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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Upper management. I usually don't like to criticize anyone, but the ones at my job make me want to start drinking again. I'm already living an unhealthy lifestyle( drinking three redbulls a day doesn't help, either), I'm always irritable, have very high stress, and have severe depression at times. Maybe it's time to find another profession. The very least my boss could do besides stand around and stare at you and smoke cigarettes is to make sure I have what I need to perform my job. Having to piece together equipment and computers every day gets really old really fast. Every day, I'm at least an hour behind having to wait for dayshift to finish up so a forklift becomes available. So, I guess I'm looking for another job this weekend. Wish me luck.
  2. Posting photos to the forum

    Seeing if linking from imgur will work. Well alright. Photocrud can KMA.
  3. Not Paying Photo Bucket Post Pictures

    Well, that settles that issue. At least for this site. Pics may not be the best from my phone, but at least I can share with you guys some of my projects.
  4. Not Paying Photo Bucket Post Pictures

    Testing to see if I can upload from my phone.
  5. Ferrari challenge update

    I'm currently building one as well. Going to make mine a police tribute car. All black with a thin blue line going on top of the body off to the right side.
  6. As my forum name implies, I love heavy metal. I just discovered this band a couple of days ago. Very aggressive but with awesome melodic riffs. Translucent potency is by far my favorite song from this album with the Unbinding Truth a very close second.

    Revell Germany's paint callouts.
  8. Aoshima Toyota Chaser Blitz

    Are you kidding me??? That's beautiful! I'd love to see more of your models!
  9. What did you get today?

    Just ordered a fujimi ferrari f430 challenge as well as an aoshima mcleran f1 gtr pre season from ebay. The Mcleran is coming from Australia and the 430 is coming from Japan. Can't really beat the prices and the shipping was free.
  10. 430 Ferrari challenge (shark nose) update

    Was just looking at buying this kit a couple of hours ago. Really looking foward to seeing how this one turns out. Any fit issues so far?
  11. 2006 Cadillac STS

    That's the car from The second Matrix movie, isn't it?
  12. What do you listen to while you build???

    I actually find this kind of music very relaxing. I love organ music! I also discovered a good band called the Southern Backtones. The lead singer is an avid storm chaser and he incorporates his music into his storm videos. Simply bliss!
  13. What Irked You Today?

    We have a ban on fireworks inside city limits here if not paid for by the city.There is a huge party in the park right across from us and they are popping off fireworks one right after the other. We have already called the police once. Got here fast because they are literally right around the corner from our house. Now, it's a public park, so they're allowed to be there. But, the law is still the law. As I am typing this, they are still shooting off fireworks. Right next to the police station and our house! So, I'm going to call the cops again. I'm all in for fireworks and all, but not if it breaks the law.