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  1. Very, very nicely done Paul! I hope to score one at some point in time
  2. Bill J

    2020 Corvette

    I recall when the '63 split window Sting Ray came out and did I ever want one. I was 15 at the time. Never did get that Corvette. In 84 I test drove one when a local dealer was having a sale. I got close to buying it, I had a call to my insurance man and it was going to be double what I was paying on my '82 Trans Am. Decided I didn't need a Corvette. This new mid engine Corvette looks like a very cool car and somewhat affordable, especially compared to other mid engine sports cars. A person could buy a 2020 Corvette instead of a Ford GT and have almost $500K left over! Impressive. Unfortunately it has an antiquated OHV engine and a silly paddle shift automatic transmission. Still fast enough and beautiful. Insurance will still be expensive, always has been for fiberglass bodied cars. So, bottom line, I am 72 now and won't be ever buying a Corvette. I did get that Jeep I wanted since I was 7 though
  3. You're welcome. I have owned a bunch of 1:1 Ford FE engines and know them too intimately. I have gotten model BBC valve covers on wrong on numerous occasions.
  4. Good project. I hate to say it but your valve covers are on upside down.
  5. This past Friday I was driving down my least favorite highway, south on I-17 from Flagstaff to Phoenix and I checked my mirror and saw a Ford GT about to pass me, along with some other vehicles. The Ford GT was a metallic blue, very low and very slick looking. Arizona plates. I have to add that I hate driving my 2012 Jeep down that road with all the traffic and rude drivers. I cannot imagine driving a 1/2 million dollar car on that road. I am guessing that will be the only Ford GT I will see on the highway, ever. It was quite beautiful looking
  6. 2 great looking Ferrari's. I hope Paul and his family are doing well.
  7. Super impressive paint work on the Monte! I have to say, I get bogged down by a two-tone paint job myself and I find your work quite amazing.
  8. Sweet Chevy! Very nice
  9. The 57 Ford looks great, nice paint, detail and overall nicely done. FYI, a Fairlane is a trim model, this particular 57 is a Custom, the Fairlane is more chromed up and a longer wheelbase. http://oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Ford/1957_Ford/1957_Ford_Full_Line_Brochure/dirindex.html
  10. That should be a fun project. Love the Boss 302, more the '70 than the '69 but both were great cars.
  11. That looks to be a perfect fit, good luck JC. Should be an interesting project, all your projects are
  12. Back in the '60's-'70's timeframe. many builders used a speckled paint, called Zolatone on their interiors. On my old builds with the grey or black interiors I try to replicate the look.
  13. Tim, the decals on the Tiny Merc are Slixx, one is number sheet "M" the other is quarter panel sheet "C". Contingencies are from a PL kit sheet. The Benny Parson's Talladega decals are from Ol' Days Decals on ebay. Nice decals, seldom seen car, Benny's first Cup season '70. Thanks to all for the kind words
  14. This looks like the best racing movie in decades.
  15. Congratulations on the new Honda. If I was a car person, I would buy a new Civic. I love the look, especially the Type R or the 4 door. Last car I bought was a 2010 Corolla Type S, Barcelona red. I liked the look and it drove fine but in 2 years I had only put 4500 miles on it. I always drove my SUV instead. Traded the Corolla for a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in 2012. I like that red Mustang also, congrats on that one, looks to be fun.
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