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  1. As car guys we really need thank the people who had foresight to keep such cars. Mike
  2. We watched No Time to Die 007 James Bond last night. Excellent !! The Aston Martin DB5 stole the show.
  3. I think Scott Brick is a great . For me Dick Hill is Reacher Dick Hill even narrated one of Janet Evanovich novels. George Guidall is another one I like. He did a fantastic job on Vince Flynns {rip} books. The Mitch Rapp novels are a great read. Mike
  4. I also listen to audio books. I was so upset when Dick Hill retired. Scott Brick is no Reacher!!
  5. Dwight There is a slot car track in Rockford ? I have been to Logan Ave 1 time to check it out. I am going to retire January 1st and I want to get back into slot car racing. I just wanted to connect with someone who races there. Are there any Slot Car forums. I know it is lame and you heard this thousands of times You are named after 2 Illinois towns ? Thanks Mike
  6. Does anyone race at Logan Ave Slot Car Raceway ? Mike
  7. I make very sure that the masking job is perfect as I can. I make sure that the tape is burnished . As for curves I tape 2 knifes blades together and cut out thin strips from the masking tape. Using them as a base line burnish then mask again following the curve. Also airbrushing the Molotov in thin layers reduces any chance of bleed thru.
  8. Tom Cruise made a farce out of the movies. Alan Ritchson looks the part. I wonder if it is gonna start when he is still in the Army or after. I hope that there is narrative about his thinking. Such as how is gonna beat his opponents to an inch of their lives in 3.2 seconds. His reasoning and deduction skills. I read The Sentinel by Andrew Child (Grant) Lee Childs brother and it did not disappoint. Mike
  9. I saw a trailer for the Amazon Jack Reacher series starting on February4th. I have really been excited about it since I first heard of it. [VIDEO] ‘Reacher’ Trailer, Premiere Date on Amazon — Alan Ritchson | TVLine
  10. I gave up on using BMF. Now I use masking tape and airbrush Molotov Chrome. Stick in my dehumidifier for a couple hours. Which makes the Molotov very hard and durable. I experimented using my dehumidifier because if it can dry Testors enamel paint it could certainly Molotov. It does work. Mike
  11. A collector had all 3 in his collection. He sold them 1 by each at Mecum. What a shame the 3 will never share the same stage again. I was hoping that some collector or museum would buy a 3. I would have but may garage us too small
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