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  1. BobbyG added a post in a topic New items available and coming soon   

    Alan  Thanks, please let me know when this is available. I have more pics of this car if you would like, I can send to your pm.
  2. BobbyG added a post in a topic New items available and coming soon   

    Alan:  Any chance to make Dick Landy's 67 Coronet, I have decals but they are pretty crude and will not use them. Thanks Bobby G

  3. BobbyG added a post in a topic '78 Cordoba   

    Mike: do you have information on where to order Airtrax kits?  Thanks
  4. BobbyG added a post in a topic Dodge Cross Ram Intakes   

    Contact Kevin Lutz at Missing Link, he has cast my manifolds in resin  and are available.
    His email address is: kawifreek@msn.com
  5. BobbyG added a post in a topic Mild kitbash/under two week project - Revell '30A Five Window....   

    Sweet, nicely done Tim.
  6. BobbyG added a post in a topic Resin Mopar Cross Ram Manifolds   

    Thanks Bill J, I am glad you are satisfied with the manifolds, Kevin works wonders casting some difficult items. More good stuff down the road! I too am waiting for Joseph's Holleys, I have seen some of his 3D pics and we are in for a real treat!
  7. BobbyG added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Resin Mopar Cross Ram Manifolds
    A few months ago I posted my Mopar Max Wedge Cross Ram manifold on this forum and promised some of you that when they become available I would let you know. I'm happy to say that Missing Link is casting  both the Max Wedge and Hemi manifolds as part of Kevin's product line and will be offering them at the Toledo NNL next month. There is also a Hemi Cross Ram manifold as well. Check out Fireball Modelwork's Carter AFB carbs that are a perfect match for the max wedge. The manifolds even have the freeze out plugs detail!
    If you are interested, please drop Kevin a line to order the manifolds. And contact Joseph for the carbs if you haven't already.

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  8. BobbyG added a post in a topic Fireball AFB Max Wedge Carbs   

    Joseph:  Incredible attention to details that does not come easy, thanks for your great products. Can't wait for the Holleys.
  9. BobbyG added a post in a topic Fireball AFB Max Wedge Carbs   

    Joseph's turnaround, product quality and his customer service is second to none. He responds very quickly and the best part is he accepts PayPal to make it easy on everyone. Can't wait for some more carbs and wheel/tire combos for the new Revell Bronco (old one), hopefully!
  10. BobbyG added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    Oh yeah! This should be an easy one for Round 2 since they already have the 57 Chrysler 300 which both have shared parts.
    Would love to see a 67 Ferrari 330 GTC/GTS, With Ferrari's licensing, It may not happen any sooner than later. 
  11. BobbyG added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Fireball AFB Max Wedge Carbs
    I got my Carter AFB carbs for my Max Wedge 426 Plymouth Super Stock today from Fireball Modelworks and all I can say is...Holy Moly!! Joseph has done it again. We never had such detail in carburetors like these. Couldn't wait to test mount on my cross ram wedge, take a look. They are dead on compared to the actual picture.
    I always look forward to Fireball's new stuff. 

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  12. BobbyG added a post in a topic Fireball Modelworks!   

    Joseph's choice of products, quality and his service are outstanding and never disappointed. He responds very quickly when you send an order or email him with questions. I look forward all the time for the next product...just waiting on those Carter AFBs. The QuadraJets are superb and look so right!
  13. BobbyG added a post in a topic Keith Marks decals   

    I have sent him several emails, never heard back from him so I gave up. I guess business is that good for him.
  14. BobbyG added a post in a topic "Fast forward look" Mopar mirrors.   

    I second that!
  15. BobbyG added a post in a topic What predictions can we make for new kit releases in 2017?   

    I see Moebius coming out with a 65 Coronet, practically a shoe in off their Plymouth. I'm sure there will be some variations as well. Along the same line, once their 65 Comet is out, maybe we'll finally get an accurate 65 Falcon too.