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  1. Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette

    Looks like a fine outcome to me. Great work on the Corvette GS, the best looking 'vette of all.
  2. 2004 Daytona 500 winner

    Super cool! Nicely done.
  3. Lindberg 1961 Impala

    Super nice Impala, I like the colors and the build. Has anyone tried the windshield and back window from an AMT '62 Impala bubbletop on the Lindberg '61??
  4. Tiny Lund Charger Daytona WIP

    Super nice work on the Daytona Charger. I sure wish someone would reissue those decals.
  5. Our newest builder....

    Very cool, congrats to Will and his Dad!
  6. Revell 1969 Mustang Boss 302

    Really nicely done! Love the Boss Mustang. Now, can we please get a 1:25 scale 1970 Boss 302, Revell?
  7. Engine help, please

    My understanding of why the Cleveland engine was discontinued is that Ford was not meeting emission standards with the Cleveland engines and decided to use the Windsor design for all it's small blocks. Cleveland engines have a much better head and intake design. Which is why the Boss 302 engine made good power and held up better because of the Windsor block type.
  8. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    The saddest aspect of that to me is that the guy is here in Arizona. Last week I had a side window explode on my Jeep from an object launched off the top of a truck @ 75MPH.
  9. Johnny Rutherford

    I always wondered about the orange dot too. If you watch a video of the 63 Daytona 500, there are a few other cars with the orange dot. I was thinking it may have something to do with rookie status and only used once. Definitely a mystery that persists! I am actually working on a pair of 63 Impalas, one an AMT and the other a Revell. The AMT was started in the 1980's and will be the Junior Johnson car, the Revell is going to be the Rutherford car. I am getting back on them in a few weeks and hope to finish both soon.
  10. Great story and nice work on the FC so far. Looking forward to following along.
  11. Red Farmer 72 Torino WIP Finished !

    Very, very nicely done! Good looking scheme and speckled paint for interior and floor pan. Excellent!
  12. Buying a compressor

    My first air brush compressor was one of those Badger little blue ones and I hated it. It was extremely noisy, vibrated around off tables, or around the floor and it pretty much made me hurry through paint projects so I could turn off the terrible noise. I now have a silent air compressor. I can barely tell it is on, works great and I can paint in my little painting room for hours on end. I can listen to the radio or just enjoy the silence. I would recommend the one I have except I can no longer find it. I bought it from Amazon in 2015. I also have a large compressor with a tank that is outside in my garage, I can use it in a pinch but I broke the cover off the motor and it hit the cooling fan blades and broke them all off. So, I don't run it any longer than to fill car tires occasionally. A good tank compressor is nice because it only comes on when the tank needs to be pressurized to your settings. Most are noisy, so if you can be away from them, it's noise can be tolerable. I recommend a good silent compressor but I see many are called "quiet" but without actually using them, it is hard to tell how quiet they are. Good luck in your quest.
  13. 2020 Family Truckster !

    They're all ugly and since the average buyer can no longer afford them, they should all just go away. GM and Ferd can close some more plants and lay off more workers. It seems to be a theme.
  14. Joe Weatherly Pontiac

    A beauty, nicely done. I love those old Pontiacs, great cars in their time.
  15. My built kits

    Brian, very sorry that you lost your house and all the model, they all looked great. I guess the loss of tools and supplies hurts a lot too. The good news is that you are here with us, for that I am thankful. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to a "normal" life. As far as Tamiya items go, they are great to deal with online, and do not charge any premiums. A great source that I shop with often for paints mainly. They lock up paints here in Arizona to keep taggers from getting them. Not working! Hang in there man and I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.