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  1. Excellent detail work Josh. The Cobra is really looking awesome. Thank you for the heads up that you were back at it too! So much going on in life these days I don't check on things as much as I would like. Your message was most thoughtful. Seeing the windshield fit issue makes me want to chack to see if the "glass" from the Gunze-Sanyo kit is a better fit on the HRM body...
  2. Maybe your sister bought my 78 Z. I sold it to a guy that worked for First National Bank of Arizona. Never saw the car or the guy again. Sounda like your sister likes fun little cars, well, maybe not the Pinto
  3. In 1977 I was at the Datsun dealer when the first truck load of 1978 280Z's arrived. I picked mine out while it was still on the truck. Last year for the regular Z and the engine was a little larger with fuel injection. Mine was a 5-speed metallic brown with factory air. Super fun car. A bit impractical because it was so small, i was a 4x4 guy, sold my 1970 Bronco to buy the Z. I recall driving down the freeway one evening and the wife says, everyone is going so slow tonight. I checked the speedo and I was sailing along at 90. Pretty smooth car, you'd never know it was going that fast. Ok, enough war stories, I would love a kit of an American version 280Z with the bumpers, which Datsun made to look pretty nice compared to most American cars of the day. I really like the genuine metal window trim and headlight trim. US versions never came with headlight covers, some law prevented them. Cool cars through the present versions. I actually sold my Z after 6 months. Too small. I bought a Chevy K5 Blazer, still only buy 4x4 SUV's.
  4. Super nice 67 Cougar GT. I really like that color, perfect for the Cougar. Great paint job. The 67 brings back memories for me. In 1969-71 I had a nice black on black 67 Cougar GT, 390, 4-speed without air conditioning. I had some Crager wheels on it. Goodyear Ployglas GT tires which I burned through a lot. I was young I got inside that 390 and put in solid lifters/rockers and a NASCAR FE cam. Put on some headers and it was a go getter. We also had a 69 Torino Cobra with the 428 CJ with a C6 tranny that the wife drove. We used to meet at my parents after work once a week and then we'd drag race all the way to our house. Total squirrels! Had a lot of fun in both those cars. the 428 CJ would still beat the modded 390, might of been the auto tranny or the wheel spin on the Cougar. Definately some kids having fun without a car in the world.
  5. You really are my hero Gerald! Carry on
  6. Very cool pics, thanks for sharing the link
  7. Nice work so far Gerald. I am a little baffled as to why you are changing the top of the windshield. The real problem might be us sourcing a clear windshield after the mods. I was thinking just buy a 76 Torino kit for the glass, that seems "out the windiw" now. Am I missing something? I was hoping for the Montego earlier version, the one used after the 73 Montego GT. I know, you can't please us all
  8. Two of the most beautiful sprts cars ever made. Awesome
  9. Super nice Dno. Excellent build. The Dino has a special place when you hear the story of Dino Ferrari and his father. I love the little Dino designed 6 cylinder engine. Perfect detailing.
  10. I like it, mostly. I can see replacing or remodeling the brake rotors and for sure replacing the valve covers, they are pretty far off and some knock offs from the parts box too. All said, the model looks like a must have for me.
  11. I like the Salvino's Charger a lot. Best kit they've done so far. My guess is they are planning some later versions, marking wise and they appear to have a small block engine in the kit for the car which they ran like 76-77 or so. I am going to have to quit staring at these bodies on the table and start building again. I get my excellent 73 Montego GT in today's mail. Tim and Gerald are my heroes
  12. Some one forgot to tell Mr. Petty
  13. The Charger looks great. The painting is spot on and the kit looks like a worthy investment. Maybe Salvino is coming around. It will be interesting to see the 71 Charger kit too.
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