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  1. Steve Here's a great example: the 69 Cuda was short on accuracy such as the grille, interior and chassis, this has been one of my favorite Mopars. So, am I going to wait for a new more detailed version...no. we have been blessed with some great kits over the last 20 years or so. I have working on my Cuda using a 71 Duster donor car to make an accurate 440 Cuda. I had a 3D grille and taillight panel made and made new door panels for a better platform interior. It just happened that Joseph at Fireball made the 440 Cuda hood scoops. Here are some pics of the work in progress. I rest my case.
  2. Once this kit is out, who ever is crazy enough to buy a kit at that price, will be very sorry he or she spent their money wastefully. When Steve G built his beautiful 68 R/T having an accurate grille and interior made for him, I started to hunt for an original kit only to find junk for a couple hundred bucks. But with this news, I am in my glory. And if the new kit is sub par by any means, well then Steve is my inspiration to make an accurate R/T. Just like I do with my older kits, bashing newer kits for more accuracy makes tge hobby fun. After all, we are model builders who are easily inspired by the great builders in this hobby and the actual vehicles. I have been critical of Round2 but they are righting their ship. Hopefully more to come in the future
  3. Time for me to eat crow. I have been critical of Round 2 for their old reissues and overlooking new tools such as the 68 R/T. I have to buy these new tools to put my money where my mouth is. It's nice to see plans for some current vehicles as well! Sometimes it pays to be a squeaky wheel. Hats off to Round 2.
  4. Time for me to eat crow. I have been critical of Round 2 for their old reissues and overlooking new tools such as the 68 R/T. I have to buy these new tools to put my money where my mouth is. It's nice to see plans for some current vehicles as well! Sometimes it pays to be a squeaky wheel. Hats off to Round 2.
  5. Oh boy, oh boy! I cant wait for these to come out. Been waiting for the 65 Coronet since the original was never re-issued. Moebius has a great record for picking new subjects we have been wanting. THANK YOU DAVE!!!!
  6. Love it. Thanks Joseph for what you do for our hobby.
  7. Beautifully done. Great color choices.
  8. Luc, Thank you for responding. I agree with you. A survey can be conducted right here and/or from their website with voting buttons that can be collected to determine buyers' responses/choices. It may be a low cost effort using simple survey technology that may be cost effective (like voting buttons on emails). it's certainly worth the effort to determine what subjects to product giving the feedback. They can launch the survey from their site but need to promote the event to get favorable responses. My suggestion would be something like this example: What modified reissue would you like to see using the 66 Old 442 kit (obviously a 65 442 which we never had)? Why not use this forum with all the subscribers this forum has? If memory serves me, their may have been something similar survey on this forum several years from John Gruzlak (?) of Round 2 soon after they took over. He even took the time to respond to an email i sent him. I know I come off critical about Round2's capabilities, but I think they are the player to sustain the future of our hobby. Hopefully someone from Round2 may respond with their feedback just as you said. Best regards, Bobby G
  9. Luc, My sentiments exactly, I have been saying this all along. The late nineties era of great Ertl detailed kits lend themselves to countless modified reissues for new subjects just as you stated. However, some argue that the costs to investment in modifying tooling as opposed to straight reissues is less, but if there is a demand for fresh new subjects that were never tooled or are very rare originals, then there is better potential for profits. Or, we just go on living with reissues after reissues which is Round2's happy zone. I'll say it again, my money is saved for Moebius and their future. They seem to be listening. The upcoming 65 Coronets with two versions out of the gate as with their new Chevy II kits (with probably more versions to come) are a perfect examples. It would behoove Round2 to take a survey listing possible modified issues of the Ertl tools for input. That can lend to a marketing road map for their future. In my opinion, Round2 is sitting on a gold mine, adding to your example: adapt the 68/69 Road Runner/GTX guts for a 68 Coronet R/T. When a very rare original MPC kit is selling on an auction site commanding ridiculous bid prices (most of us wouldn't or couldn't pay $400-$500 or $200 for a glue bomb), that to me is justification for a fresh kit. My generation (I'm pretty sure we remain the majority of the buying group) may be stepping aside for younger people looking for more current subjects, but look at the 1:1 classic car hobby which is surging regardless of age group. Just saying.
  10. Yes but some products are the obvious to produce that seem to be overlooked especially when most of the guts are already tooled. Again, as in the past I refer to Moebius a much smaller company, but understandably, they have less overhead or investors as Round 2. The market genius comment is my opinion but you all obviously are more privy than I am. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Tim, I hope so, it would definitely tell us they are aware of what the hobby has been asking for. It doesn't take a marketing genius to see these threads and make solid decisions for new products instead of countless reissues of the same old stuff.
  12. Ho hum. Another blah month from Round2.
  13. I hope so. My frustration with Round2 is they seem to be overlooking a lot of possibilities with existing tools to use for multiple versions. That is why, in my opinion, Moebuis has the right formula; they make multiple versions of a given subject or spin off to sister brands. Their 65 Plymouths, Ford pickups and their newest Chevy IIs. You would think Round2 has the resources to do the same. This is just my opinion not an attack on anyone. I learned a long time ago that constructive criticism means you care.
  14. Paul, great outlook but we will see. Unfortunately, Round2's model kit product manager is a Trekie and not up to automotive knowledge. Hopefully they can add an automotive product manager.
  15. I get it and there is nothing wrong with keeping costs down to make a profit. But at the current prices above everything else going through the ceiling, my money is better spent on new models at the same price. On top of that, if you want accuracy, you will have to kit bash with better models which increases your cost for that kit. Until Round2 comes out with new tools or adapt the earlier ERTL detailed kits into kits we have not seen, my money will stay in my wallet.
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