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  1. Camshaft added a post in a topic 72 olds cutlass redux   

    Gorgeous car...I have a 1:1 Cutlass in a similar hue. Very nice build.
  2. Camshaft added a post in a topic Early Model T?   

    That Coupelet is super cool, I kind of want one.
  3. Camshaft added a post in a topic post up your Ford Courier models   

    The Sven's World of Wheels site has a cool Courier built up into a pro mod pizza delivery truck.
  4. Camshaft added a post in a topic 1961 Oldsmobile 2 Door Sedan   

    Car looks absolutely fantastic, I love the colour, the subject, AND THOSE WHEELS! Anyone who thinks Torq-Thrusts are bling must have their lugnuts over-torqued or somethin'.
  5. Camshaft added a post in a topic And Then There Were A Few Promos...   

    I'm looking for patterns.
  6. Camshaft added a post in a topic how many camaros, corvettes and t-birds do we have to look at?   

    Not sure if this has been said yet, but...

    To you and me, there's a billion different Camaro models. To the owner of a Camaro with an obscure graphics/body/interior/engine package that is, as of yet, unavailable in scale, there aren't nearly enough Camaro models.
  7. Camshaft added a post in a topic '34 Ford pickup chopped, channeled, z'd..   

    Red and green are complementary colours. I think it looks great! My daily has a similar theme: candy green with red interior accents. When done subtly and tastefully as you have, it's positively striking!
  8. Camshaft added a post in a topic 34 Ford Camino   

    I totally dig the '57 Chevy trim. Nice choice. I didn't see your vision right away but now that it's nearing completion I can see what you saw all along! Great build so far.
  9. Camshaft added a post in a topic AMT '32 Five Window: Strictly Traditional   

    Nice job on the "sheetmetal surgery." The mild body channelling looks fantastic.
  10. Camshaft added a post in a topic Pics of Dodge Monaco's please   

    I remember that! The opening of that show always showed the son opening the butterflies on the blower scoop. Way cool!
  11. Camshaft added a post in a topic Walk, then Run   

    This is a great thread, and, oddly, encouraging. It makes me feel like my builds are still worth posting, even if I'm not ready to wire a distributor or flock a carpet of chop a top yet. Just master the fundamentals and the rest will come with experience. Someone else also made a good point...about tools. The phrase "You don't need the Cadillac...the decked-out Caprice will do just fine" really stuck with me as well, and it's definitely influencing my purchase of tools and equipment in a positive, helpful way.

    I recently started on a Ford hot rod with what I thought was easy detailing. I hit a few snags, but I'm undeterred. Now I'm going "back to basics" and building an MPC Zinger! just to gain experiece and FINISH SOMETHING. It also helps to pass the time while the Easy-Off is doing its job.

    Love this thread! It should be a sticky in this forum and the noob forum.
  12. Camshaft added a post in a topic 33 Ford 4 door   

    The oxidaton/rust looks so realistic...I'm more and more impressed with this build every time I see it!
  13. Camshaft added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Here's what I picked up at the model show yesterday:

  14. Camshaft added a topic in On The Workbench   

    MPC Zingers! Super Volks
    So, I wanted something quick to work on while I was waiting for the paint to strip on my '34 Ford project, so I picked up one of these at my LHS. The colour is a GM colour called Medium Sage Metallic, the same shade that graces my 1:1 '86 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme. I had it mixed up in a spray can at a local paint shop a while back. I've made some decent progress so far; the body's painted and clearcoated, needing only minor details to finish. I've also gotten some of the chassis parts painted:

    I also got the blower assembly together; it just needs some finishing details and it'll be set...I'm still not sure what colour to paint my engine block.

    The last thing I have to show you guys is some detail painting. The parachute is ready to glue to the back of the body; I also painted the insides of the header collectors flat black to add some depth.

    That's all for now! All comments and advice are appreciated.
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  15. Camshaft added a post in a topic If only they made a Mercury Sable Wagon model   

    Just looked at this thing again...what's going on with the grille? I remember those Sables being "bottom feeders" with no grille, instead having a lighted center section.