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  1. Mazdat

    49 Merc

    Nice James!!!!! Can I have it???
  2. What's up Chris, Nice job on the deuce bro, I need to start with the patterns too I have a question, when you lay the small strips of tape to make your patterns, then you paint each pattern individually, to mask off each one, what tape to you use? What I mean is that you can't just mask off each pattern without putting tape over next set of patterns. Its a little confusing the way I'm asking I think.
  3. That's true , that's why I got a resin flat hood for my 67 that I'm working on ...
  4. Thanx everyone for all the kind words!!! Its keeps me motivated to build, I really do appreciate it!!!
  5. Hey John, it was a pleasure of meeting you yesterday at the show, and I have to say the builds you had there....INCREDIBLE !!! Love the detail work you do, It seems that I could just get in...start the engine...and drive!!! It was a pleasure bro. See you at the next show
  6. You might wanna file down the door jams alittle, it may hit the seat, and thin out the door edges too, that way it'll look more realistic. Just my .02
  7. Thanx John!!!! I'm glad you like it. Are you going to the show?
  8. 49 Lead Sledan its all done!!!! Check it out in Under Glass thread
  9. Here's one that I've been working on and off, I hope to get done this year sometime...
  10. Its Apple Red kandi over a gold base
  11. Here's an old build that I built back in 95-96, came out on Lowrider Bicycle Magazine in the Summer 97 issue, the interior and suspension getting redone.
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