Graveyard Cars and thought it would be a cool break to do something different...in other words, I made this for myself. If you are referring to making copies, several people have asked, however I do not have the means to do so and it would be difficult for me to copy the details. I am hopeful this addresses your concerns. If not, feel free to express otherwise. Thanks for looking.
  5. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Jason, I have been toying with the idea to have a top resin caster use my Cuda as a master, but it would only prolong completing it plus the time and risk for all the work I put into it to make it as accurate as possible. Let's see what happens when I talk to a couple of casters. It will be up to Rico to make the 68 grille, hood, grille header panel and taillight conversions if there is a call for it down the road, to answer your question for the 68 Hemi Super Stock.
  6. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Rusty, Here is the link from this forum under Aftermarket/Resin, topic is 68 GTX Grills and is the thread that Rico has posted to with his awesome 68/69 Road Runner and GTX grilles. The Cuda grille is the first run that I ordered so I could test fit it for my Cuda project. I do not believe these are ready yet, but I understand will be soon. Here is Rico's Shapeways store site: https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ra-sti-acute -s-scale-accessories Enjoy
  7. An accurate 69 Cuda

    I just received my "test shot" Cuda grille from Rico, WOW!!!!. It fits like a glove with no modifications required and just looks right. The depth of the grille, the mesh and the signal lights are correct. I asked Rico if he could design and produce this grille and he came through. Now, I can't wait for the taillight/panel so I can finish this project. BTW, I had no problem using the Duster chassis as the wheel base matches the body and the only modification was some minor trimming at the rear. I did add a tab at the back edge and a slot in the body to lock in the chassis as if was designed in the kit. Rico does outstanding work and he is filling a void for us using his talent! Thanks Rico!
  8. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Rico looking good. Glad to see this will finally move my 69 Cuda project along. Can't wait to see the finished pieces. Thanks for working on my request for us.
  9. 66 Country Squire

    Holy moly, beautiful! Are they available yet?
  10. Fireball Modelworks

    Just received my order from Joseph on some of his newest items, the Olds SSII wheels, 67 Camaro Dog Dish and Steel wheels and latest tires...superb. Joseph's products keep getting better and he picks great pieces to make that we have been looking for. The shipping was fast and exceeded expectations. I highly recommend his products and if you have never ordered from Fireball, you are missing out of the best resin, rubber tires and 3D products available. I give Fireball a AAAA++++ !
  11. Four-door 'Cuda

    Pat, Way too cool. Nicely done and keep it going!
  12. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Thanks to all for your comments. Thanks Bill, coming from you, I really appreciate your comments and any suggestions you have. This project was halted for quite a while, we had 3 moves in 5 years, now that we are in our new home, I can resume some work on my Mopars I want to get done, which includes my 63 Ply Savoy SS and 62 Dodge Dart Ramcharger. All are detailed and made the same as the Cuda. The Duster's chassis was a shoe-in, not much modifying, just the rear edge to same it to the Cuda's. I used the Duster's door panels for the Cuda's, one thing that was missing from the Cuda kit was the rear quarter panels rise to the rear window, on the deluxe interior, this would be carpeted. I've always felt that AMT/MPC Cuda's were great while we were growing up, but with what we have today, they are sub-par and deserve better. I am talking with someone who does 3D art to create the 69 Cuda grilles and taillight panel. So stay tuned. The body is complete and polished for casting as well. I have cutouts for the front and rear side marker lights that will be cast in clear resin. I agree with you about the 69 Firebird as MPC did not get it right, the body is too chunky above all in my opinion. I'm sure the MPC tail panel and front grille can be surgically removed and made to fit Revell's 69 Camaro. The door panels can be modified to the Firebird's, either standard or deluxe depending on the Camaro kit you use. Hopefully Revell will find its way to new ownership and we can get new blood to drive for obvious modified reissues, makes so much sense especially with the technology we have. I don't want to get started on what Round2 and Revell can do...that's another topic! See you at the NNL.
  13. An accurate 69 Cuda

    Thanks everyone for your comments and inspiration. I can't wait to get this done. Since this morning, I found someone who can do take a crack at the 3D grille/headlight buckets and taillight panel. So I will keep everyone posted. Now I need to find someone willing to make some P/E pieces so this project can knock the ball out of the park. BTW, the 440 engine out of Revell's 69 Charger is the choice for the Cuda engine. I have to complete the seats, console and dash (the console and dash are from Revell's 69 Dart). I know Keith Marks offers the correct decals as well. Thanks again.
  14. An accurate 69 Cuda

    It's been a while since I have worked on my projects because of a couple of home moves in the last couple of years, but it's time to get back in the grove and finish up on some MOPAR projects. So here is my 69 Cuda that I have spent a lot of time correcting the trim, grills, interior all to mount on AMT's 71 Duster chassis. My original plan was to use this as a master for a resin model but I have the urge to build it. I have the side marker light opening so I can cast the lens in clear resin. I am trying to hook up with someone to make the grill in 3D as well as the taillight panel. Fireball's excellent Cuda hood scoops will work well for the project. Let me know what you think.