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  1. gnygren added a post in a topic What Irked You Today?   

    Two things that make want to leave someone bleeding by the side of the road. No one seems to know or understand what a stop sign means and what a safe distance to give the car in front of you. Almost got t-boned twice on the way home today( it's a 15 minute drive). If you have to be so close to me and have to get in front leave the house 5 minutes earlier.
  2. gnygren added a post in a topic KrAZ 256B 12 Ton Dump Truck   

    Nicely done. A lot of detail in a small package. To bad my eyes are so bad that I could not tackle some thing like this. Gary
  3. gnygren added a post in a topic 1:12 Scale: Are There Any American Muscle Cars You Like To See Kitted   

    My .02, tri-five Nomads, any 300 series, late '50's Caddy, or any long roof.
  4. gnygren added a post in a topic STOCK 1932 FORD STANDARD 5 WINDOW COUPE 1/8 SCALE   

    cool build I wondered if anyone did this body or even the 3 window. will watch for sure. Gary
  5. gnygren added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Tyrone Malone's "Papa Truck" and Mpc 1/16 Pontiac Firebird.
  6. gnygren added a post in a topic 47 Chevy Fleetmaster - Galaxie   

    awesome color combo
  7. gnygren added a post in a topic IH payhauler   

    very nice factory fresh look
  8. gnygren added a post in a topic Rolls Royce "balloon car"   

    Harry....Harry....Harry  You are building  a car that I built about 20 years ago. As for the material that you thread the wheels with, mine look as good as the day I finished them. This is a car that was built way before any thought of doing research on the car itself was any consideration on my part. While yours will make mine look like it was built by someone of lesser skills(and it was),I still have visions or nightmares of lacing those wheels. All in all it was fun. Gary
  9. gnygren added a post in a topic 1932 Ford   

    Thanks guys. This place is the best.
  10. gnygren added a post in a topic 1932 Ford   

    Well, it's seems like I opened a huge can of worms for myself. I was aware of the height or lack thereof on the bodies of the by the two manufacturers. At the time these were made that's what everyone wanted and the look so good that way. Like I said I have built may this way. Now it would be nice to see the true stocker and that's what I want to do. Can you suggest any books or websites to look at for more info?  As far as the kits, I probably use one or two as a base  and work the magic with other mediums. I don't have an problem working out tech issues.(I was a toolmaker for 30 years). Thanks for the info and will read and listen to it all.
  11. gnygren added a post in a topic 1932 Ford   

    I guess that I was pretty vague when I asked the question. I work overnights and was just out of bed when I asked. I agree that the '32's from Amt are good. I've built several. As for what I want, I would really would like the roadster. But any body style would work. I have not done anything with diecast although that could be an option. Thank you for your input. Gary
  12. gnygren added a topic in General   

    1932 Ford
    Is there a totally stock '32 Ford out there that doesn't cost my retire fund? thank you Gary
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  13. gnygren added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    1/16 trans am
    found this on the round2 site. Has this been released yet? thank you Gary
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  14. gnygren added a post in a topic AMT Super Boss 2016   

    Got mine today. Not to bad, shipped on Tuesday got it today. Checked it for the package malfunction; ok there too. Very happy with it. Can't wait for the Papa truck in Dec.
  15. gnygren added a post in a topic AMT Super Boss 2016