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  1. Hi, In the confusing world of 3D printing, I was wondering if anyone has printed a 1/25 scale body on a 3d-printer? Has anyone done it here and can it be done with a hobbyist FDM or resin type printer, lets say for under 500 bucks. If not what are the limitations? Also what is the type of printer of choice for our hobby i.e. a FDM Plastic shooter or resin shooter? I see lots of people doing model car parts and other intricate toys and such with much more detail than a model car body, yet the web is devoid of any real 3-d printed model car pictures other than some small toys. does anyone have a website were I can look at what hobbyists are doing? Happy holidays to everyone!! John
  2. You’re right. At first I thought it was a 70 Fury Grand Sport. Beautiful car
  3. I am continuously amazed at the builds on this site! Beautiful!
  4. Just my speed, stock! Beautiful Merc Marauder. Oh How I long for those old beauties!
  5. Dang you’re good! It is the 1/24
  6. Thanks MeatMan! It is the 1/24 kit, just checked it. I’m partial to the 56 also. Beautiful Car! Thanks for the offer, I found the ornament this morning in my dogs doggie bed amongst bones and a few other things I’ve been looking for lol. He didn’t get his teeth marks into it so I’m going to go with it.
  7. Thanks!! Color usage is always a problem for me. I saw this combo on a real 56 on the web so I went with it.
  8. Great build!! Love it!
  9. 56 Bel-Air. My first two tone. Testors Enamel. Need to get the plates and misplaced the dang hood ornament! Lol “They’re never quite finished, even when they are!” Thanks for looking. John
  10. Thanks everyone for the kind replies and Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!
  11. really nice! Love it!! Its amazing how the camera picks up every speck of dust, isnt it?? Great color too!
  12. Love it! great work. looks a little like the Family Truckster! I remember searching the internet for a cast resin or model kit of the 1971 Plymouth fury III. i think it was your name that popped up with a cast resin 71 Fury III. are you the same guy? any chance you could cast me a 71 Fury? Happy holiday and great job! John
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