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  1. I think the plan would be to donate it to a Not for Proffit Muesum. With the owners' caveat of first right of refusal. A $174,000,000 is a nice tax wright off. Mike
  2. I hope that NASA sends the Rover into that doorway
  3. Mercedes has been lagging behind the rest of the F1 teams. Podium finishes have been hard to come by. Hamilton got 1 in Bahrain. $142,000,000 would be a huge an investment. Results ????. A pig with $142,000.000 is still a pig. Mike
  4. I see on the box a General Mills logo. Was MPC owned by them or was there some sort of cereal promotion going on? Mike
  5. When my wife and I go out antiquing I always spot old radio tubes. We live in the Chicago area and there are a lot of stores. Grage and estate sales are probably the best. The older the house the better finds are lurking there. Good luck in your hunt Mike
  6. Jason, I agree with you 100% about painting the body first because it does give me an incentive to finish the car. Right now, I have a 1967 Impala SS painted Evening Orchard {my favorite color} Every time I look at it, I can't wait to finish it. Mike
  7. Great build. This is one of my favorite Funny Cars. I saw him race at US 30. The paint jobs on his cars blew me away. Mike
  8. I paint the body first and clear coat it. This way the paint has time to cure. When it comes to final assembly I don't have to worry about finger prints or soft paint Any residue from BMF or epoxy can be taken care with Maguires or just soap and water. I use Scale Finishes clear. It really protects the paint. Mike
  9. I ran across this today for sale at Hobbylinc. Has anyone built one of these back in the day? Or any opinion or reviews. It does look kool Mike
  10. Very nice. I just added it to my favorites
  11. We just got back from Hawaii and had a wonderful time. Everyone said "Hawaii is so expensive" Any vacation to a major city New York, Chicago, LA, or Toyko is expensive. Especially if you are staying on the Main Drag. I could not find a job Mike
  12. My wife and I are on our way to Hawaii this morning. If I can get a job, there I am not coming back. Looking forward to meet you Gregg. Mike 1017 .
  13. The reamer is very fine and narrow. Sometimes it will push dried paint through the tip. I don't put any pressure on the reamer just lightly spin the tip on top. Until it feels smooth The first time I did this I could really feel the imperfections in the tip. There is a U Tube video about tuning up an airbrush Mike 1017
  14. Check out The Airbrush Cleaning - Ultrasonic Cleaner. Topic. Lots of good advice on airbrush cleaning Mike
  15. Lets have an Airbrush cleaning shoot out at the OK Coral. I left out a couple of steps. I use jewelry bead reamer to smooth out the inside of the tip, the part that the needle slides through, and the trigger. Anything that I can clean with a micro brush or old paint brush. A drop of oil where the trigger hits the air release valve. I use the 6,000 8,000 and 12,000 polishing sheets on the needle. It sprays better than new. Mike 1017
  16. I clean mine after every use. I have timed myself 7 minutes start to finish. There is a lot of stuff on You Tube about Airbrush maintenance. Mike.
  17. It is a shame that with kits pushing $30.00 and not to mention this is the 21st century that decal quality is still an issue. Is the decal manufacturing process too old and worn out? What ever happened to dip in water and apply? Even old Tamiya decals seem to withstand the test of time. Contracting out to Slixx would be a great solution. Mike
  18. What I do. Use one of those decal setting liquids on the body first. The setting solution and water makes the decal very slippery. Once I get into in to position, I will use a Q Tip or paper towel to suck up the extra water and work out any bubbles Good Luck Mike
  19. Thank you, Casey. It came yesterday. The extra parts that you sent will be put to good use. Mike
  20. Thanks for starting this. Shapeways is the most aggravating place to search. Mike
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