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  1. What color is the red for the Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    The real car was painted with Ford candy apple red. It is NOT a candy paint, it is just called candy apple red and is a plain, non metallic, none candy Ford color used in the 60's. A good close match would be Tamiya Italian red over Tamiya grey primer. The For4d color is still a little darker but the Tamiya Italian red over grey is close. NOT Testor's Italian red, it is not even close.
  2. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    I did not see anything that I needed at the swap either. I missed finding Kurt's Coke cooler and never saw a kit that I wanted at a price I could pay. I did visit with a few friends and said hi to a few others and went home with my wallet intact.
  3. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    Thanks for the great pictures. Congratulations to John Teresi and his amazing radial pickup, very imaginative! Congrats to all that won or participated, some very fine models. I am afraid I bailed before the first entry went on the tables, so I missed the whole point. Old age, I miss a lot of stuff
  4. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    Went over first thing in the morning. I did not find any little Coke coolers, in fact I did not find one thing I was wanting. I left right after 9 AM. Hope everyone had a more productive time than I did.
  5. Desert Scale Classic XV - April 13

    I like that little Coke cooler. It would look good with my little Coke car I plan on going to the swap tables tomorrow, if I get up and around early enough url=https://imgur.com/u6z1Lj2][/url]
  6. NASCAR Motorsports Model Cards

    I still have a set somewhere in the plastic box they came in. Pretty cool.
  7. 1952 Hudson Hornet

    Great looking Hudson, They are a fun build with little trouble. So far I have only made 2 coupes and one convertible. I love them but that foiling takes a ton of motivation to get going on. Incidentally, I had no problems with the decals but I built the ones I have done raight after the kits came out, so the decals were fresh. Sure reminds me of another time when Hudson's were a common site on the roads. Yep, I am old Here is my take on the 52 convertible. I used Hudson color called Texas Tan and my up top came from Motor City Resins. I used the wire wheels from the 54 Hudson kit.
  8. Cotton Owens Charger 500

    Coming along nicely. Great subject too, hardly ever see a Charger 500.
  9. Tire Letter Decals

    No advise on saving your lettered tires. I have had this happen to me and I use Testor's acrylic flat clear out of an airbrush. It seems to happen if I apply the clear coat too wet. I think it re-wets the decal and causes the silvering. If I apply very light coats and allow some drying, I do not get the silvering. I had this happen on the same tires, same decals and the ones that silvered had been wet coated more than others that I did at the same time but gave them a few more lighter coats.
  10. Not sure how this works in the automotive design world but in other fields rights expire after 50 years. Which is why you have old songs used in commercials and any record label can make records of 50+ year old artists music or publish books that were written over 50 years ago. However, since Cobra, Ford and Shelby are all still current brands, they would own the rights to their NAMES. So if you were to label a kit Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, powered by Ford, you would be needing several licenses. If you called it Sports Car Race Car of 1964-65 you would be legit, most likely. A kit called a cobra is going to sell better than a kit called sports car race car, so one would probably want the name on the kit. Reality it that 1964-65 was a very long time ago and I would think that although there are people that remember the time period and the cars, it would not appeal as much to a younger builder that may want a kit of a Lamborghini as opposed to an antique race car that only raced a few seasons over 50 years ago. I would buy a bunch of them myself but I am thinking that from a marketing person's perspective, the Daytona Coupe and the Cheetah would both be light sellers. Who knows what goes through the marketing person's mind? Fortunately for us modeler's there are excellent kits of both the Cobra Daytona Coupe and the Cheetah made by Historic Racing Miniatures and MFH also makes a Daytona Coupe. A little pricey but great kits and quite well detailed. I have one of he Daytona coupe kits, I would not buy a Cheetah. The Cheetah is a cool looking car and good old American hot rodding at it's finest but it has not much of a track record beyond many DNF's. If you want one for it's cuteness or odd shape, it is available, just not at Hobby Lobby.
  11. Your preferred gloss white

    I guess I am missing a lot of drama with white paint. I have used MM white, it's alright. I have used the little Testor's bottle enamel, it's useable. I have used the acrylic Testor's white, one time and it came out great, the second color forced a strip and I went to a lacquer, didn't like it much. stripped again. I finally ended up with Tamiya TS Pure White and Racing White over Tamiya white primer. Used the can direct to the body, came out every time. I have lots of airbrushes and for body painting I have never decanted anything, always have better luck with just spraying from the can. Maybe I am lucky. I do use the airbrushes more than spray cans but for black and white and reds, I have good success with the TS spray cans. My favorite paint is Scalefinishes acrylic enamel, gloss coat paint. I have a cap that screws direct to the bottles and I airbrush away. Easy cleanup and no waste or mess pouring into bottles. I guess we all find what we like and what works for us. I try things until I find what works best for me. It took me a long time to try out the Tamiya spray cans but once I did, I really like them.
  12. Revell 68 Chevelle

    Excellent build. Always nice to see someone's methods of accomplishing the difficult. Keep up the great work
  13. Historic Racing Miniatures makes a very nice resin kit of this car. While the car was interesting and cool looking in it's day, it was very unsuccessful as a road race car. Never much in control. I am with others here, I would much rather have a Cobra Daytona Coupe, it took the USA to it's first FIA Sports Car Championship, a very significant car in history. I have one of the HRM kits and a Gunze-Sanyo kit but a cheaper version sure would be nice. I will add, that if I had lots of money, I would love to have a kit car replica of a Daytona Coupe in 1:1 to drive. I doubt many could keep a Cheetah pointed in a safe direction, the race car drivers back in the day couldn't.
  14. Kit Wanted GT40 Fujimi

    Another rule back in those days was the Prototype class cars were considered GT class cars that had not been manufactured in sufficient quantity to qualify for GT class, So, all rules were essentially the same. Spare tire, luggage capacity, 2 seats, etc.
  15. If you can find the AMT parts pack of Goodyear Polyglass tires, it comes with 4 of the F70-14's I seem to recall. The other 4 in the package are like G70-14's I think. Probably available on ebay.