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  1. Beautiful! Marcos, you did justice t this kit. Great paint work as always.
  2. This one is long overdue and will be back on my bench soon, now that my spray booth is set up. This will be a Cuda 440, either B4 Blue on blue or Frost Green on White Green interior. Your feedback is appreciated. I have Fireball's Cuda hood scoops and Mopar wheel with caps. Ray-Sta 3D grille and rear taillight panel that he made for me.
  3. My wallet is safe again, more BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH from Round2.
  4. Holy moly, that is a beauty. Too bad the high price point. I would have to sell the house. lol! Enjoy building it.
  5. Yeah what you don't see in the picture is the checked embossing that doesn't show well, once I prime them then it will show better. This is the first pass at making them so I may redo them as the checked parts are not that easy to replicate. My 63 Plymouth door panels were a bit more challenging.
  6. Here is the first attempt for the door panels, this one will be red on red.
  7. After looking at the door panels closely, I decided the original ones I made are not accurate, so I made new ones that are much closer to the 1:1 panels. I used the hood ornament for the emblems on the doors. I just received the dark metallic blue paint from MCW and the interior paint colors I had.
  8. Steve, your work is incredible and true enthusiasts of detail and accuracy. You always give us inspiration to move up to the next level to make models what they should be replicating the 1:1 cars. Looking forward to your completion of this build.
  9. Raoul, yes. I added the door frames and new vent windows to make it a base sedan.
  10. My wallet is safe from Round 2 once again, nothing there for me. Although the garbage truck does look nice and it's new (holy moly! Did I say new from Round2?). It gives me a chance to save money for Revell's and Moebius' new kits.
  11. Here's an update on my 63 Johan Plymouth that is back on the bench with my 63 Dodge. Finally got the door panels near completion and made adjustments to the interior to fit the body and chassis but more mods are needed. I will have my paint booth done soon in order to prime everything and see what finishing touches are needed. This one has been many years on and off on the bench, but too many moves have stopped the progress. I finally have a cool workshop so my projects can hopefully get finished.
  12. Here's an update on my 63 Dodge. I have modified the dashboard to the base model and some detail. Fitted the Lindberg chassis with no issues, just 1/16"trimmed off the front edge, finished the headlight buckets. I added some bits of plastic at the edge of the body to support the chassis. Here's a mock up with Fireball Model Work's Mopar wheel kit, but that will may change later on. Thanks
  13. I think that grille in the parts pack is for a 62 Dodge. Very different. Thanks
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