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  1. Bill J added a post in a topic Foose - Revell Partnership   

    Waste of tool up money and plastic. More nonsense vehicle kits.
  2. Bill J added a post in a topic Revell & Foose poll for 2 new kits   

    Too bad that NONE OF THE ABOVE is not an option. Nothing of interest among those ruined classic cars.
  3. Bill J added a post in a topic Road Runner - Missing in Action   

    I am presently working on an AMT 68 Roadrunner and I have no problems with any aspect of the kit. Everything fits. The only change I would like to see it the inclusion of a 383 engine option and some better detailed decals. Great kit and the chassis make a ice donor for other period Mopars.

    I am also starting a 69 Roadrunner using the AMT 69 GTX kit and some aftermarket RR parts. The GTX kit I have came with the 68 RR hood but a fellow board member was kind enough to send me the correct 69 hood so I can make my 69 Roadrunner properly.

    Sometime soon I plan on buying a 1/25th scale 70 Roadrunner resin body and interior and using a AMT 68 Roadrunner chassis. That will give me all 3 years of Roadrunners that I liked and all with the AMT 68/69 chassis.

    I cannot understand what would be unbuildable about those kits? One of the better muscle car kits out there to me.
  4. Bill J added a post in a topic Who are these guys and what are they looking at ?   

    I talked to the builder/owner/rider of those v8 bikes and yes, he does in fact drive them occasionally. They do, according to him, go fast and are a handful. Seems he loves building and riding them. Both bikes have current license tags, although not daily drivers. Nice to have a passion!
  5. Bill J added a post in a topic DESERT SCALE CLASSIC 2015 - NEW LOCATION & DATE   

    Awesome pics, thank you for sharing them with us. I really enjoyed the contest and swap meet and talking with everyone there. Glad everyone enjoyed the contest. There were some amazing models entered and some super people in attendance. Good job Bernie, Dan and all of the Cactus Modelers Club members. Let's do it again next year
  6. Bill J added a post in a topic MPC/ERTL Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame Set # 6426   

    The Lotus kit nose is not the correct shape. The resin part corrects this and looks much more accurate. The tires are completely wrong, they are actually 1962 style tires (which were 16 inch) the kit wheels are 15 inches, although they fit the tires, the tires are too narrow and too tall for the 63 cars. Also, the kit tires are slick and back then the tires were required to have some tread on them.

    The nose and body on the Watson can also be improved to look more authentic and there has been resin pieces to accomplish that. I think both resin versions of corrections for the Watson body are out of production though. The 1:1 Watson cars and variations were all hand built and no two are exactly the same.

    The vacuum formed windscreens also help the kit to look more realistic, particularly the Lotus.
  7. Bill J added a post in a topic MPC/ERTL Indianapolis 500 Hall of Fame Set # 6426   

    The Watson roadster and the Lotus are both helped considerably by the offerings from Indycals. The roadster and the Lotus 29 both need the corrected tires and decals. The Lotus update set solves the Lotus problems and the corrected tires and decals really add to the Watson. Indycals also makes decals with correct for 63 tire markings.

    I am not knowledgeable on the McLaren but I do know Indycals makes some decals and perhaps update parts as well.
  8. Bill J added a post in a topic Beginnings of 1976 Grand Prix   

    Super impressive! The GP really looks cool!
  9. Bill J added a post in a topic 68' Six Pack RR hood   

    The Johan 69 hood that Modelhaus does in resin will fit the 68 Roadrunner but you have to add some plastic to both sides and the back edge. The Johan hood is a bit smaller.

    Might be of interest, the 68 Roadrunner only had 2 engine options and that was the 383 1x4bbl and the 426 hemi. The 440 was not sold in the Roadrunner in 1968. The AMT kit comes with the regular roadrunner hood with the underhood air box which was an option on the 1:1 cars. If Plymouth had put a 440 6-pack in the roadrunner, the hood that comes in the kit would have been correct except for the HEMI raised lettering on the air intakes, which should be easy to sand off.

    Some AMT 69 Plymouth GTX kits had a 68 Roadrunner hood in them and it had 440 markings on it. Some came with the correct 69 hoods. Hart's Parts is great to deal with, they do not have a Roadrunner type hood but they do sell a 88/69 Satellite hood that is plain, no air intakes.
  10. Bill J added a post in a topic All this Furious stuff, you'd think there'd be a market.   

    I have seen some of the actual movie cars at a museum in Branson, MO. They looked ok but worked hard. Not a bad modeling subject I reckon.
    As far as the movies go, they are ridiculous in all aspects. Nonsense to me. I am a car guy and always have been but I fail to see the point of the F&F movies and plots. Guess I am getting older.
  11. Bill J added a post in a topic 69 Roadrunner Hood   

    I actually got my 69 Roadrunner seat and grille from Hart's Parts. I have bought from them in the past as well and the service is excellent and the parts are perfectly done. Great to deal with. Unfortunately he does not have a 69 Roadrunner hood listed on his site. Modelhaus does make one.
  12. Bill J added a post in a topic 69 Roadrunner Hood   

    Just my luck, the GTX kit I picked up has the 68 RR hood. I guess Modelhaus has a copy of the JoHan hood. Thanks Raoul.
  13. Bill J added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    69 Roadrunner Hood
    Anyone know of a source for a 69 Roadrunner hood with the correct scoop shapes?

    I found a nice grille and bench seat to turn the AMT 69 GTX into a Roadrunner but the hood in the GTX kit is the same as a 68 Roadrunner and not correct for a 69. The parts I got were from Hart's Parts, great pieces and fast service BTW.

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  14. Bill J added a post in a topic Sad day in Vintage Racing.   

    A similar circumstance of a Jaguar slowing on the track and cutting in front of a hobby racer in an Austin-Healy causing the Healey to swerve in front of a Mercedes 300 SLS was what ending up killing the Mercedes driver and 85 spectators at the 1955 LeMans 24hours, June 11, 1955.

    Both this Jag and Merc were rare historic cars and as far as the F1 driver in the Mercedes, never heard of him.
  15. Bill J added a post in a topic 68/69 Charger Hood?   

    I got a Modelhaus 69 Charger hood today at the swap meet. The difference between the original MPC Charger and the later MPC Charger is the newer versions have some tabs with holes in them in the corner of the hood opening on the body. The new hood has 2 pegs to fit in those holes. The Modelhaus hood is like the old MPC and has 2 hinge like appendages. You can either remove the tabs on the body or the hinge pieces on the old style hood. The hood fits the body perfectly other than the mounting arrangement, which is an easy fix.

    I recall the OP wanting a hood with understructure, I think the only way to replicate that is with a thin piece of sheet plastic with various holes cut in to it and glued to the bottom of the hood.