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  1. Just wondering what you guys do as a living. I work at a food distributor operating a stand up forklift. We just got in two new forklifts and I was in line to get a new one. At a cost of $30,000 each, I'm taking care of this one like it's a Mercedes. I searched 35 pages and didn't find a thread already started about this, so I thought it would be cool to see what we do as a profession.
  2. I dug it out long enough to start sanding down the seam lines and I gave it a quick primer coat. I won't start on that one for a while. I find prepping the bodies for paint strangely soothing for some reason.
  3. Some more photos . I'm particularly proud of this paint job. This is the first car body that I have been able to achieve such a good, even coat with no runs, not too heavy paint layers. I did have some mild orange peel, so I wet sanded it with a 4000 grit sanding pad. I then laid down the clear in two even coats. Then using Maguires plastic polish and a soft rag, polished out the orange peel and managed to get the paint to look like this. I even managed to grab the reflection of the paint can off the body. I'll try to have some more for you this weekend. I'm only able to build on the weekends due to my work schedule , so it may be a couple of days. As always, thanks for looking and critiques are more than welcome.
  4. I've been lurking around looking at all of these incredible builds. While I can't build anywhere near the level put forth here, I thought I would share this with you. I apologize for the crappy pics, they were taken with my phone camera. I also lack a proper setup for taking pics, so I apologize for that, as well. Completely OOB. Just a simple build with my own personal touches. I hope you enjoy. Oh, all criticism is appreciated, good or bad. I wouldn't learn anything just getting atta boys and great job all the time, would I? I'll post some pics of the body later on. It's painted in Testors Icy Blue with two coats of Testors Wet Look Clear. It's been wet sanded and polished. Thanks for looking and happy modeling!
  5. I finally got it all sorted out last night. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to post some of my works in progress when I get the time.
  6. Finally! Thank you, southpier! If it hadn't of been for that little tip, I would still be in the dark.
  7. We just got in two brand-spanking new forklifts yesterday and already, one of them is broken. The shop had to take the auxiliary pumps out and completely tear them down just to find a 25 cent o-ring wasn't installed right at the factory. You'd think that some people would take pride in their work. I mean, it's not like you're flipping burgers at Mc. Donalds! These lifts take about a month to build because they're custom built to our requirements. I'm beginning to think that I don't ever have a good day, anymore.
  8. I guess it's just with certain people, but I can't upload directly or through Photobucket.
  9. It seems like you're not the only one that's having this problem. I've noticed several others that can't upload pics including me.
  10. I was hoping to actually use the small sleeper in the wrecker kit just to make it a little different. Sounds like a plan, then. It should be interesting how this turns out.
  11. Is it possible that I can use the parts that are not to be used from the LA wrecker to turn it into an actual semi? I have the instructions from the Constellation kit that I can use as a reference. I just wanted to know if all of the parts are there. Thanks.
  12. As to the purple power, you have to keep it covered tightly or it will jell up. I have two car bodies in the purple pond right now that has been in there for over a month, now. I forgot all about it until a couple of days ago. Bodies are completely stripped and the purple power is still a liquid.
  13. I really don't know what's going on, but I can't post pics using the image tag in the options when I'm replying. I'm using photobucket and I'm pasting the direct link, but when I click on OK, nothing happens. Then, when I try to cancel the command, it won't let me exit out of it. I'm kinda stumped. Any suggestions? I have a couple of builds I would love to share. Thanks. BTW, how do I get the file size down to 2MB?
  14. How do the mold lines on your cab and hood look? I've got tons of flash and plastic buildup on my hood just behind the fender mounting holes. And the fender mounting holes are completely flashed over on my kit. I hate to say it, but I'm going to lose all of that rivet detail on mine. I heard that Archer rivet decals work really well, so I'll have to try that once I get around to building mine.
  15. I just picked up a Monogram 1/48 B-29. I'll have to wait until income tax season to get here before I can get some accessories for it. I plan to fully rescribe it and paint it up in aclad.
  16. I watched every video you posted and subscribed to your channel. You're hand painting skills are just incredible!
  17. As I work in a food distribution warehouse, we use a lot of dry ice to keep our ice cream very cold while in transit. Well, I thought to myself, it's just sitting there in the bin. So I got a near empty water bottle with just a little bit of water left and I put a couple of small chunks of dry ice in it. I shook it up and very quickly threw it against the wall where one of our loaders was loading a trailer. Now, when dry ice comes into contact with water, it gives off gasses. Dry ice in a water bottle = dry ice bomb. So, I achieved my goal which was to scare the poo out of our loader without harming him or others. And before you cry foul, my boss did it to me when I first started working there. Never got in trouble for it.
  18. For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the show, but it was about building models. Showing how to build them and what not. Back then, my older brother was building all of the models and I would just watch him work on them and watch his modeling show. I think it came on right after or before Bob Ross and the Joy of Painting. Anyway, that was what got me started into modeling. In the show, they were working on a semi truck. The next day, my dad and I went to Wal-Mart and got a snap together Ford Aeromax. Been building ever since.
  19. I have an idea for the load on the trailer. How about a mobile Home Depot sign?
  20. The look on my older brother's face when I took him to his first drag race in over 10 years. I paid for everything, including admission, food, and drinks. he was just awestruck when he saw the pro mods going down the track. Every time he smiled in excitement, I had to smile, too because I just made his day. Brotherly love.
  21. Disregard. just found out that they don't ship to the US anymore. Oh well....
  22. Mine was the Revell 69 Baldwin Motion Camaro. Almost nothing fit right. The engine leaned to the right even after I superglued the blasted thing in with superglue and clamped it to sit upright. This in turn made the exhaust manifolds not fit, The tires were such a tight fit that they actually bulged out the fenders. There were other problems, but I don't really care to remember them.
  23. I've searched through 14 pages in Google and came up with a lot of stores that don't ship outside of Europe. Is it only available in Europe, or is there an online site that ships to the US or inside the US? So far, my searches have been futile. Thanks. RYAN.
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