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  1. I am looking for the Supercharger parts to build the Ford 312 Supercharged engine. My 57 Fairlane kit only has a couple of the parts. Mike
  2. I do not want to Hi-Jack your thread. I got this today. Cord+Jeepster https://kustomrama.com/wiki/Martin_S._Papazian's_Cordster
  3. Can't tell. But I hope he has a set of Wilwood Disc on all 4 corners.
  4. A lot of car companies sent prototypes , half finished, did not meet QC specs, and so on and so on. Also a lack of space and cost to warehouse cars that would never see the streets. Off to the crusher. What a shame. I also could not watch it to the end. I wonder what kind of $ those cars would bring today. Any Mopar collector would jump at a chance to restore one Mike .
  5. I asked a Gasser owner why the fuel tank up front . Puts the fuel closer to the engine DAH !!!!
  6. https://skynet-aviation.com/warbirds_%26_jets_4sale.html
  7. There is a build up in SAE that address the wheels
  8. Very nice I really enjoyed your build up in SAE
  9. I remember him and his wife when there was only black and white TV RIP
  10. I have been struggling with this for a while now. The videos that I have seen the guy has his fingers in the way especially that second bend. Thank you Mike
  11. I am driving about 25mph-30mph on Rt 43 through Sheboygan Wi in a snow storm. There is a long over pass that is all asphalt and when it freezes it is treacherous because of black ice. When I come over the rise, cars are scattered everywhere. I tap my brakes to check for. black ice. No traction. So between down shifting and letting the weight of the truck slow me down. I was able to slow down to an idle. I made it through OK Next this Chesehead comes flying around me and flips over onto his roof. Lesson learned ? Probably not To your point slow down, leave early, and put the phone down. Mike.
  12. Starting starting tonight into Thursday we are suppose to get 5" of snow. Mike
  13. I just sent a model car kit from Illinois to North Carolina for $8.00. USPO. When E-Bay sellers charge $8.00 to $10.00 for shipping it does seem reasonable
  14. This is the long version One minute a sunny day Then the storm hit. This is gotta be the biggest pileup I have ever in my 68 years living in Chicago.
  15. IMO . When they had to install a roll bar all the carpet was probably yanked out and never put back in.
  16. Thank you for all the info. Mike
  17. I am looking for the all chrome 1957 Thunderbird engine . Not sure if it is Monogram or AMT. I looked at the kits on E-Bay but I could not find a box with a picture on it. Last resort buy a whole kit and airbrush with Molotow or Alclad. Thanks Mike.
  18. Very nice. I LUV your paint job. I saw a 1: 1 smoke a Hellcat on westbound I 90 around Marengo IL About a month ago. Mike.
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