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  1. gnygren added a post in a topic AMT Super Boss 2016   

    has anyone heard or got a release date?  Round2's site said mid-May. Like lot of you guys, I've been waiting for these to get one at a normal price and not the skyhigh ones that they want on the auction sites.Gary
  2. gnygren added a post in a topic Long Bodies   

    Wow, that was so good that I need a smoke. I's good to see that I'm not the only person out there that has the sickness of loving these things. I get very one that I can in kit form. I also am glad the resin guru's have a fondness for them as well.Gary
  3. gnygren added a topic in General   

    Closet find: 1/12th scale Cord
    First things first. I've found the Cord that I built for my sister in the early '80's. It is coverd in dust bunnies but all parts are accounted for.  My question is; what to do with it? I have so may projects going right now, some modelling related but most are not. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you. Gary
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  4. gnygren added a post in a topic 1933 Cadillac Town Car   

    Woww! That's a lot of white. Great looking car just the same. Gary
  5. gnygren added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Just completed a great trade with Cal. Great guy and we both got what we were looking for. The good thing about; it didn't take forever and there was no postage involved. Thanks Cal. Gary
  6. gnygren added a post in a topic Dodge 9 Car Transporter   

    cool project. will watch this one.
  7. gnygren added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    under glass
    Just have to ask why there is not an " under glass" in the "big boys'" section? thank you
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  8. gnygren added a post in a topic Foose 1/12 Scale '69 Camaro   

    I was roving around my LHS today and saw the Monogram 1/12th scale Camaro.The box art was done up as a Chip Foose. I'm guessing that it is one of the "Overhaulin" cars like the ones done in 1/25th. I didn't get to open it up so I don't know if there is anything for a stock build. Gary
  9. gnygren added a topic in Big Boyz   

    '32 Ford Pickup
    Hello ouy there, I have a question for everyone. Where can I get some info(drawings, tech sheets, etc...) for a '32 Ford pickup? I have about a half dozen '32 big deuces laying about and I figure It's about time that I do something with them. Thank you Gary
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  10. gnygren added a post in a topic Wire Wheels for the RM Deuce.......   

    how much and where?
  11. gnygren added a post in a topic is my 1/16 math right   

    gary, the closest measurement to 1/16th scale is 7/8" to a foot. At 3/4" to a foot you get 1/18 scale. 7/8" to a foot you get 1/15 scale. not to pick nits. Gary
  12. gnygren added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    international cabover
    Has anyone been following the IH cabover build on GEARS? On the last show, Stacey had a 4-bar, air-ride rear supension installed. They also put air-ride on the front. That was just cool. I'm going to try that on the Dodge L700 that I have. Or maybe on the Ford cabover. Gary
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