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  1. New kid on the block ?

    Sure beats this recycled line up, it is a new subject even if it is a race car version. Revell 1/25 1967 GTX 1/25 2003 Cadillac Escalade 1/24 Baja Bandito 1/24 snap lightning McQueen, AMT 1/25 AMT 1957 Chrysler 300 1/25 AMT 1965 El Camino gear hustler 1/20 AMT (Lindberg) 1992 Toyota Pickup 4x4
  2. Junior Johnson #27 '61 Pontiac

    :Looks great Clay.
  3. New kid on the block ?

    No Greg, the Polar Lights Dodge kits were 1/25 scale. Actually very poorly shaped and proportioned bodies and oversize roll bar tubing.
  4. New kid on the block ?

    Back in the days when this Olds 442 body style was the pick of most NASCAR teams, it was THE aero car of the day. It replaced the Chevelle Laguna S3 that expired after 3 years of eligibility. The Olds looks better to my eyes and made a great NASCAR racer. The Daytona winning car of 1980 was always one of my favorite NASCAR cars, they called it "the Grey Ghost" because of the silver paint and the fact that is was fast. Buddy Baker was always a great racer and a nice gentleman. His father was Buck Baker, another NASCAR legend. Sadly Buddy passed away a short time ago from lung cancer. I am looking forward to this kit and building a tribute to Buddy and to Oldsmobile, both gone too soon. Hoping for real success with the model company and their plans for forgotten subjects that some of us always wanted to build. I have to say, I have no interest in present NASCAR or the b4$t4rd cars they drive around today. I do like the stock looking historical cars and the real men that drove them!
  5. '59 Nomad master completed pics

    Very nice wagon.
  6. 1957 Junior Johnson Ford

    Sweet! Always look forward to seeing your work Mark.
  7. buddy baker's grey ghost

    Very nicely done. One of my favorite all time NASCAR race cars and drivers. Buddy would have loved your model!
  8. Well I'll take some flak for my 67 Cougar comments, I earned it but that is just the way I see a 67 or any other Cougar for that matter. I have to lump a Chevy II along with that. Although someone is going to waste plastic making Chevy II kit(s). If you want me to get excited make a 68-69 Mercury Cyclone kit, particularly the Yarbrough and Gurney street versions. Neat cars, not the Spoiler II with the funky nose, just the nice looking "W" nose version. And I still want a 49-50 Packard, mainly a convertible. Truth is, we all have our wish lists for model kits. Sometimes we get something we like and often we get something we just have no interest in. The Ford Pickup and Chevy II kits are a serious disappointment to me, although someone will be thrilled with them.
  9. Nichimo Shelby Mustang restoration

    Keith marks has the decals http://public.fotki.com/mofobow/ford/mustang/68-shelby-mustang/
  10. I cannot understand anyone wanting a 67 Cougar model. The kit was done back in the day and could be redone I would imagine. As far as a new tool, why? Insignificant car in real life, didn't sell well and was just another Mercury attempt at a muscle car. I have to say, I owned a 67 Cougar GT, 390, 4, speed car. it would burn rubber and make noise and was generally fun to drive. I would never want a model of that car or any other 67 or later Cougar. I only bought mine, In 1968 because it was cheap compared to a Mustang with the same equipment. I was in the army at the time and had limited funds.
  11. 1940 Ford Standard Business Coupe.

    I thought at first it was pics of a real car, very nice work
  12. Another good review Jonathan. Thanks again.
  13. 1973-74 ? Pontiac Grand Am in resin ?

    Nice looking bodies of oldie Pontiacs.
  14. Good review Jonathan, thank you. It sort of reaffirms my lack of interest in the current cars and NASCAR as it stands today. Glad Revell made the kits for the people that are interested. Seems there are too many left out details and decals, it just makes the whole experience less fun. Enjoy your many Chevy kits, should build up fine with some effort, lots of aftermarket decals and some paints. Have fun Buddy!
  15. 1/25 AMT '58 Edsel Pacer

    John G, your Edsel looks really nice. I like the single color way better than the common 2 tones back in the day.