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  1. You can also try the round sticker adhesive printer paper.
  2. I told my wife this is what I want for my birthday. "How much $ " she asked. "That's not bad" Always a good sign
  3. Are they waiting for King George V to drive his Bentley? Great build
  4. All of your cars are First place winners
  5. WOW !!! Do you subscribe to the Dedicated To The Hobby magazine ? It is a Lowrider model car magazine. Lots of Kool cars
  6. Good news. My wife had it done a couple of years ago. A little bit of unsolicited advice. Do the physical therapy religiously . It makes a huge difference .
  7. Thanks. I just looked on Amazon and you are right The same one with different brand names. E Bay was the cheapest but at least with Amazon there is some recourse if there are problems.
  8. I use plain old Scotch Tape. Sometimes just laying it down on the decal with no pressure will pull it off . Use minimum pressure on the tape and pull off Slowly !!!!
  9. I found this . http://www.compresins.com/site/751597/product/CR-4005
  10. I would check out Pine Derby stickers Mike
  11. I need the Skinny whitewall tires from the AMT 1962 T-Bird Thanks Mike
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