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  1. Andy Willoughby added a post in a topic Need help with Gen 3 engine kit source   

    Thanks guy, if I use the engines out of those kits I can always build the rest of the kit as a curbside.
  2. Andy Willoughby added a topic in General   

    Need help with Gen 3 engine kit source
    Any help would be appreciated, what would be the best kit to use for a late model Gen 3 or current G.M small block? The only kits that come to mind are the 98, 02 Revell Trans Am and Camaro, 99 Silverado, Chev SSR and Corvettes(trans will need to be grafted behind engine). I want to build a super sleeper 1969 Nova like the '72 Nova built by w2wpowertrain.com any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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  3. Andy Willoughby added a post in a topic Brand New 65 Mustangs   

    A company in Australia http://www.clasicspeedinc.com/ offer brand new 1964 - 66 Mustangs for sale, turn key for $100,000ausd up to $250,000ausd for a Shelby GT350 clone. The show room is in Sydney and the cars are made in the Phillipines of all places.