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  1. Two other cats. One appropriately named Garfield and a calico named Callie. They're 5 years old. But, I've had Whiskers since 2007. I love my other two cats, but not as much as Whiskers. He was by my side through some extremely dark times in my life.
  2. Whiskers. Sure gonna miss his nose kisses and little head butts.
  3. My beautiful cat went to kitty heaven this morning.
  4. Saw The Batman yesterday. Makes the Christan Bale movies look like soap opras. I had my doubts about Robert Pattinson at first, but I was very delighted at how he portrayed the character. Better than I expected.
  5. The Girl Next Door. Very disturbing and honestly made me sick to know there are people out there who can do that to children. I cried at the end. A very powerful movie. It's not for weak stomachs.
  6. Looks great! I love the regular stance! Looks just right!
  7. After being told my hours were being cut, my job decided I could start getting my usual hours again. Also got myself a nice little Christmas present for me.
  8. It does seem really odd. Given how much money the company makes, they can more than afford new equipment. More than likely, they are over their budget for the quarter and need to trim down wherever they can. If that's the case, why couldn't they have just told us that, instead?
  9. Well, I found out why the hours were cut. They're trying to free up funds to buy new equipment. I was told that cutting hours back frees up enough to purchase about half of the equipment we use. I work in inventory at a distribution facility. So, I'm okay with that as it is necessary for the job. If the cutback in hours is permanent, though, I'll have to look elsewhere for employment. Still, they could of used the funds that was used on the game to go towards the equipment.
  10. My job cut my hours back below 40 for the week, citing budget constraints. Cut almost $400 from my paycheck. Today, they put an arcade style game in the breakroom. I confronted them about it and was told that the game was cheaper. So, I'm trying to put food on my table and pay bills. Barely making enough to do that. Cut my paycheck almost in half. But, at least I can play hoops while on my break.
  11. It's something different. I'll give them that.
  12. I mean, couldn't they have found a smaller box or bag for this? Is it just because it's convenient or do they just grab the nearest one to them?
  13. Mine is kind of two fold. First, I like heavy metal. Second one is that I have been hit in the head with various things over the years. My mom lamented that I must have a metal head after shaking it off everytime. Name kinda stuck.
  14. Iron Man would be proud! Awesome build!
  15. Just incredible! I have been kind of on the fence about trying out these paints. But now, I will definitely give them a go as I am running out of my Scale Finishes paint. Love your build!
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