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  1. It's only been, what, 13 years? Pretty excited! Slipknot's new album just came out as well! It's a good year for metal!
  2. Listening to Slipknot's new album for a day straight, now. Any metal fans, here?
  3. I bought one when they re-issued it. Should have bought a few more.
  4. I just got the AMT 2017 50th anniversary edition Camaro and the Dirty Donny 69 Plymouth GTX.
  5. Just got these in the mail yesterday. Tried them out and absolutely love them! Best $325 I have spent!
  6. These two beauties just came today. An early birthday present for myself.
  7. I love heavy metal, so it's only appropriate that my name is metalhead
  8. metalhead

    gravity colors

    They do take a while. But I have put in several orders and have received them. They really need to work on their shipping.
  9. Makes me glad I got this. 2007 Ranger and I couldn't be any happier with it.
  10. That blue is incredible! What paint did you use?
  11. I hate spiders with a passion. I understand they are important for pest control, but I still hate them nonetheless.
  12. Against my better judgement, I clicked on this and I regret every second of it.
  13. Thank you. I sure hope everything works out.
  14. No sir. Especially when you just financed a truck.
  15. I start my new job at Hyundai Power Transformers on Tuesday. I got let go from my previous one because I was the unfortunate victim of racism and I had to self defend myself. They have a zero tolerance policy, so both of us got let go. But my new job is a LOT less stressful, pays a LOT more, and has very good benefits. So, I'm very eager to get back to work after being out of work for almost a month.
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