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  1. If I weere building one of those 1963 Lotus kits, I would see about getting Michael at Indycals to get some more of the upgrade kits produced. https://www.indycals.net/parts/indyparts/63lotus29upgrade.html
  2. Mark, back from about 1962 until maybe 1967 the Ford race cars used what is called a Bostrum seat. It is a smaller, simple bucket that they used in vans and police cruisers. Most were a champaigne gold color upholstery.
  3. That is an awesome bus! Very nice restoration and beyond. Nice work. Seeing the buses reminds me when I was very young and invited into military service with the US Army. Made several bus journeys around the southwest to get home and back to the Army. Quite an adventure back then. Once they sent me to Germany for several years, I began my long list of airplane flights. At one time I had been on at least one flight of every airliner version flying at that time. Sorry, I was carried away by being reminded of all that travel.
  4. That looks great Mark. To make it look more like aluminum used back then, a semi-gloss clear over the material gets very close. Curious, what glue did you use to glue the streamer material to your door panel area??
  5. Mark and Pierre, that blue looks as close as I could imagine. I wanted to let you know I stumbled onto an inexpensive product that is ideal for that textured aluminum they all used for interior panels in that era. I was walking around Hobby Lobby with my girlfriend, she makes things, and I noticed this material on the end of an isle. It is a party streamer material, come on a 100 foot roll, about 2 inches wide and costs $2 per roll. It is shiney and textured metalish material. You have to glue it in place, it's like a tape without any sticky. Then you have to coat it with a semi-gloss clear to tone it down. It is called Streamer snf can be found with the party supplies at Hobby Lobby. I'll try to get a pic up for you of the material. https://www.hobbylobby.com/search/?text=silver+streamer&quickview=80789929
  6. Pretty sure the real car was Ford Guardsman Blue. The same color most racing Cobras were painted.
  7. Mark, super nice work on the 64 Galaxie. Best rear end fix I have seen also. As for the exhaust, the rule changed some time after the Fireball Roberts crash at Charlotte. NASCAR determined that the exhaust through the frame contributed to the damages to Fireball's Ford. Some other rule changes that came from that wreck were fuel cells and elimination of the asbestos mats on the floorboards. I think they decided the ruptured gas tank which allowed the gasoline to go eveywhere, much ended up soaked into the asbestos matting, acting as a giant wick. The fuel cells were mandated by 1965. I am not sure when the exhaust rule took effect but it was after Charlotte in 64.
  8. It's a 1986 Olds Delta 88. Monogram made a kit of the 87 Olds Delta 88. The difference is an 86 street version had 4 retangular hedlights and the 87 version had flush special headlights. NASCAR allowed the 87, like the kit, to have flush lights. You need to modify the headlights to replicate a 1986 Olds Delta 88. Some people have used Monogran 83-86 T'Bird headlights to make that mod. https://www.mikesdecals.com/copenhagen-foyt-1986-powerslide-099-p-183.html '
  9. Thank you all for the inputs on the small parts tools. I bought one of the above, the 2 ended version and I love it! For sure, the best 7 bucks you can spend on a model making tool.
  10. NASCAR allowed the Fords to run 2 four barrel carbs in 1967 and 1968. In 1969 they went back to a single carb, which is when the Holley Dominator carb came along and the Boss 429 engines. The Daytona winner in 1969 was a Ford with a 427 and a single four barrel. The Boss 429 was not allowed until the 69 Atlnata race.
  11. I first used a 2x4 manifold from the 66 Galxie kit. I had the whole thing together I noticed the carbs interfered with the hood. I popped the manifild off and used the 2x4 manifild from the AMT 60 Starliner custom kit. The manifold is only in the "custom" Starliner kit.
  12. Really awesome Gerald! Great job making the Montego for us too
  13. Really looking good Gerald. I wish someone would make those decals again. A really neat looking car.
  14. Wood Brother's 1968 Daytona 600 winner. Resin 68 "W" nose body, Polar Lights chassis. Two 4-barrel manifold from 60 Ford Starliner kit, carbs by Fireball Modelworks. This engine block was a 3D printed piece and is a little taller than the PL 427 engine, which causes a bit of interference with the hood! Always something!
  15. Dan Gurney Riverside 500 winner from 1968. Dan Gurney won the first 4 "Motor Trend 500" races at Riverside Raceway. They were true 500 mile races on a road course that averaged less than 100 mph per lap. Long hard day! The 68 win was Dan's fifth and final Riverside 500 win. Model ia a modified Polar Lights kit of a 69 Talladega back dated to a 68 Torino. Grill and front bumper are resin pieces from The Modelhaus, Ford emblem removed from grill. Paint is Tamiya Pure White and Tamiya Dark Mica Blue. Decals are from the latest Powerslide Wood Brothers sheet.
  16. Thanks for the compliments everyone. I have to say this is the first thing I have finished in over 2 years. I sure see a deteriation of skills and my eyes are not as good as they could be! May be time for some new glasses.
  17. Years ago I built a Wood Brother's Cyclone out of the Polar Lights kit. I was not content with the finished model, several inaccuracies with the body. I began a new body, modified the front of the hood, decreased the front wheel openings, knocked some height off the rear spoiler and added a proper gas filler. So for years the body sat on my bench, unpainted. Last month I saw the new decal sheet Powerslie was coming out with and I got some paint and got going again. I used all Tamiya TS painta, with great results. The new decals arrived on Satuday and I began finisheing up the car on Sunday. Great decals, very well done sheet. Thanks to Poweslide and PPP for this great sheet.
  18. Mark, I think the last year for the metal expansion tank in the street car was 1964. I used to own a 67 Cougar GT and a 69 Torino Cobra with a CJ 428 and neiither came with a metal expansion tank, at least not a metal one like pictured under the hood of the Bud Moore Comet. Which would sxplain why one was not in the 67 Comet kit. I think about 1965 Ford switched to a plastic tank attached with a piece of tubing to the radiator. From what I have seen, NASCAR teams used the metal tanks connected directly to the radiator and engine until the Boss 429 came along,
  19. Excellent photos, thank you for sharing them with us. I was at the contest early Saturday and had a chance to see most of the entries. I knew John would win best in Show,, his builds are always amazing. Congratulations to John for another well deserved BiS.
  20. Mark, not sure if you have this picture of the 66 Mercury or not. Pretty much shows the approach Bud took to use the spring tower, stock type setup in the car. Looks like some cut outs for the shocks, not sure if he kept the one shock inside the spring and added one shock outside, ot two outside and none inside the spring. Pretty homeade looking air cleaner with the dual quad setup on this one.
  21. Mark, the 66 is looking great. Glad you got the painting sorted out. A car I always wanted to make myself but lacked the skill to turn a 67 into a 66, you're a master at such things and it shows. Looking forward to seeing yours all done. I can marvel at yours and not try to make one myself
  22. Don't forget me Gerald, I am in! The 76 Montego looks awesome. A must have for us Wood Brothers fans,
  23. Mark I use Tamiya masking tapes alsp. They have some that works really good on curves also. A little pricey but considering the cost of painting and the cost of your time, the Tamiya is well worth it's cost. As far as the liquid masks go. I have tried several over the years, Humbrol being the most functional. It's a rubbery vinyl sort of and it peels off fairly easily as long as you do it soon after the paint dries. I only used it inside bodies, like the grey on a 80'90's NASCAR. I never attempred using it on multi colored paint schemes. I use the Tamiya to mask my breaks and cover the larger areas with some regular masking tape and some kitchen cling wrap. Painted this Bud Moore with Rangoon red, whimbledon white and black, I used Tamiya paint except the red was Scalefinishes acylic enamel. Tamiya tapes and the cling wrap technique to cover large areas.
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