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  1. Very nice build. Great paint job. I have used transparent paints on some of my cars.
  2. Hey Guys Thanks for all of your comments. It does mean a lot to me. Mike
  3. I did some more digging. the cartoonist Russ Meyers bought the car new. Here is the story on Hemmings . https://www.hemmings.com/stories/2014/06/02/numbers-matching-1971-plymouth-hemi-cuda-heads-to-auction
  4. This is a replica of the $3.5m Cuda sold at Mecum Seatle 2014. The most expensive Cuda in the lineup but no options! No sport mirrors, no console, no spoiler, no pb or ps. Not 1. Drag Race a convertible? I can't find anything about the original owner. Plymouth did beef up the frame on Hemi convertibles. Drive the PCH top down. Oops too fast for that curve. This is box stock, painted with Scale Finishes Bright Blue, tires, wheels, hub caps and tire decals all from Fireball. Looks like I did not chrome the sill.
  5. Right from the horse's mouth All LIQUID CHROME™ markers are filled with the unique LIQUID CHROME™ ink. The highly pigmented special ink has an unreached mirror effect on the marker market and is limited scratch- and abrasion-proof.
  6. I have been looking at E cars. The range depends on how many options you are using. My main concern is road trips and the availability of charging stations. There are plenty of horror stories about 2-3 hour charging times. Missed reservations, parties, airline flights and so on and so on. Tesla has the most stations and is building more. Thier pick up is one I would consider buying. Mike
  7. Does any company make a Chrome Acrylic Paint? Mike
  8. Anyone watching The Offer on Paramount +? Any The Godfather fan should take a look at it. It is about the making of the movie. Some of it is over the top with especially Robert Evans {Paramount} and Charlie Bluhdorn. {Gulf and Western}. The last time I saw a person barking as a dog at another person was Curly of The Three Stooges. It was written by Al Ruddy the producer of The Godfather and his experiences making the movie. So, most of it has gotta be true. Mike
  9. The first car that I can remember my dad owning was a 1959 Sport Fury. I spent hours in that car pretending to drive it. I am looking for a model of the 59 but only 58 Chrisine is available. I have looked at some 59 promos, but they are in rough shape. If I can find a 59-back bumper, could it be grafted onto the 59? The biggest challenge looks like the fins on the 59 are skinner than the 58. Maybe I will just paint Christine the same colors. Only me and a Plymouth Fury expert would know the difference. Any advice? Mike The 59 is on top
  10. How to Use the Color Wheel to Pick Your Perfect Color Palette | Better Homes & Gardens (bhg.com)
  11. This H&G video explains how to use a color wheel. I use when I need a custom color My first step would be to look for an OEM color that I like. When I mix paints, I only use the same brand. There is nothing worse than watching paint craze on a body. Off the top of my head, I would try a Kandy Burgandy Wine. With any Kandy you have a lot of control on how light or dark you want to go. Maybe a Burgandy Pearl. Check out HOK is my go-to. Good luck Mike.
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