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  1. Beautifully done, Tom. Gotta love MOPARS!
  2. Thanks Tom, I can't wait see how you progress, your 63 is coming along great. Once my 63 is done, I will start working on my 62 Plymouth wagon, but there is a lot to do and I am just scratching the surface on this project.
  3. Tom, your 63 looks great, you are inspiring me to finish my 63 Savoy Max Wedge, here are some pics. Too many moves in the last few years have put off some of my model projects. Glad to see you are using the Missing Link manifolds that I created for Kevin a few of years ago. I have been contemplating sending the body and parts to Kevin to cast as a resin kit, so I may have to dust off my project and finish it. Thanks for the inspiration.
  4. Awesome Alan! Been waiting a long time for these decals. Thank you
  5. No problem Steve. The Lindberg block is not bad and is a good basis for a 426 wedge. Because I'm a MOPAR nut, I get a little carried away with detail. Your Fury is looking great like your other projects. I love your builds! Can't wait to see it finished!
  6. Steve: Here is the wedge cross ram manifold I mastered for Missing Link. Dan is correct, I used the heads and valve covers from the Tony Nancy kit wedge engine as they are correct,as you can see in the pictures. Fireball"s Carter AFBs are perfect for this combination!. Kevin has the manifolds available. BTW, I also made a Hemi cross ram available from Kevin as well. The engine block is from Revell"s 69 Charger. Good luck.
  7. Tom, Check out Rico Radenz's Shapeways parts, he has 68 and 69 RR, GTX Satellites 3 d grilles that are beautiful. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/ra-sti-acute-s-scale-accessories
  8. Thanks Rico for the update and your patience with me, I know your workload is busy. Guys, Rico is an awesome communicator and designer who is also a great guy to work with. Believe me his parts are well worth waiting for.
  9. Absolutely gorgeous, as with all your builds. This one is special!
  10. I mastered this grille several years ago to fit MCG's 68 P/E grille, with clear signal ad headlights. I had Norm Veber make a couple of resin copies for me but he never made them available. Kevin Lutz has my master now and has been on his to do list but no availability at this point. Hopefully he can make a mold when his busy schedule clears up. I made it from the AMT 68 Camaro grille but it fits the Revell grille opening very well.
  11. Dan, Check with Kevin at Missing Link, he cast my Wedge and Hemi cross ram manifolds. He typically lists them on eBay.
  12. The Ford Service Truck and the other planned 65-66 Ford F-100 kits are going to be a knock out for Moebius! Can't wait to get these. Love that Moebius is always thinking outside the box and getting better quality and subjects.
  13. I would hope Revell would see it fit to make available a nose piece as a separate retrofit for the old kits we have lying around.
  14. Jason, I probably will get back on track after the holidays, Rico is working on a more accurate taillight and trunk panel that I asked him to design. The fit of the grille is spot on. I sent him an extra body to size up everything. I have to finalize some interior details and final fit for everything. Still pondering if I should send the body and interior out to a resin caster since I think the body interior is more accurate and I know people will want this since it's been a long overlooked kit. I could use another copy to make a Sox & Martin version. Thanks for sparking the interest on this project. Happy holidays,
  15. Ditto on that! Great to deal with and amazing pieces.
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