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  1. Bill J added a post in a topic Fireball AFB Max Wedge Carbs   

    The AFB's look great! We really need a Holley single 4 barrel with the "LeMans" float bowls for the single 4 barrel intake used on hemis for NASCAR racing. Also the carb used by most during the late 60's for NASCAR. Same carb came on a Shelby GT-350 and the single 4 barrel 427 Cobra.

  2. Bill J added a post in a topic 69 AMX Big Bad Green   

    I am green with envy Raoul You really better build fast you have a few months left before your model area turns into a nursery
  3. Bill J added a post in a topic Ford GT40 Mk II 1966 Le Mans 2nd - or 1st place??   

    Nice thoughtful tribute to Ken Miles. Very well done.
    I too thought the Miles car won or should have been the winner. Miles was a real road racer!
  4. Bill J added a post in a topic Scale finishes paint sale   

    Thanks for the reminder Raoul. I went and picked out 8 bottles and ordered them. That is a real deal. I should be well stocked with colors soon
  5. Bill J added a post in a topic What is the best way to mask a car nose   

    What I do is tape the break with Tamiya masking tape and then take some 3M blue 1 inch tape and some kitchen cling wrap. I tear off about a foot of the Cling wrap, lay the edge on the counter top and take the blue tape and tape the edge, leaving about half the width of the tape. I tape that to the Tamiya tape and wrap the cling around the nose, taking time to make sure nothing is exposed. Then I spray. Keeps the chances of paint being pulled by the tape to a minimum.
  6. Bill J added a post in a topic Holy......!! I can't believe what I just did!!!!   

    I feel your pain! I once painted a 57 Chevy Black Widow 6 times, always something ruined the paint job. Tried different paints, different techniques and  nothing seemed to come out right. I finally pained it with Tamiya spray cans and took it to our monthly club meeting and took home the monthly prize against about 20 other builds. I even threw the body across the room at one point, glad it found a soft landing spot Bottom line, hang in there, it can get better!
  7. Bill J added a post in a topic MPC Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame Set ReRelease question   

    Actually all the tires in the Hall of Fame kit are terrible, with the Lotus and Watson being the worst. The correct tires for the Lotus and Watson are available from Indycals and come with decals for the correct markings. The original kit tires were still not correct for the 1963 cars as raced. Indycals measured, photographed and 3D printed the masters for the correct 63 tires. It was the only year for that particular tire design.
  8. Bill J added a post in a topic Ford GT40 recommendations   

    If you want loads of details, try the LeMans Miniatures version in 1:24 scale.

  9. Bill J added a post in a topic revell 4Q2016 Release Annoucement   

    The Bronco is one I want, used to have a nice 70 model, wish I still had it! One of my favorite kits from recently is the 57 Chevy Black Widow, Well done kit, I do wish they'd throw in a back seat and a 6 cylinder engine to make a plain old 150. Still, a great kit.
    A new type Corvette may be a popular one, nicest 'vette in decades. Keep it up Revell
  10. Bill J added a post in a topic Finally got the perfect tire for my builds.   

    Nice work on the tires
  11. Bill J added a post in a topic Looking for aftermarket smooth bumpers for tri-five chevy's   

    I would shave them myself and then Alclad them. I have found the key to success with chrome Alclad is to spray very fine, light coats over gloss black. I have no regrets not having things plated.
  12. Bill J added a post in a topic Chrysler 413 Cross Ram in 1962?   

    I can only find the 300 with a 413 and 2-4 bbls on an inline manifold for 1962.
  13. Bill J added a post in a topic 1967 Ford Galaxie
  14. Bill J added a post in a topic Color Advise for Corvette Grand Sport   

    That looks to be the color. I can get Scalefinishes paints and I think he does Nassau Blue too. In fact I have a bottle of Viking Blue on order for a first year Daytona Coupe build.
    Thanks guys