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  1. Sorry I can' help. This sink drain mesh trap saved my butt a couple a bunch of times.
  2. David Gurga[ewetwo] saved my butt on this one. The 1959 Impala El Camino I bought at a toy show was open but it I took a chance. $15.00.The dash is missing UGH !! I am not as good as I thought at spotting missing parts. Mike 1017
  3. I need the dash for a 1959 Impala El Camino. I assume that it is the same dash as the car. Thanks Mike
  4. Leading his team with just basic drafting tools he designed some of the most iconic flying machines. Oxcart A-12, SR-71, and the U-2. are just a few of his creations that started with a pencil and paper. You are gonna be missed Mike 1017C
  5. Perry, Have you done the conversion from 2 door to 4 door yet? Mike
  6. Repeating myself. After painting any part with Molotov Chrome, it goes into my dehydrator for about 8 hours. Before I handle any part sprayed with Molotov, I wash my hands. My dehydrator dries out Testators Gloss Black enamel in 10 hours or so. Good luck Mike
  7. Thank you for all of your compliments. It does mean a lot to me. It did turn out nice Mike
  8. Tamiya TS 75 Champaign Gold Pearl and Dupli Color Toyota Almond Biege Champaign Gold. All of the chrome moldings were airbrushed with Molotov Chrome. The car spent about 8 hours in my dehydrator Thanks for the compliment Mike
  9. Thanks for all the Good Whishes Mike
  10. I was born 70 years ago today. The last time I was so happy about my birthday was when I turned 21. I retired in February and still working on a daily schedule. I can't believe how well I sleep now, no more 3am alarms and going off to work. For the most part I am in perfect health. BUT my 70-year-old body, still has the brain of an 18-year-old juvenile delinquent. Thanks for looking Mike
  11. Got this done today as I was born 9/10/1952. Looks I gotta work on the hood.
  12. After the demise of the Muscle Car. Mr. Norm's Grand Spaulding Dodge in Chicago built some of coolest in the country.This is his personal van. Another one. Not too many survived. Chicago's use of road salt turned these into rust buckets along with 10's of thousands of other vehicles.
  13. I also use that type of container. The lids of containers are great for mixing paint and epoxy glue.
  14. Ford Mavericks had some unique names for their paint colors Three Putt Green, There She Blue, Anti-Establish Mint, Last Stand Custard and so on and so on. Mike
  15. Very nice. I bought 4 of these when it was a Ertl-Amt kit. 3 out of 4 had the driver's side A pillars were crushed. It is comforting that some things never change Mike
  16. I took my car into the Ford dealer by me. For 40,000-mile service and to see what Supercars he has started selling. McLeran, Lambo, AMG SL Mercedes and so on. What really caught my eye was a 2022 Bentely Flying Spur GT ($245,499). I have seen a lot of black cars before but nothing like this. Yes, it is shiny but so deep that you could walk into it and get lost. Anyone else experienced this Beluga Black paint job? Mike
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