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  1. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Sweet Chevy! Very nice
  2. 2 tone 57 Ford Custom

    The 57 Ford looks great, nice paint, detail and overall nicely done. FYI, a Fairlane is a trim model, this particular 57 is a Custom, the Fairlane is more chromed up and a longer wheelbase. http://oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Ford/1957_Ford/1957_Ford_Full_Line_Brochure/dirindex.html
  3. 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302

    That should be a fun project. Love the Boss 302, more the '70 than the '69 but both were great cars.
  4. AMT '64 Fairlane Hardtop

    That looks to be a perfect fit, good luck JC. Should be an interesting project, all your projects are
  5. NASCAR Builds so far this Year

    Back in the '60's-'70's timeframe. many builders used a speckled paint, called Zolatone on their interiors. On my old builds with the grey or black interiors I try to replicate the look.
  6. NASCAR Builds so far this Year

    Tim, the decals on the Tiny Merc are Slixx, one is number sheet "M" the other is quarter panel sheet "C". Contingencies are from a PL kit sheet. The Benny Parson's Talladega decals are from Ol' Days Decals on ebay. Nice decals, seldom seen car, Benny's first Cup season '70. Thanks to all for the kind words
  7. This looks like the best racing movie in decades.
  8. Got a new daily ride yesterday!

    Congratulations on the new Honda. If I was a car person, I would buy a new Civic. I love the look, especially the Type R or the 4 door. Last car I bought was a 2010 Corolla Type S, Barcelona red. I liked the look and it drove fine but in 2 years I had only put 4500 miles on it. I always drove my SUV instead. Traded the Corolla for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in 2012. I like that red Mustang also, congrats on that one, looks to be fun.
  9. '71 Mercury Comet F/C

    A classic. I would love to find some kits in the box of the Comet and Maverick today. JC, you do build some really cool models
  10. NASCAR Builds so far this Year

    That made me laugh Tim, actually no I am not. While I have admired some of their racing successes over the decades, I have not owned a Ford since the "70's. For some reason decided to clear off some projects that were either started or that I wanted to build and happens the above were all Fords. I have a Charger 500 that I have worked on here and there and a couple of '63 Chevys that are close. Actually the next ones are also Ford products, some '66 Galaxies. BTW, I drive a Jeep, it's practical
  11. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    Wow Paul, you are really doing some great masters! I will be looking for the T'Bird, definitely a favorite from the era.
  12. My guess on the yellow paint is that one looks like Ford Phoenician Yellow and the other looks like Ford Springtime Yellow, 65-66 Ford colors.
  13. Airbrush "Spitting"

    Pretty much the Paasche VL has always had Teflon seals. The only seals are the ones in the air valve and the one that is inside to seal the needle. I have a VL that I have owned for at least 30 years and I did replace that inner seal around the needle once, I find that the spitting is usually caused by the tip being partly clogged. Acrylic paints can easily clog the airbrush and if allowed to dry even a little, lacquer thinner may not clear it. If I have that happen, I drop the tip in a jar of Super Clean for a few hours, that will break up the acrylic paints. Sounds like your problem was with a wonky needle, glad you got it cleared up.
  14. '59 Cadillac Eldorado

    Great model of a big piece of automotive history. I remember those big Caddies when they came out and how all of us kids admired them. I have an old friend that does some 1:1 custom work and almost everything he does has 59 Caddy taillights. Classic big car!