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  1. Have you tried ebay? I got mine for $60 shipped. There are three or four listings for it.
  2. I have to say, certian parts of this build kind of feel like an amt kit. Some parts are molded really well, while other parts are kind of heavy handed. So far, everything fits pretty well. The frame rails have a pretty decent sized mold line, but nothing a scapel blade and some sandpaper can't handle. Also, the above aforementioned rub rails need to be glued together small sections at a time. So far, a really enjoyable kit!
  3. The rub rails have a good bit of warping. But, if you're careful and glue a little bit at a time and hold it with tape, it all lines up very well. I'm currently working on the other side. Same issue with warping. So, make sure you take your time and glue small sections and hold it with tape. I'm really enjoying this build so far. In fact, it's going so good, I decided to share with you and start an in progress thread, something I have shied away from. I really want to finish this and I don't really forsee any major problems. Thanks for watching! Edit: I found it easiest to go ahead and glue the two parts together,then glue to the side of the deck. Then do the cleanup on them. That way, they are much more rigid and you run less risk of breaking the rub rails in half, like I almost did.
  4. I just recieved this kit today. Couldn't wait to start on it, so I shoved my other projects into my closet and got to work on it. I have to say, apart from some minor flash and some warpage of the rub rails, this kit is fitting pretty good! So far, I'm only a couple of hours into it and I have the frame put together and glued down to the top deck. More to come.
  5. I just recieved my flatbed kit today. Apart from some minor flash, the kit looks wonderful! It will be built alongside my Prostar. Now, I just need to decide on what load it will carry.
  6. My early birthday presents came today. Can't wait to start on these!
  7. Just ordered a bottle of Apollo Creed Aventus cologne at a very steep discount. 90% off and this stuff is still over $100. I have been after this particular brand for a while, now. But, I wasn't going to pay the premium price it goes for.
  8. My kitty Whiskers taking one of his 50+ naps during the day.
  9. Excellent model! The color choice looks good on the Camaro!
  10. My mother very nearly died from the same, exact thing back in July.
  11. I recieved my first paycheck from my new job today. It feels so good to be working again!
  12. Currently working on the body. Something went wrong when test fitting the body to the chassis. It won't fit at all. So, something is misaligned. Good thing I glued everything with superglue.
  13. Starting to make good progress, now. Working on the body gluing on all of the bits and pieces.
  14. Spent today getting the interior finished up. Far from perfect, but I'm happy with it. Also got the engine compartment finished. In the next day or so, I'll be working on the chassis and suspension. Thanks for looking.
  15. After being off work for four months to take care of my mother, I can happily say she is in good enough health to start working again. I start my new job on Tuesday.
  16. I'm somewhat reluctant to post a wip since my time is very limited to work on models. However, I recently cleaned out my shed and came across this model I had completely forgotten I had. It was hidden in the back of the stash and the box was crushed pretty bad. I quite like the looks of this car, so I brought it in and looked it over. The body had a nice, deep crack in the left rear quarter panel. There was also a crack just below the left tail lights. So, I carefully glued it back together and ran some sprue glue into the crack and let it set for a couple of days. I guess over time, the plastic became brittle because three, smaller cracks formed around the A pillars. Easily fixed, though. Several rounds of putty, sanding, primer and paint, I have this. I'm going for a nice, clean street(ish) version.Primary color is Scale Finishes Nissan Titanium Metallic with some red thrown in here and there. Black interior with red trim and red roll cage. I just laid down the first coat of X-22 and I'll let that sit for a couple of days. Enough babbling. Here are some pics. Let me know what you think. I hope to share more with you guys in the following days. It may be a slow work in progress, though, as I start my new job next Tuesday. I really want to try and finish this one and it is my hope that this WIP will help me see through it. Thank you for reading my incredibly long post.?
  17. I have been getting emails from "paypal" saying that my account has been suspended.
  18. I discovered this guy on youtube a couple of weeks ago. He does metal covers of popular hit songs. He also plays every single instrument and produces the videos. A very talented guy. I believe he lives in Norway. I love his videos as he injects a little humor into them.
  19. Midway. The new movie. Just terrible acting all over. Although Woody Harrelson was actually pretty good in his role as admiral Nimitz.
  20. That would make one seriously awesome off road vehicle!
  21. That first pic, it would make for one mean street car!
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