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  1. A simple reason that younger people are less interested in cars, is that cars have gotten too expensive, too similar and there are too many brands and styles. When I first started driving a person with nearly any full time job could afford a new car. A top of the line 69 Mustang Mach 1 was about $4800, a Z28 was about the same. The hot cars today can only be afforded by a few well paid folks and many potential buyers have other interests. The very young end up in Honda Civics and other affordable cars and unless you can afford something like a Honda Type R, you find yourself less interested in cars in general. When I was a teenager we all had our version of a cool car, might be a 55 Chevy or a Galaxie Xl with a 427, I cannot think of a single young person I know that has anything remotely like the cars we had. Kids today go for Mazda CX-5's, or some other useful transportation. I can easily see why racing interest is down. While I started being a NASCAR fan in 1961, I have lost most of my interest over the past decade or more. The only races I watch now are IMSA mostly.
  2. I have 2 of the great GT40 Mk I engines you made and they are awesome. I am definitely interested in one or more of the MK II engines. Great work and details!
  3. I saw a fairly nice looking fastback 68-69 on ebay once. I was too late to buy one and never say one again. That was a street stock version. There have been some resin NASCAR versions, as Dave mentioned, JNJ did a conversion for the AMY Torino and there have been a few resin bodies done, All fastbacks though.
  4. Very, very nicely done Paul! I hope to score one at some point in time
  5. Bill J

    2020 Corvette

    I recall when the '63 split window Sting Ray came out and did I ever want one. I was 15 at the time. Never did get that Corvette. In 84 I test drove one when a local dealer was having a sale. I got close to buying it, I had a call to my insurance man and it was going to be double what I was paying on my '82 Trans Am. Decided I didn't need a Corvette. This new mid engine Corvette looks like a very cool car and somewhat affordable, especially compared to other mid engine sports cars. A person could buy a 2020 Corvette instead of a Ford GT and have almost $500K left over! Impressive. Unfortunately it has an antiquated OHV engine and a silly paddle shift automatic transmission. Still fast enough and beautiful. Insurance will still be expensive, always has been for fiberglass bodied cars. So, bottom line, I am 72 now and won't be ever buying a Corvette. I did get that Jeep I wanted since I was 7 though
  6. You're welcome. I have owned a bunch of 1:1 Ford FE engines and know them too intimately. I have gotten model BBC valve covers on wrong on numerous occasions.
  7. Good project. I hate to say it but your valve covers are on upside down.
  8. This past Friday I was driving down my least favorite highway, south on I-17 from Flagstaff to Phoenix and I checked my mirror and saw a Ford GT about to pass me, along with some other vehicles. The Ford GT was a metallic blue, very low and very slick looking. Arizona plates. I have to add that I hate driving my 2012 Jeep down that road with all the traffic and rude drivers. I cannot imagine driving a 1/2 million dollar car on that road. I am guessing that will be the only Ford GT I will see on the highway, ever. It was quite beautiful looking
  9. 2 great looking Ferrari's. I hope Paul and his family are doing well.
  10. Super impressive paint work on the Monte! I have to say, I get bogged down by a two-tone paint job myself and I find your work quite amazing.
  11. Sweet Chevy! Very nice
  12. The 57 Ford looks great, nice paint, detail and overall nicely done. FYI, a Fairlane is a trim model, this particular 57 is a Custom, the Fairlane is more chromed up and a longer wheelbase. http://oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Ford/1957_Ford/1957_Ford_Full_Line_Brochure/dirindex.html
  13. That should be a fun project. Love the Boss 302, more the '70 than the '69 but both were great cars.
  14. That looks to be a perfect fit, good luck JC. Should be an interesting project, all your projects are
  15. Back in the '60's-'70's timeframe. many builders used a speckled paint, called Zolatone on their interiors. On my old builds with the grey or black interiors I try to replicate the look.
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