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  1. Bill J added a post in a topic Wanted ....this is a long shot ??   

    Get one of the 3D artists to draw one and have it 3D printed by someone like Shapeways. Then it could be cast in resin and you could have as many as you wanted. Just a thought.
  2. Bill J added a post in a topic '75 Chevrolet Chevelle Laguna S3   

    I had a  1:1 76 S3 Laguna that was in pristine condition, sold it about 1993. Pretty big car compared to what we have today. I have some of the Model King reissue NASCAR Laguna kits but never gave much consideration to modeling my old car. Too many other irons in the fire.
  3. Bill J added a post in a topic Photo bucket: Class action suit?   

    My statement's have  nothing to do with free vs. paid, it is simply a warning that any data stored elsewhere, under someone else's control is subject to loss or being ransomed for higher fees. It really doesn't matter about free privilege or lawsuits. My statements are purely a warning to advise people to not put their eggs in someone else's basket. You can use the cloud all your desire but keep a copy of everything locally. Also, don't put anything I on the cloud that you want kept private, someone can see your files, like it or not.
  4. Bill J added a post in a topic Photo bucket: Class action suit?   

    In case no one see what this Photobucket ransom means, let me enlighten you. For some years now all the big information technology companies have been pushing some thing with the stupid named "cloud". Their desire is for everyone to put all their information files, pictures and so forth on their magical systems which reside in some mythical place. The serious problem with that is at anytime they can turn you off from access to YOUR files and then ask for a sum of their choosing to get you access again. such as Photobucket is doing.
    Apple, Microsoft and many others have been pushing "cloud computing" which could and often does also include access to software packages like Office so that you may edit and create documents. The danger of losing the files or access to software on the cloud has always been real but you're told to participate because it's such a great deal. You can access your files from any device, etc, etc.
    This has always been a serious risk for businesses which may have proprietary information within files or design data within photos. Smart businesses have always avoided the cloud and invested in storage solutions that they can secure. A few cases of businesses suffering from cloud outages or mechanical failure have occurred in the past and will occur again to people that are careless enough to put their trust into companies that could actually care less about your data, personal or business.
    Please take the Photobucket lesson and keep your own data where you have control over it. You can find another photo hosting site that will allow you to post pictures (3rd party posting) but always keep copies on your own systems and the same applies to other files, trust no company with all your data, they can be hacked, shut down or start charging some outrageous fees to "allow" you access to your files.
  5. Bill J added a post in a topic Scale Lighting.....   

    The AMT original annual 64 Ford Galaxie kit had grain of wheat headlights included with the kit. Both the hardtop and the convertible.
  6. Bill J added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got the 61 Pontiac Catalina NASCAR kit that I preordered, it arrived and was delivered by the post office, on SUNDAY! Very strange! Now, if I could get the tires that were mailed last week and are touring all the wrong post offices in the city, I'd be mighty happy
  7. Bill J added a post in a topic Model King / Moebius Joe Weatherly '61 Catalina   

    Indeed, thank you Bill G. for the how to on the glass fitting. I have to say that in all this kit to me was something of a disappointment. There are no suspension parts for a NASCAR modded racer, there are some nice additions though for the interior and engine. I was originally planning to buy at least 4 kits but after some thought I decided 2 was my limit. I really wanted to make the Fireball Robert's 61 racer but Powerslide decals did the numbers in gold foil, which is wrong for anything except the redone (incorrectly) showcar 62 Catalina. The Robert's car for 1961 had door numbers in a metallic silver, not foil and the 62 had numbers in metallic gold, again, not foil. So my decal choices helped me determine I only needed 2 kits,
    I have to be honest and say that my interest in NASCAR anything has greatly diminished.
  8. Bill J added a post in a topic 1964 Thunderbolt correct hood   

    Wont let me post the other link
  9. Bill J added a post in a topic 1964 Thunderbolt correct hood   

    While many think the hood in the kit is incorrect, it is actually about right. I think the idea it is wrong comes from some tear drop hoods that were in various AMT kits years ago and they actually differ from a correct T'Bolt hood.
  10. Bill J added a post in a topic Moebius '54 Hudson Hornet   

    I like it
  11. Bill J added a post in a topic 1962 Studebaker Lark   

    Man, love that color and the paint job.
  12. Bill J added a post in a topic 1968 Torino GT David Pearson's Gold # 17   

    Southern Motor Sports Hobbies used to sell the decals for that car, might still make them. They were laser printed by them. The striping is weak on the sheet but the rest of the markings are there. You can get a Keith Marks 69 Torino GT sheet and reshape his stripes to replicate the 68 striping.
    I would have used a Polar Lights Talladega for the body and reshaped the nose or added the standard Torino nose from the AMT body to the PL body,
  13. Bill J added a post in a topic Red Byron 1949 Oldsmobile   

    Another cool oldie. Your builds are always great Mark
  14. Bill J added a post in a topic Moebius 1965 Cyclone A/FX 427 SOHC   

    I can't help but think that the build is one of the nicest, neatest detailed and accurate models I can recall seeing. Super nice.