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  1. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic 70 Malibu Convertible   

    Is the steering wheel upside down? Looks good so far.
  2. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Polishing cars   

    I wouldn't have recommended putting wax on before the clear.
  3. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Airbrush Question   

    I'm going to check around too. Just wondering if anyone had any experience with it.
  4. NickTheGreek added a topic in General   

    Airbrush Question
    As far as they go, how does this one rank?

    I'm thinking about investing in one and the 40% off coupon is very enticing.

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  5. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Revell 69 Shelby GT-500 - updated 3/5/07   

    I still need to pick up some foil, photo etched emblems and clear. It will be a couple of weeks before it is all done since finals are next week. One question though. Should I put the foil on after I clear it? This will be my first time using it.
  6. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Revell 69 Shelby GT-500 - updated 3/5/07   

    New update. Things go kind of slow when you're working and going to school.

    This interior picture isn't up to date though and I'm too lazy to take it apart to get a picture.

    I used HOK Candy Apple Red over their silver base coat. I wasn't too pleased with the way it came out of the can. Kind of spattered out. First can I've seen do that. Perhaps when I get done with school in june I'll invest in an airbrush. I also chose not to use the side scoops or mirrors just to smooth things out a bit.

    Still needs a polish and bmf. I'm also looking at some photoetch details for the emblems.

    On with the pictures.

    None of the major parts are glued. I still need to sand and clear

  7. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic 77 Ford F100 PU (Converting from MK Camper Special)   

    Where in the world did you get those tires? Those are great.
  8. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Chrome wheels in Nascar...again!   

    Just to point something out here. The hydrogen embrittlement is not a problem with the steel but in the chrome and if not taken care of would flake off even with the smallest rock chip. This is more of a problem in pieces with multiple plating layers. Hydrogen embrittlement of steel would require a molten steel pool without a protective atmosphere or by using a non-low hydrogen process or being careless with the rod ovens. This is also seen in thicker sections like 1" +.

    By sticking the parts in the oven you give the hydrogen a chance to diffuse through the matrix and come out of the part thus resulting in less hydrogen pockets, cracks and stress concentrators.

    At least that's what I've seen with chrome.

    Sorry for the tangent.

    I also like the chrome wheels back in nascar.
  9. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic What to do with your old Unwanted Nascars   

    what are these unwanted nascars you speak of?? I've never seen any. 8)
  10. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Went to a swap/show yesterday   

    Sure was. Were you there? I heard that there wasn't near the showing that there was last year.
  11. NickTheGreek added a topic in General   

    Went to a swap/show yesterday
    Spent more money than I had figured but that's how it always is I guess.

    Picked up three Earnhardt models, 34 ford pickup and a Hueycobra just for fun.

    I also found this a little interesting. Now I'm not sure what I want to do with this chopper considering its age.

    Other pictures can be seen here.

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  12. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic 86 Monte Carlo   

    Well, I don't know that I'll get another kit just to steal the 4 link.
  13. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Revell 69 Shelby GT-500 - updated 3/5/07   

    I knew someone would ask that and honestly, for the first try I wasn't really concerned with that.
  14. NickTheGreek added a post in a topic Revell 69 Shelby GT-500 - updated 3/5/07   

    Actually, drilling the holes was pretty easy. Putting the wires in was the difficult part. I'll just have to be very careful next time.

    PS. I used a hot needle to make pilot holes in the plastic then drilled with a bit a little larger than the wire.
  15. NickTheGreek added a topic in On The Workbench   

    86 Monte Carlo
    This started out as a normal kit build.

    I was then visiting a friend and we were testing out different wheels on it. I decided to go the complete opposite with this one and started cutting. I've already got the cowl hood from psf hobbies but it needs some tweaking to fit properly.

    I need to section the removed area and use some styrene sheet to fill in the wheel tubs. Then I'll be building a 4 link for the rear. I think I can get away without any rear fender modification.
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