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  1. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I just got the AMT 2017 50th anniversary edition Camaro and the Dirty Donny 69 Plymouth GTX.
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Just got these in the mail yesterday. Tried them out and absolutely love them! Best $325 I have spent!
  3. What Pleased You Today!

    These two beauties just came today. An early birthday present for myself.
  4. Reveal your user name origin

    I love heavy metal, so it's only appropriate that my name is metalhead
  5. gravity colors

    They do take a while. But I have put in several orders and have received them. They really need to work on their shipping.
  6. 2020 Family Truckster !

    Makes me glad I got this. 2007 Ranger and I couldn't be any happier with it.
  7. Revell 1/25 55 Chevy

    That blue is incredible! What paint did you use?
  8. Giant spider web in Greece

    I hate spiders with a passion. I understand they are important for pest control, but I still hate them nonetheless.
  9. Giant spider web in Greece

    Against my better judgement, I clicked on this and I regret every second of it.
  10. What Pleased You Today!

    Thank you. I sure hope everything works out.
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    No sir. Especially when you just financed a truck.
  12. What Pleased You Today!

    I start my new job at Hyundai Power Transformers on Tuesday. I got let go from my previous one because I was the unfortunate victim of racism and I had to self defend myself. They have a zero tolerance policy, so both of us got let go. But my new job is a LOT less stressful, pays a LOT more, and has very good benefits. So, I'm very eager to get back to work after being out of work for almost a month.
  13. Being able to actually take a hit and keep on going. These days, a small fender bender shuts the vehicle down on most occasions. I know, safety and all that good stuff, but you don't see many new model cars that you can rip most of the front end off and still being able to drive it.
  14. Italeri fld 120 "special"?

    Can't wait for it, either! I have the original release and a couple of the one with the sleeper fairing. eBay prices are just too much these days. I got extremely lucky in finding the ones I have at good prices. Am I correct that this release won't have the side skirts or the fairing? If not, it won't be a deal breaker. It would be nice to have, though.
  15. Does anyone know if this one is still going to be released this year? Looked all over the web and didn't find anything for a release date. Would love to snatch up a couple. I have an idea for a project in mind for a heavy construction hauler.