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  1. I have trouble bending wire for the opening and closing doors. The videos I have seen the guy always has his fingers in the way. Especially the second bend. I really haven't seen a good tutorial in print. Does anyone know of a jig that is used for bending the wires. Mike
  2. Now what does G.M. do with these cars? One goes to the Corvette Museum . The other one is auctioned off ? Collectors love a car with a unique history.
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/news/gm-employees-jailed-for-racing-c8-corvettes-on-the-street/ar-BBYQ5Qa?li=BBnbfcL
  4. My blue collar family has a plumber, electrician, and a carpenter . Me I am the best GO FOR and ladder holder in the whole world. Mike
  5. Sold for $12,000,000. It makes me wonder what kind of moral turpitude the buyer has. So much good could be done with 12M. Mike
  6. Ever since the kids graduated from school the dieses have stopped coming home. The only real scare was an out break of viral meningitis at my daughters college. I may get a cold every couple of years Mike
  7. The T Birds and extra parts arrived yesterday. A community is built on trust. No trust no community. Thanks Tom
  8. Bill Simpson passed Monday Dec 16th after suffering a major stroke December 13th. How many racers lives were saved thanks to his great safety products? Rest in peace Bill Simpson
  9. I LUV it. Check out the AMT 1959 Imperial. It is an easy build and has a lot of custom parts. IMO it's a good candidate for a Larry Watson paint job. Mike
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