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  1. No More 40% off coupon at Hobby Hobby Lobby. I went there yesterday. Same old stuff. I did get some Metallizer, Clear Coat, and Mr. Hobby Primer Mike
  2. Any info on these ARII - IMEX . It would be a nice collection to build convertible, 2 door, and the 4 door.
  3. I can not remember where I saw "How To" reshape those boxy bucket seats from early kits. Wildcat, Grand Slam Pontiac, Rivera . Could someone point me the right Forum Topic. I have looked but can not find it. Thanks Mike
  4. Hobby Lobby, Hobby linc, Micro Mark
  5. Does anyone have Info on this kit ? Mike
  6. Yes it is a Life Below Zero spinoff 'Life Below Zero: Port Protection' Cast Deaths: Has Anyone Died? (distractify.com)
  7. I have been watching my recording of it today. So many great cars.
  8. One of the cast members Gary Muehlberger died 3/17/21. The Fire Marshall believes that he was working on a propane water heater which exploded and burnt down his house. RIP Gary
  9. Mr. Fraud Krause My brother was recruited to work at Mr. Norms He left his other employer with the promise that his family would get health insurance . This was a big deal because his wife was pregnant at the time. Baby was born. Mr. Norm " I never promised you insurance" After he quit my brother contacted Susan Anderson an investigative reporter at WBBM TV Chicago. A TV taped interview was done at my brothers house. Dad, Mom, Sister and me sat in. He explained why he is going on the record. 1 Multiple fake warranty claims were made for customer cars. 2 Used car odometers were turned back. 3 All of his racing transport vehicles had their odometers turned back. 4 Nail in the coffin. Fake warranty claims. Mr. Norms fleet sales customers included Chicago Police, Illinois Secretary of State and various Illinois Municipalities. The investigations by Chrysler and Attorney General of Illinois began shortly began after the interview aired on WBBM TV. This led to the demise of Grand Spaulding Dodge. Mr. Norm was never ever going to own a Chrysler Dealership again or any other auto company. Mike
  10. I use the Don (Youst ?) method. I use one of those polishing kits that starts with 2400 grit through 12,000 grit. Just use hot water and soap. Then primer the car. It should be very smooth. Good luck Mike
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