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  1. BobbyG added a post in a topic 62 Plymouth Wagon and 62 Dodge Super Stock-Another JoHan MOPAR Conversion   

    Thanks. Stay tuned on that, there is a good possibility on making this into a resin kit with a well known quality caster. I'm taking my time on the wagon to make it as accurate and clean as possible. When it's ready at that point, I hope to find help on getting artwork done for P/E scripts.
  2. BobbyG added a post in a topic 62 Plymouth Wagon and 62 Dodge Super Stock-Another JoHan MOPAR Conversion   

    I use the back of an X-acto knife, a steady hand and patience...a real pain. But if you take your time and don't rush you can do it. I use a lot of reference pictures of the real cars too. All the correct body panel lines are scribed as well.
    Thanks for your comment.
  3. BobbyG added a topic in On The Workbench   

    62 Plymouth Wagon and 62 Dodge Super Stock-Another JoHan MOPAR Conversion
    Guys, still working on the 63 Plymouth Belvedere, but decided to get my Johan 62 Plymouth station wagon going too. I used the 60 Plymouth roof with scratch built tail gate , tailights and rear bumper. Using the chassis parts from the Lindberg 64 Dodge, cleaned up the grille, front bumper and headlight buckets still a lot of work to be done. The Dodge Dart is further along with the door panels done and need to add the sedan posts on the left side. Love to hear your comments, thanks.

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  4. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    Did some work over the weekend, door panels and separate transmission mount on the chassis. Thanks for your comments.

  5. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    Got a little bit done on the dash and gauge panel. I have to find someone who will photo etch the speaker grill and gauge panel. Not sure if I like how the gauge panel came out, it will look much better once detail painted and gauges are in. Need to add push buttons on the panel. 

  6. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    I like it! Let's get it done.
  7. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    Wayne, thanks for the info, I'll check it out. The brown color is killer I may use that for the 62 Dodge. I already have Scale Finishes' 63 Ply Medium Metallic Blue for the body. This  was a car I wanted badly in 1970 when I started to drive, never got it out of my mind and I just like the blue interior on these cars. I am not as far along on the 62 as with the 63 but once I do a couple of things to it, I'll some pics. 
    Honestly, I would love to send the 63 to a resin caster to make a full kit, but  they are all backed up with their projects. I do have a 62 Plymouth 4 door wagon that I started but needs a lot to be finished. I sent it off to a quality resin caster to look at (undisclosed), but there is so much work needed to complete that it will be a long time before they even consider doing something with it's a long shot. If not, I'll get it back to finish it off so a I can have a trio of awesome Mopar Super Stocks.
    Thanks Michael: For the post frame around the roof, I used Evergreen plastic thin C channel strips this way there is a channel to slide the side glass into., but bending it to conform with the roof line without snapping them is a B----! I actually used the center door post and vent window from the Lindberg Dodge. For the ride height, I always liked these cars a little higher than stock, not too fond of cars in the weeds. I made resin cast drum brakes and backing plates along with steel wheels with separate faces and rims for both the outside and inside to make different offsets. I did the same with Torgue Thrust mags.
    Thanks all for the compliments, I appreciate them and it will give me the energy to finish this project.
  8. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    Wayne Thanks for your comment. You are correct, I may add the side trim or just leave it as a Savoy which will determine the door panel trim as well.
    Here's the dash and trim I am shooting for along with a pic of the Savoy.

  9. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    Hey Peter, 
    I painted the engine a couple years ago, it's a mix of Tamiya paints.
  10. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    Thanks Al. The hub caps are resin, I forgot where I got them. I originally made my own out of the kit's wheel covers, cut and shaped around the center and came out OK but then found these. I may make a mold and cast another set for the 62 Dodge since they are similar.  The dashboard has been filed and shaped for the base steel version with radio delete panel but needs to be finished. The gauge panel will be separate adding details and gauge decals (made from photos of the 1:1). Here are some additional pics, I was able to add the sedan post over the weekend, came out pretty good. I cast the parking light lens in clear and carved out the backup lights and tag bezel from the Fury tail panel. 

  11. BobbyG added a post in a topic 63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock   

    Thanks Niko. In 1963 the Max Wedge (RB) block engines were 426 cu in, Ramcharger for Dodge and Super Stock for Plymouth.  Although from my knowledge the 413 Cu In was still offered in 63 for certain models. Of course these were the same engines. This will be a Stage II Maw Wedge with 2, 4 bbl carbs on a cross ram manifold with ram exhaust manifolds.
  12. BobbyG added a topic in On The Workbench   

    63 Plymouth Belvedere Super Stock
    This is my first post on the forum so please bear with me. Shaking the dust off a project started a couple years and now determined to finish it. Started with JoHan's 63 Fury, stripped all trim to make it a Belvedere. Took the rear panel from a JoHan 64 Plymouth and separated the tail lights, bucketed the grill for headlights. the chassis and interior is from Lindberg's 46 Dodge, and engine from a Revell 69 Charger with my own modified cross ram manifold that I cast in resin for accuracy. Adding the sedan post and door panels to be scribed with Belvedere trim and making everything fit right. need to make a bumper filler for the front and cast the parking lights in clear resin.
    I made a master for the dog dish hubcaps from an old wheel cover, casted them in resin and had them chromed.  I hope to get as much done over the holidays and ready for paint. Paint is Med Met Blue with a multi-tone blue interior. Thinking of a white painted roof, maybe. This is a Mopar that has had a lasting impression from when I first got my driver's license.
    Also on the bench is a JoHan 62 Dodge Dart Super Stock that will be a match for the Belvedere.
    Thanks for looking. 

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  13. BobbyG added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Good for you Dave.
    The critics on this forum often forget this hobby is for leisure and the passion to build according to your skills and vision is what makes it fun. I can name very few Asian kits that are twice  to three times the price of Moebius kits that do not have imperfections or they are curbside...nobody bashes them. And for the price they command, they should be extremely accurate. The beatings you have taken on the Satellite (awesome kit) , the Chrysler 300s, the Ford Pick ups and the upcoming 61 Pontiac hopefully will not prevent Moebius from sharing test shots and investing in future subjects. You have given us kits that most of us old hobbyist have wanted forever...Thank You. I have been purchasing each one as they come out anticipating quality, accuracy and enjoyment and have not been disappointed. Your product planning is outstanding not only for the subjects you chose and listen to what we want, but also from the aspect of different versions to satisfy our wants. The internet and forums enable you to preview test shots, but those who critique and point out imperfections without having the kits in hand are looking for more than expected from this hobby. If it's perfection they want, then maybe they can foot the costs to tool up a model kit. I applaud you and Moebius for giving us terrific kits and hopefully more to come. Thanks for that and setting your company overview straight.
  14. BobbyG added a post in a topic Moebius `65 Plymouth Satellite   

    As Bill Geary said, the test shot model was at NNL and is awesome! I saw it, it is dead on. The grill is awesome which has depth. All comments that I heard at NNL was very positive and unless you see it, you can't determine any faults with it. Sorry, but I did not see any major faults and excited that is will soon come our way.

    My hat is off to Moebius for a great job on a subject we never had before. I wish people would hold their comments until they have the actual model in their hands. It seems most experts make comments based on pictures that distort the subject.
  15. BobbyG added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford Del Rio Ranch Wagon 2'n'1   

    "Good enough" does not apply to NASA building space vehicles or any automobile manufacturer (and we have seen our share of the recalls in last few years) they have no choice to get it right...peoples' lives depend on it. Who's live depends on a model, for God's sake this is a hobby.

    It's good to discuss the weak points of a new model which may alter a modeler's decision to buy it, serves no justice when people in this forum spend so much time on a new kit, that's not even available yet, and it's ripped apart before it's in anybody's hands! To go as far as getting the calculators and slide rulers out measuring a pic of a test shot, that nobody has in their hands, against a picture of the 1:1 vehicle misleads people even further. Example: Moebius' 61 Ventura, I've been wanting this car kitted forever like a lot of us do. But this forum ripped it apart and we haven't seen an update from Dave Metzler since. And I don't blame him because this is a small company giving us what we want.

    I hope this is taken as constructive criticism and not taken personally or as an attack. I am 62 years old and building models since I was 9, cars of the 50's, 60's and 70's that were in my years of maturing and loving cars, we are now seeing the voids we have had now being cool is that! Don't get me wrong, criticism is good and the manufacturers need to hear us, but keep it within reality...its a great hobby and past time that we have loads of good quality stuff to build, but give the model companies a little bit of slack since they are taking risks and spending some coin to satisfy us.