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  1. Bill J added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    I got my Missing Link 71 Cyclone in the mail the other day, hat's off to Kevin! Beautiful kit, all the parts and body are as nice as any work I have ever seen. Now, if someone would pick me out a color I can live with for many choices!
  2. Bill J added a post in a topic Rubbery resin from paint remover?   

    I actually soaked a resin body and parts in Wesley's Blech-Wite and it softened the bumpers to a rubbery state. I had soaked the items for 24 hours, per many folks recommendations. The 2 bumpers were rubbery when I painted them gloss black and then chrome Alclad, they were rubbery when I glued them on the finished model and that was weeks after the soaking.
    So, now I just wash resin parts in dish soap and warm water and scrub with an old toothbrush.
  3. Bill J added a post in a topic Chrysler DOHC Hemi   

    The odd thing to me is that the 426 DOHC engine in the SuperBee looks more accurate than any Ford 427 SOHC engine I have seen kitted, even though the Ford SOHC was actually run in lots of drag cars and even top fuelers.
  4. Bill J added a post in a topic Chrysler DOHC Hemi   

    Definitely came in the 79 SuperBee Pro Street kit. Not sure if it also came in the stock SuperBee kit.
  5. Bill J added a post in a topic 71 Cyclone   

    Nice one! My ML kit is in the mail so I should be getting going on my own here soon. Not sure what color I want though.
    Your Cyclone looks really good. I especially like the Magnum 500 wheels with the black outs, nicely done.
  6. Bill J added a post in a topic Buddy Baker's 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona (Update 05/19)   

    The Daytona is really coming along nicely. I like your bathtub intake, don't forget the bolt heads around the top. The top had to be removed to bolt the manifold to the heads, which is why the bolts around the perimeter.
    Overall, I am very impressed with the build/techniques.
  7. Bill J added a post in a topic `65 Plymouth Hemi Super Stock "Melrose Missile"-Moebius/Model King   

    I put my order in today for a pair of these, not sure what to make out of them but I wanted the engine/headers/chassis. More nice work by Moebius.
  8. Bill J added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    The MPC Cyclone NASCAR kit has a really plain chassis with almost no detail and what detail there is doesn't look right. The ride height is too high in the NASCAR kit, even for the street car, which is why I used a Polar Lights Torino chassis on my NASCAR Cyclone.
    I have a Revell 70 Torino kit and plan to use it for the stock Cyclone. I am sure that whatever work is involved is worth it. The engine is very well done as well as the overall chassis parts, I'll see how it goes. No way I would use the MPC NASCAR chassis.
    Some other options would be the 66 Fairlane but the engine would be wrong.
  9. Bill J added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    I have that 71 Cyclone on order, looking forward to making a rare muscle car. I noticed that the Model King racing Cyclone kit was issued a few years ago, it came with 2 full sheets of decals to give the builder a selection of options. One of the sheets has the factory stock Cyclone Spoiler striping and logos for both the 70 and the 71 Cyclones. They are black, both years. Saves some time for me!
    I have looked at the 71 Mercury paint chips and have not decided on a color yet. Some of the Cyclones were a pretty loud color, not sure which way I will go with mine. Probably not the toxic green or competition orange, I may consider plain white. Having black stripes and logos limits me a little on the color. Considering the competition blue also. We shall see...
  10. Bill J added a post in a topic TRULY RAREST OF THE RARE 1/25 MUSCLE CAR KITS OF ALL TIME   

    I have had the pleasure of seeing Raoul's Grand Prix in person both as a wip and a finished model. Really outstanding build. The paint is perfect and the overall attention to detail make it a really fine standout!
  11. Bill J added a post in a topic Does a photo-etch set exist for the Ford Galaxie?   

    I have one of the ancient Performance Detail Products photo etch sets for the 63 Galaxie. Comes with scripts, emblems and a grille. Very nice if you can find one.
  12. Bill J added a post in a topic Wish Lists   

    68 Mercury Cyclone, Dan Gurney and Cale Yarbrough editions as an option.
    57 Ford Ranchero
    58 Ford Custom 300 2-door sedan
    48-50 Packard,  fastback coupe and convertible
    73 Mercury Montego GT
  13. Bill J added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    Oh yeah! Thanks for reminding us about Keith's Cyclone decals! I have got to build one of these street Cyclones soon
    I made a race version of Benny Parsons' Merc a few months ago using a reissue MPC race kit and a Polar Lights Talladega chassis.

  14. Bill J added a post in a topic Missing Link 70-71 cyclones   

    Really look good. I'll be glad to get the chance to build one of them. A nice piece of semi-forgotten muscle car history. Thank you for making them Kevin.
  15. Bill J added a post in a topic Moebius '65 Mercury Comet Cyclone news   

    Apologies on my wonky wheel comment. I did not realize they were a representation of a hubcap, to me they looked like an open wheel that was too shallow. I vaguely remember seeing "open wheel" hubcaps on cars back in the day.
    Overall, Moebius is making some great kits of some great subjects and doing them well. I just bought a 54 Hudson Hornet Special, another cool kit. Looking forward to every kit you're coming up with, never a poor subject and all have multiple possibilities. Keep them coming!