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  1. I am looking for the Supercharger parts to build the Ford 312 Supercharged engine. My 57 Fairlane kit only has a couple of the parts. Mike
  2. I do not want to Hi-Jack your thread. I got this today. Cord+Jeepster https://kustomrama.com/wiki/Martin_S._Papazian's_Cordster
  3. Can't tell. But I hope he has a set of Wilwood Disc on all 4 corners.
  4. A lot of car companies sent prototypes , half finished, did not meet QC specs, and so on and so on. Also a lack of space and cost to warehouse cars that would never see the streets. Off to the crusher. What a shame. I also could not watch it to the end. I wonder what kind of $ those cars would bring today. Any Mopar collector would jump at a chance to restore one Mike .
  5. I asked a Gasser owner why the fuel tank up front . Puts the fuel closer to the engine DAH !!!!
  6. https://skynet-aviation.com/warbirds_%26_jets_4sale.html
  7. There is a build up in SAE that address the wheels
  8. Very nice I really enjoyed your build up in SAE
  9. I remember him and his wife when there was only black and white TV RIP
  10. I have been struggling with this for a while now. The videos that I have seen the guy has his fingers in the way especially that second bend. Thank you Mike
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