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  1. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    If you have a Hobby Lobby nearby, there is a paint in a spray can called Bonnet Blue that is from craft paints section. It is made by one of the usual paint companies, forget which off the top of my head. It is an enamel, regular gloss paint that pretty nearly matches the Gulf Blue. For the orange, not too hard to match that one. Paint is Krylon "Short Cuts" comes in a 3 ounce spray can, cheaper than Testor's IIRC. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=sOCHYczH&id=F2AA55E5A1E8F9B12EFFFFDA234B662190F5A45E&thid=OIP.sOCHYczHb2Vebetk75NzbgHaHa&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2fimg.hobbylobby.com%2fsys-master%2froot%2fh36%2fh4e%2fh00%2f8892945596446%2f464479[5].jpg&exph=350&expw=350&q=krylon+short+cuts+bottet+blue&simid=608006194130259761&selectedIndex=1&ajaxhist=0
  2. '57 Chevy 150 Utility Sedan

    I actually have a correct 6 cylinder engine that came out of a gluebomb and I have all my parts painted for building another 150 with the 6. I have the white paint on the body and some Harbor Blue Chevy paint for it. I know that was not an optional paint choice but was probably special order-able to make one like that.I am planning on using a back seat from the Revell 57 2 door BelAir kit so that my next 150 has the optional back seat too. I wish they would have included one as an option in the 150 kit. Love that Revell kit, I have 2 built, one street Black Widow and one Buck Baker NASCAR version.
  3. '57 Chevy 150 Utility Sedan

    What Tom said is correct, the radiator is in front of the radiator wall and the top hose inlet is in a different position also, on the six cylinder cars..
  4. '57 Chevy 150 Utility Sedan

    Nice Chevy 150, looks great. As far as I know, the last time I checked, the only kit with the correct 6 cyl. engine is the AMT 1960 Chevy pickup. The air cleaner is not correct for the passenger car but the engine itself is the correct one. The engine first used in 1955 I believe.
  5. Okay, that is a positive sign. It still leaves the wrong rear bumper and the body crease missing unresolved. That is not just a line down the side of the car, it is a bend where the shape of the side bends inward. You may add a line but hard to add a bend in the side shape of the car. Get it right, it is no harder to make it correct the first time around.
  6. Maybe? https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-24-Meko-Nissan-Fairlady-Amuse-Z34-Transkit/192504327148?hash=item2cd226ebec:g:NH8AAMXQBuNQ7M4H
  7. Strada Sports was in Missouri, they quit sending people things they ordered some years ago. It likely is a European or Asian product, I would check Scale Productions, Spot Model and Grand Prix models, some European dealers, they may carry that.
  8. According to Dr. Craft's book, the first Petty Monte Carlo began life as a Dodge Miranda. The car was said to perform so poorly that they took it back to the shop and skinned it as a Monte Carlo in a day. The car when raced as a Monte Carlo had coils in the rear, as required. I have no idea what sort of rear suspension a Dodge Miranda had. Best I can tell the last car that ran leaf springs in NASCAR was the Dodge Magnum. Ford products ran them on Mercury 70-71 Cyclones and used that style car until eligibility expired. They then went to the Mercury Montego which had coils. The Torino began coils in 1972, same as Mercury. Dodge used leafs at least through the Magnum in early 80. GM cars had coils at least since 58. The long trailing arms are from Chevy pickups, began in 1959, ended in 1972. Seems they worked so well that they are the rear suspension of choice today, still.
  9. Ok make it personal Brandon, I should have known. I think you're already asleep dude, dreaming about perfect Olds kits with leaf springs and such. Glad you're happy now, you've made a new friend.
  10. Brandon, I am not trying to talk you out of buying this Olds kit, it's up to you to accept or reject. The pic of the Petty Olds shows the body line you can see it near the rear bumper and also visible down the sides, although faint because of angle, lighting and camera exposure. Look at the kink in the leg of the number 4. As for the Foyt car, hard to see in that pic which is the size of a postage stamp. I tend to think it is the same car as I posted above, since it would not make sense for Foyt to have more than one since he participated in a few races a year. As long as you are convinced that the Salvino kit is beautiful, I say buy you some of them. You can buy the ones I may have bought. You think some cars are smooth sided, then you'll be happy with the kit. I am not going to convince myself that this is right so I can buy one or more and build them. I know they are wrong and I cannot be convinced otherwise. I just ask that Salvino owns up to that fact that their kit is wrong in several areas and their next offering needs to be better.
  11. I have to say, that I was really looking forward to the Olds kit and future cars that had not been previously modeled. I am really, seriously disappointed in the lack of accuracy they are putting in to this kit. For almost $40 we should be getting an effort at an accurate kit, not one with glaring omissions and components that are glaringly wrong. Gerald, I am with you on the FM diecast, I have one also and have not really looked it over in years. Whatever they used as their guide (there was another diecast of the Ghost sold by NAPA stores I believe) their master lacked some details. I can't help but think they used the bandit Resin body as a guide, perhaps someone built one on a old MPC leaf chassis. The Bandit body was decent and mastered off the JoHan 75 Promo and can be forgiven for smooth sides because of the 75 car being different on the side panels. It would have been hard to add that 77 side crease on any body without one. Peculiar that the Salvino kit shows a 75 Cutlass rear bumper, which early versions of Bandit's kit included until they later corrected the rear bumper. The Bandit website still shows the 75 bumper with the pic of their kit. So, bottom line, a new kit at a premium price should be somewhat accurate and not have so many inaccuracies, No excuse. I am not buying any at that price, as much as I would love to have several historical 77 Olds race cars on my shelf, this effort is not close enough to earn my business, or respect.
  12. A few of the 28 car with somewhat visible body line, it there same as all the other Olds cars.
  13. Some people want to say this line is not present on the Grey Ghost, it is just as present as on all the other cars. It is the fact that the car is black with reflective numbers that is fails to show in old pictures NASCAR required stock body skins be used in those days and there was no reason so eliminate a body line and they did not eliminate it, if goes not show on some cars due to paint schemes, lighting and far away photos. Here is clear pic of Foyt's car, line present. It would be hard to add that line to the kit body but that line should be there on all the Olds. The facts are that Salvino's used a diecast to master this kit and who knows what else, They clearly never looks at a real 77 Cutlass race car, or a 77 Olds Cutlass/442 to even see what it looked like. They used the diecast and photos. A weak effort, unfortunately.
  14. My compliments to Chief Joesph

    I agree with you both, amazing items. I am sure there is some serious wizard stuff involved or off planet technology
  15. Looked at the posted test shot body, it is missing a major line that goes from the front bumper to the rear, above the rocker. The box art picture shows that the chassis has leaf springs, which is totally wrong and the rear bumper is still apparently the one from the 75 Curlass promo. When asked about the chassis/suspension snafu, the answer was odd and they know it is wrong but not being fixed. It was nice to think we'd get a 77 Olds as run by NASCAR in 80-81, but with the inaccuracies, it still leaves a hole. I definitely will not pay $40 for one. This kit appears to be mastered off a diecast and some old photos and no one even looked at a real car for accuracy. Sad.