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  1. All model kits 40% off. I did see 3 new cars and bought the 1966 Wildcat. I have not been there since last November . Hoping that they would have a better selection now. Nope
  2. 1955 Color Codes - Chrysler Paint Cross-Reference (paintref.com)
  3. I had a blanket on the front seat of my 1967 Impala . It got stolen
  4. Thanks for all of the advice. I tried the tooth pick. No good. I just stripped with brake fluid.
  5. This came with the news letter. They didn't forget us ? Building Muscle Cars - Kalmbach Hobby Store
  6. I know that when I am on my death bed my last thoughts will be the A-12 Oxcart heading off into wild blue yonder. God Bless America SR-71 A-12 Oxcart
  7. I got Fish Eye on the hood of a Thunderbird. How would be the easiest way to repair it? I used Testers Gloss Black Enamel The paint is too soft to sand . Use a chemical to strip it? But it my dehydrator until dry and then sand it ? Any advice will be most welcome Mike
  8. I saw this at Model Round Up today. 1964 Olds Cutlass F-85 Convertible (3 'n 1) Stock, Custom, Racing(1/25) (fs) <br><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">March, 2021</span> (modelroundup.com)
  9. What can I say ? His script, his acting and his character all sucked. I sure am grateful that the movie launched his short lived brilliant career MIKE
  10. I also have not watched my recording yet. Loved him on Saturday Night Live. IMO he sucked in Animal House.
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